Student Organizations

Asian American Community Senator

Hi! My name is Charlie Zhen and I'm the Asian American Community Senator in TCU Senate. I am a junior, grew up in New York City and I'm studying American Studies and Education with a minor in Asian American Studies. Tufts and the Asian American Center have provided me with a place to explore my Asian American identity that I had never before thought about. Through classes, events, and meeting others, I have found community and learned more about myself and my history, and I encourage you all to do the same! In addition to Senate, I am a coordinator for the Tufts University Social Collective, a leader for FOCUS, am a tour guide for Admissions, a member of the Chinese Students Association and Pan Asian Council, a dancer with the Tufts Dance Collective and Tufts Burlesque Troupe, and work two jobs for the Office for Campus Life.

TCU Senate is responsible for expressing the needs and wants of the student body, allocating funds for student groups, writing resolutions, and initiating projects to help better student life. Having served on Senate last year, I've personally worked on issues like easing the event requirements for culture clubs, financial aid, and increasing accessibility for first-generation college students. If you have questions regarding funding, resolutions, or anything in general, please feel free to contact to me. I'll be living in the Asian American House (Start House), and you can easily reach me at I want to be a resource for our community, and if there is anything I can do, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Pan Asian Council (PAC)

The Pan Asian Council (PAC) is a collaborative group of representatives, primarily presidents, of the Asian/Asian American interest and culture clubs recognized by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate. PAC members meet throughout the year and work to promote unity and collaboration amongst the clubs it represents, as well as enhance visibility and awareness of the Asian/Asian American presence on campus. PAC encourages all students to join the Asian/Asian American interest and culture clubs by signing up for membership at the Student Activities Fair or by contacting club officers.

Pan Asian Council (PAC) Organizations

The following Asian/Asian American interest and culture organizations are recognized and funded by the Tufts Community Union (TCU) Senate. Representatives from these organizations meet regularly throughout the year as members of the Pan Asian Council (PAC). Membership to student organizations is open to all Tufts students. Sign up for membership at the Student Activities Fair!

Chinese Students Association (CSA)

Interested in Chinese culture? Want to meet a bunch of fun and amazing people? Come join Tufts’ Chinese Students Association (CSA)! We hold many events throughout the year such as movie nights, karaoke night, food and culture events, and social bondings. These events are meant to promote Chinese culture to the Tufts community, as well as provide a platform to foster and strengthen bonds within the community.

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Co-Presidents: Zhujing Wang, Megan Yung
Vice-President: Samuel Ding
Secretary: Ally Lee
Treasurer: Jasmine Falk, Ryan Luu

Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA)

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President: Allissa Chan
Vice President: Georgette Koo
Treasurer: Minal Mirpuri
Head Chef: Min Feng
Director of Photography: Justin Tran
Director of Graphic Design: Beson Cheng
Public Relations: Tashwita Pruthi
Social Chairs: Georgette Koo (Internal), Richard Ding (External)
Secretary: Kate Zheng
PAC Representative: Sophie Lee
Senior Board Advisors: Ki Ki Chan, Jeremy Engël, Bill Yung

Japanese Culture Club (JCC)

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Co-presidents: Yumi Casagrande and Kai McGuire
Secretary: Franny Kamio

Korean Students Association (KSA)

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Tufts' Korean Students Association, or KSA, provides students of all backgrounds an opportunity to learn, experience, and celebrate Korean culture. To accomplish this task, Tufts KSA holds many exciting events throughout the year such as movie nights, food events, and social gatherings to bring a diverse community of students at Tufts together.

PresidentLauren Kim
Vice PresidentGill Eun Kang
TreasurerZach Ohara
Senior AdvisorsEujene Yum and Elim Na
Publicity ChairKevin Koo
Culture Chair / Treasurer-in-trainingJenny Park
Culture ChairChanyoung Ha 
External Social ChairsElenna Na and Dennis Kim
Internal Social ChairLynn Cheng
Junior RepresentativesVivian Chen and Trenton Manns

Singapore Students Association (SSA)

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SSA members

The Tufts Singapore Students Association (SSA) aims to foster and support the Singaporean student community while promoting and sharing Singaporean culture at Tufts. Our campus-wide events range from food-themed nights to discussion sessions.

President: Derek Goh
Vice-President: Liren Fu
Treasurer: Sean Ong
Public Relations Representative: Jei-Jei Tan
Social Chair and Pan-Asian Council Representative: David Batubara
Social Chair: Chuan Ting Toh
Logistics Representative: Janith Kulatunge
Freshmen Representative: Covie Goh

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (TAST)

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Presidents: Jennifer Lien, Jeremy Shih
Vice President: Erin Hsu
Secretary: Nasrin Lin
Treasurer: Joseph Meng
Food Chair: David Lin
Social Chair: Michelle Lee

Thai Students Association (TSA)

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Co-Presidents: Methira (Meg) Saksiriwatekul & Athicha (Aey) Chuaratanaphong
Treasurer: Athicha (Aey) Chuaratanaphong
Treasurer In-Training: Titapa (PunPun) Chaiyakiturajai
Secretary: Varisa Limpijankit
Media Director: Deena Bhanarai
Event Coordinators: Saira Madarasmi & Jonathan Vithoontien
PAC Representative: Fuengladah (Plearn) Aroonchote
Senior Advisors: Pichayapa Limapichat & Chakrapand Chiarawongse

Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC)

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The Tufts Asian Student Coalition (TASC) is a student-led political organization seeking to educate and mobilize toward progressive social change. TASC aspires to foster a safe space within which the Tufts community can learn and discuss Asian American issues.

Co-Chairs: Kevin Koo, Anna Lei, Vivian Tam
Treasury: Wilson Wong
Social Media: Josephine Faith Ong
Secretary: Kyle Lui
PAC Representative: Celeste Teng

Tufts Association of South Asian (TASA)

President: Aditya Hurry
Vice President: Sookrit Malik
Secretary: Sanya Pradhan
Treasurers: Kanav Jhunjhunvala and Hisaam Mirza
Events Planner: Nitya Agrawal
Art Director: Mandip Pokharel
Pan Asia Council Representative: Akshat Rajan
Intercollegiate and Graduate Liaison: Palak Khanna
Public Relations: Sidhant Chadha
Web Coordinator: Niketan Patel

Vietnamese Students Club (VSC)

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The purpose of the Tufts Vietnamese Students Club (VSC) is to explore, share, and preserve our common roots and experiences. We strive to introduce and promote the Vietnamese culture to the Tufts community. We harvest this goal through cultural, educational, and social events relating to our Vietnamese heritage both on and off campus. We also hope to become a source of support for all Vietnamese-identified students on campus by organizing more inclusive events that are relevant to the need of the Vietnamese community at Tufts.

Co-Presidents: Kathy Nguyen, Tony Nguyen
VP/PAC Rep: Duc Nguyen, Phan Anh Nguyen
Treasurer: David Tu
Community Outreach: Thu Cao
Publicity: Tien Hoang
Secretary: Thao Ho