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Brand New, Safety 1st, Unique MicroFridge® (Microwave/Refrigerator Freezer) Combination Unit to Students for Rental or Purchase.

  • Patented Internal Smoke Sensor™ Microwave that detects smoke in the chamber of the Microwave and STOPS the Microwave so that food does not continue to cook thus reducing the cost and hassles of false fire alarms to students and staffWatch Video here!
  • 3-Charging Stations- 2 USB ports + 1 outlet in the front of the microwave so that you can conveniently charge up to 3 devices (cell phones, laptops, MP3) at one time.
  • Internal Power Management Switching System (IMPS) that shuts off the Refrigerator/Freezer while using the Microwave, then returns power to the Refrigerator/Freezer when the Microwave shuts off.  This special IMPS makes this unit pull less than 11 amps making it uniquely safe for Residence Hall.
  • Best in Class Energy Star Rating combination Appliance- saves electricity.
  • Free Delivery (Rental and Purchase) to your room and Pick-up (Rental).
  • To place your order and see FAQs, go to:

Student Storage Services with UPS Store

Tufts University has partnered with The UPS Store Student Storage Service to make move-out (and move-in) easy and stress-free by providing convenient on-campus drop off locations for summer storage and UPS shipping solutions. To make move-in as easy as possible, Tufts and The UPS Store Storage Service have arranged to have your storage returned directly to your dorm room and will be waiting for you when you return to school.

The UPS Store will be set up at different locations on campus during the week of move-out to hand out free supplies for storage customers, take incoming storage, or ship your items home! For More information on the student storage program including specific dates when on-campus storage stations will be set up, visit The UPS Store’s Tufts University info page at

Have further questions about The UPS Store Student Storage Service? Visit or call (617)-208-8226 today!