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Join our Team as a Women's Center Intern

The Women's Center at Tufts is a space open to people of all genders and identities.  Our mission is to work towards justice and equality for all people with an intersectional feminist lens. Interns are in many ways the core of the Women's Center, as paid student leadership committed to caring for and continuing to build the Women's Center's community. As an intern, you are responsible for caring for the physical space, being a resource for people in the Center, and keeping the Center's programming and events running smoothly.  We are also seeking interns to imagine and build the programs you want to see! Please note that orientation is August 29th-September 3rd, and that is when Women's Center intern training will take place. We are currently hiring for: Graduate Assistant, SAGE facilitator, Graphic Designer/Communications Intern, General Women's Center Intern, POC Circle Facilitator. Please see the job descriptions below and if you woud like to apply, please do so via this google form: APPLY HERE

The deadline to apply is 5pm Friday, April 6th. We will interview selected candidates during 4/9-4/20. Hiring notifications will be sent by 4/30.

Requirements for all positions: Commitment to work 4-8 hours per week. Work study is not required but welcome. Attendance at an hourly weekly staff meeting. Ability to be available for respective program times. Maintain General Center Cleanliness.  Ability to work independently and with others. Strong organizational and communication skills.

Graduate Assistant: Currently enrolled Tufts graduate students of all genders and identities are welcome to apply. As the Grad Assistant, you will work up to 10 hours weekly in the Women's Center and attend our weekly staff meetings. You will work closely with the Director to create and manage programs and support undergraduate student interns who lead discussion spaces for students like POC Circle, SAGE and faciliate workshops on gender identity. You will also lead programs of your design if there are initatives you would like to propose. As the Grad Assistant, you will also be the point person for our annual Symposium.

SAGE Facilitator: SAGE (Students Acting for Gender Equality) is the Women's Center student collaborative group. SAGE's mission is to foster an intentional and collaborative community in which we educate ourselves on gender and intersectional feminist issues while gaining the skills necessary to productively work towards gender and social justice at Tufts and beyond. As a facilitator, you will work with another WC Intern to plan discussion topics, lead discussions, manage the e-list and maintain student engagement in the group. You will work up to 8 hours weekly and have the potential to take on additional projects at the WC.

Graphic Designer/Communications Intern: As the graphics/communications Intern, you will lead the creation of our flyers and advertisements for events. We currently use canva to produce our flyers but we are open to other software or platforms given your experience. In this role, you will also manage our Social Media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We are very open to new social media platforms given your expertise. You will also work with the Director to send out our weekly newsletters to our e-list.

General WC Intern: Organize and Plan Joint Organization/Center Events. Provide Administrative assistance with programs and events. Manage Center Calendar according to Center Email requests. Work with the Director to plan and organize Dinner and a Movie, Feminist Fridays and First Friday Lunch. 

POC Circle Facilitator: POC Circle is a space dedicated to community care, solidarity, and intentional coalition building for people of color at Tufts of all gender identities. As a faciliator you will: Plan the weekly meetings, co-facilite each meeting, record feedback from participants, maintain the supplies for the space and have a commitment to social justice and intersectional feminism. Folks with experience in workshop design and facilitating is desired. If selected for the position, must co-facilitate a minimum of 2 POC Circles for the remainder of the semester, which includes Monday morning planning meetings.

Please email K. Martinez, Director of the Women's Center, at if you have any questions or if you need additional information. We look forward to working with you.

Transforming Our Space: Summer 2017

We've tranformed the Women's Center! Over the summer, several updates were made to the first floor of 55 Talbot Ave, including having two original murals painted.

Check Out Our Transformation