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Latino Studies

Latin American Studies: Major and Minor

Latin American Studies is increasingly important in the world and for the United States in particular. Latin American Studies is an Interdisciplinary Major/Minor which encourages students to integrate the varying disciplinary perspectives of the arts, literature, social sciences, and history, along with the study of languages of the area, into a coherent view of Latin America.

Because Latino Studies, like Latinos themselves, reside at the intersection of what is Latin American and what is "American," the minor in Latino Studies allows students to emphasize either Latinos' connections with Latin America or their location within the US racial and sociopolitical context. The minor thus serves as a "bridge" that encourages students to connect the theories, methodologies and content of the two supporting programs in new, intellectually exciting and productive ways. All students must take an introductory Latino Studies survey course and participate in a capstone experience involving work in one of Boston's Latino Communities.

The minor has been designed to serve the general population of Tufts students, Latino and non-latino alike, who are interested in learning about cultural difference in general, and within the US in particular. While a minor in Latino Studies will be attractive to social science and humanities majors, it will also be useful to those students intending to enter professions in which knowledge of the various Latino communities will be a valuable resource, such as medicine, community health, dentistry, education, child development, urban and environmental planning, business, and international relations.

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Latino Faculty and Staff

Juan Alonso
(Romance Languages)

Marina Bers
(Child Development)

Jose Blanco-Pillado

Barbara Brizuela

Consuelo Cruz
(Political Science)

Nina Gerassi-Navarro

Mauricio Gutierrez

Eulogio Guzman
(Visual & Critical Studies/SMFA)

Jose Antonio Mazzotti

Denny Paredes

Marisel Perez
(Associate Dean of Students)

Michael Romero

Marta Rosso-O'Laughlin
(Romance Languages)

Pablo Ruiz
(Romance Languages)

Analucia Schliemann

Montserrat Teixidor I Bigas

Adriana Zavala
(Art History)

Media Collection

The Latino Center Media Collection is open to the Tufts Community. Videos may be rented for a period of three days.

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