Meet Our Team

Mary Pat McMahonMary Patricia McMahon

Dean of Student Affairs
Schools of Arts and Sciences and Engineering

Mary Pat McMahon, Dean of Student Affairs for the School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Engineering, came to Tufts in 2014. Dean McMahon is broadly responsible for fostering meaningful growth and connection in AS&E students’ co-curricular experience. The Division of Student Affairs, which she oversees, coordinates many developmental, leadership and health and safety resources for AS&E students, including: Health and Wellness, the Career CenterStudent Accessibility Services, the Office for Student Success and AdvisingCampus LifeResidential Life and Learning, Community Standards, Orientation, Pre-Major Advising, and the Dean of Student Affairs Office. Mary Pat received her BA in History from Yale and holds an M.Sc. in History of International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Dean McMahon can help with:

Meet with Dean McMahon! 

Dean McMahon will have open office hours for students during Spring 2019! Make an appointment with Dean McMahon online or by calling 617-627-3158.

Raymond Ou

Raymond Ou

Senior Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Raymond Ou joined the Dean of Student Affairs Office in 2016 after holding student affairs generalist positions at Simmons College, Yale College, and The Johns Hopkins University. As Senior Associate Dean at Tufts, he manages the daily operations of the Dean of Student Affairs Office and supervises administrators charged with facilitating the Medical Leave and Student Conduct Resolution Procedure. Dean Ou provides strategic direction for the department’s operations, and also works closely with the Director of Community Standards on policy initiatives and programming. Dean Ou partners with Health and Wellness, Academic Advising, Accessibility Servicesthe Group of Sixand Public Safety to develop and implement resources related to students’ wellbeing, health, and safety, and he works closely with students and families on matters of concern. With a background in clinical counseling, Dean Ou is a passionate student advocate with a holistic approach to student development and co-curricular engagement.

Dean Ou can help with:

Christopher RossiChristopher Rossi
Associate Dean of Student Affairs

Christopher Rossi came to Tufts in 2015 from Harvard Business School, where he helped launch HBX, an online platform that helps disparate populations build fluency in business analytics, economics, and financial accounting. He has also worked in the Residential Life Department at Bowdoin College. At Tufts, Dean Rossi supervises the Office of Residential Life and Learning, and he serves as the primary point of contact for all first-year students looking for opportunities to connect with co-curricular resources and supports. Dean Rossi also works closely with the Orientation team at Tufts, and he advises first-year students as they navigate the Medical Leave and Student Conduct Resolution Procedure. With an emphasis on the first-year experience, Dean Rossi is committed to helping each student enjoy a transformational Tufts experience.

Dean Rossi can help with:

Laura DaRosLaura DaRos

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, SMFA at Tufts

Laura DaRos has been a member of the Tufts community since 2007. Before joining the Dean of Student Affairs Office in 2016, she served as Associate Director for Campus Life. She came to Tufts from Trinity College, where she worked as the Assistant Director of Student Activities. In her role at the SMFA, Dean DaRos coordinates resources, supports, and programming for BFA and MFA students, and she works closely with Residential Life, Health and Wellness, and the SMFA’s Academic Advising Team. Dean DaRos assists SMFA students with the Medical Leave and Student Conduct Resolution Procedure, and she advises students looking for advice or resources related to their artistic, intellectual, and co-curricular development. Dean DaRos helps sustain the connection between the Fenway and Medford campuses and is dedicated to bringing the uniqueness of the SMFA to the entire Tufts community.

Dean DaRos can help SMFA students with:

Nandi BynoeNandi Bynoe

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Nandi first joined the Student Affairs Team in 2014 as Tufts' Sexual Misconduct Resource Specialist. In Spring 2018, she assumed a generalist position as Assistant Dean of Student Affairs for the Schools of Arts & Sciences and Engineering. In this new role, Dean Bynoe serves as the primary point of contact for all sophomore students looking for opportunities to connect with co-curricular resources and supports. She also works closely with Residential Life, Health and Wellness, and the Academic Advising Team. Dean Bynoe also assists students with the Medical Leave and Student Conduct Resolution Procedure, and she is the primary point of contact for the CARE Office for the Student Affairs Team.

Please note: Students affected by sexual misconduct may receive confidential resources and support through the CARE Office.

Dean Bynoe can help students with:

Kamaro AbubakarKamaro Abubakar

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs

Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Kamaro joined the Dean of Student Affairs Office in April 2019 after previously holding positions in campus life and residential life at Clark University, SUNY Purchase, Loyola University Chicago, and the University of Vermont. As Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at Tufts, Kamaro serves as the primary point of contact for all juniors, seniors, and graduate students on the Medford/Somerville campus. He provide students with information about leadership and engagement opportunities, connection with co-curricular resources and supports, and guidance related to the Medical Leave process and Student Conduct Resolution Procedure. Dean Abubakar is passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and social justice and is also a fluent speaker of Arabic, Hausa, Ashanti, and Ga. He is committed to ensuring that all students find community and meaningful connection at Tufts.

Dean Abubakar can help students with:

Robert D. MackRobert Mack, Ed.D, Educational Leadership & Supervision 

Associate Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, Medford/SMFA
Associate Dean for Student Success and Advising
Director, BLAST

Rob Mack came to Tufts in 2012 from Curry College, where he directed the academic advising system and provided support to students who faced transitional and academic challenges. Prior to Curry, he was Director of Student Support Services program, a federally funded TRIO program providing support to first-generation college goers, students on financial aid, and students with disabilities. At Tufts, Dean Mack supports the First- and Second Year Experience, including New Student Orientation, the Common Reading Program, and the Pre-Major Advising System. He also provides oversight of the new FIRST Center and Pre-Orientation program. Additionally, Dean Mack manages the Student Success Advisors, who provide direct support to incoming students through the major declaration  process. Dean Mack and his team also provide support for students who are first-generation college goers, low income students, and students with undocumented status. 

Dean Mack can help with:

Kevin KraftKevin Kraft

Director of Community Standards

Kevin Kraft came to Tufts in 2017 from MIT and brings experience in residence life, crisis management, and student affairs. As the Director of Community Standards, Kevin promotes Community Standards and is the primary point of contact for students navigating the Student Conduct Resolution Procedure. Kevin also provides strategic direction related to student conduct and policy initiatives, and he consults about student behavior and issues of concern, in addition to facilitating informal methods for conflict resolution. Kevin works closely with Residential Life, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Health and Wellness, Public Safety, and the Office of Equal Opportunity and promotes community standards as a way to facilitate personal development, foster community, and practice social justice.

Kevin can help with:

Mickey ToogoodMickey Toogood

Communications and Multimedia Specialist

Mickey Toogood joined the Dean of Student Affairs Office in 2012 and worked as the Judicial Affairs Administrator before assuming his current role. He has also taught undergraduate students as a member of the English Department at Tufts and at the City College of New York. Mickey works with each Student Life Department, providing web development and management support. He is also responsible for student and parent communications for the Division of Student Life and works closely with the Orientation team to provide communications for incoming students. As the voice of Student Life, Mickey works to ensure that each student is aware of all the opportunities, events, and resources at Tufts.

Mickey can help with:

  • Communications to student and parents, including the Jumbo Digest and Parent Newsletter
  • Promotion for student groups and events
  • Questions about calendars, social media, and the Student Life website

Alice ShaughnessyAlice Shaughnessy

Assistant Director

As Assistant Director, Alice evaluates critical initiatives related to the Student Life Review Committee's recommendations and works to deepen ongoing efforts to enhance the student experience, develop trainings, and advise on the First-Year Experience.

Alice can help with: 

Michelle RossmanMichelle Rossman

Administrative Coordinator

Michelle Rossman joined the Dean of Student Affairs Office in 2018 and worked as an Event Coordinator and Substitute Teacher before assuming her current role. She has also taught English in Russia to grade school students through the English First program. She ensures communication between students, parents, faculty, and other staff with the deans in the Student Affairs Office. As Student Affairs Coordinator, she manages the day-to-day operations of the front desk, provides scheduling support for the immediate office, and supplies a range of supports for various Divisional efforts and events.

Nicole BermudezNicole Bermudez

Community Standards Specialist

Nicole Bermudez joined the Dean of Student Affairs Office in 2018 and is a graduate student at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy where she studies international security studies and conflict resolution. After graduating from Bates College, she spent two years in Colombia teaching English as a Fulbright Scholar. As a Thomas R. Pickering Fellow, she aspires to work as a Foreign Service Officer upon graduation in the Middle East and Latin America to promote international cooperation abroad. Nicole supports the missions of the Office of Community Standards and the Dean of Student Affairs by meeting with students to resolve complaints alleging violations of the Code of Conduct, advancing projects on behalf of the office, and providing general support for the Dean of Student Affairs Office. She also works on projects that are priorities for the Office of Community Standards, which include supporting the hearing panel process and updating processes to be in line with the newly revised Code of Conduct.