Our Staff

Linell Yugawa
Linell Yugawa

Asian American Center
Tufts University
Start House, 17 Latin Way
Medford, MA 02155


Ritu Sharma
Ritu Sharma

Staff Psychologist
Liason, Counseling and Mental Health Service
Tufts University
120 Curtis Street (Sawyer House)
Medford, MA 02155


Student Interns

Justine Aquino
Justine Marie Aquino, Class of 2019
Major: Clinical Psychology and Sociology
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Other activities on campus: Teach-in-CORES, Filipino Student Union
“I like interning at the Center because I get to meet people and play a part in creating an inclusive community for Asian Americans at Tufts!”

Sook-Hee Evans
Sook-Hee Evans, Class of 2021
Major: Data Science
Hometown: Newtown, Pennsylvania
Other activities on campus: Varsity swimming, TAMID-Keyrus, KSA
“I chose to work at the Center so that I could get involved with the awesome Asian American community at Tufts! I love being able to meet new people, learn and teach about different cultures, and help plan all the events we have!

Zachary Hertz
Zachary Hertz, Class of 2019
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Davis, California
Other activities on campus: The Tufts Daily, Theta Chi Fraternity, Association of Multiracial People at Tufts
“Working at the Asian American Center has helped me meet many other students who want to explore our identity as Asian Americans!”


keelin watters
Keelin Watters
Major: International Relations and Economics
Hometown: Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Other activities on campus: Asian American House
“I like working at the Asian American Center because I love to be able to work so closely with the rest of the community at Tufts!”



daniel DiGiovanni
Daniel DiGiovanni
Major: International Relations
Hometown: Mountain Lakes, New Jersey
Other activities on campus: Intramural Soccer, KSA, AMPT
“Having grown up in a community without a strong Asian American presence, I joined to get in touch with my roots and promote awareness of Asian American issues and culture.”



firdaus headshot.jpg
Firdaus Gupte
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Other activities on campus: TAing philosophy classes
“I am passionate about Indian and Indian-American issues, relating to identity, discrimination, and colonialism and working at the center allows me to contribute, in a small way, to fixing these issues. Also, I love the community at the Asian American Center and how supportive and friendly everyone is.”