Housing Selection Policies

  • Students who are given a waitlist number are encouraged to seek off-campus housing. The Office of Residential Life & Learning can serve as a resource for your off-campus housing needs.
  • Students that miss the December 15 (5 p.m.) deadline for submitting a housing application will automatically be waitlisted and are not eligible to participate in the online housing selection process.
  • Residential Life & Learning has been able to accommodate a limited number of students from the waitlist by early summer (May-June) with a fall assignment in the past. Simply having a waitlist number does not entirely exclude you from receiving on-campus housing for the fall – but it does restrict you from participating in the selection process.
Students Completing a 5th year of Undergraduate Coursework

Only students who are enrolled in a 5th year/dual degree program are eligible for a 5th-year lottery number (9,000 range).  If you are a senior who needs more time to complete your degree, you will be assigned a lottery number in the regular senior range of 8,999 – 7,500.

Students Planning to Transfer

If you have applied to other schools and are thinking about transferring, we ask that you do not participate in the housing selection process. You are guaranteed housing if you are a rising sophomore. If you decide not to transfer you will still get on-campus housing. Any student who is considering transferring and signs up for housing will have until May 30th to cancel in order for all housing charges and the $750.00 commitment fee to be fully refunded.

Students Studying Abroad

Fall Study Abroad 

  • If you are studying abroad for the Fall Semester 2018, do not apply for 2018-2019 housing. Beginning in October 2018, you will be able to submit a Spring 2019 Housing Application. Housing Assignments for Spring 2019 will be completed in November/December 2018.  You must file a Study Abroad Leave of Absence form with the Registrar no later than April 30, 2018.

Spring Study Abroad

  • If you are studying abroad for only the Spring Semester 2019, proceed with the housing selection process as normal.  To avoid the cancellation fee, you must file a Study Abroad Leave of Absence form with the Registrar no later than November 15, 2018. If you do not cancel your housing by the deadlines listed above, you may forfeit the return of your commitment fee as outlined in the terms of the housing agreement.
Medical Accommodations Process
  • Students who have a documented medical accommodation through Student Accessibility Services will be contacted in early February to meet with the Associate Director of Housing Operations about their 2018-2019 assignment.
  • Students must submit any new documentation to Student Accessibility Services by January 15, 2018 in order to be considered for special placement.
Medical or Personal Leaves of Absence

Students who are on medical/personal leaves cannot participate in lottery unless they have been cleared to return prior to the start of housing selection.  Once a student has been cleared by the Dean’s Office to return, Housing Operations will contact them with application instructions and availability.

Housing License Agreement, Billing, and Commitment Fee

When students go into the Housing Portal to apply for housing, they will be able to read the terms and conditions for signing up for a room for the academic year. Once students have thoroughly read the agreement you will be required to check the box to confirm before you can continue. A copy of the agreement will be emailed to students upon completion of applying for housing. However, there are some important pieces of information to note:

  • The housing agreement is for the full academic year (both Fall 2018 and Spring 2019) unless you are studying abroad
  • The housing agreement contains the residency dates for 2018-2019 in regards to when a student can move in and out of the halls.  These dates will always be posted on our website.
  • Housing charges are billed in two parts: a $750.00 housing commitment charge in addition to the room charge, which is the total for living on campus each semester.
  • A housing commitment charge of $750.00 that is part of the overall room charge is non-refundable for any student-initiated cancellation at any time during the semester. 
Information for Trans Students: Open Housing Policy

Residential Life and the Director of the LGBT Center will work with students who identify as transgender to accommodate the student's housing needs. Tufts has an open housing policy, which means we don't use gender as a determining factor for housing arrangements, and students are free to create living situations that work for them. Sophomores and up can live in any configuration they choose regardless of gender. For incoming first-year students, singles are available on request. We are committed to working for students to give them a good ResLife experience. If you are an incoming student who has questions about your housing, email Hope Freeman, LGBT Center Director, or Matt Austin, Associate Director of Housing Operations.

Vacancies and Room Consolidation

If a vacancy occurs in your multiple-occupancy room, you, as the remaining student, will have the following options:

  1. You will have 72 business hours to pull in a new roommate who is already assigned a space in on-campus housing.
  2. You may receive a new roommate assigned by ORLL from the waitlist or who is an incoming transfer student.
  3. For those who are unable to pull in another roommate in the allotted 72 business hours, ORLL may consolidate students who have vacancies in their rooms to reside in the same building, which can occur during the semester, winter recess, or summer months.
  4. Students searching for rooms will be able to meet with ORLL staff to review vacant spaces. The student will be able to move without receiving permission from the current occupant of the room.  As a courtesy, we will contact the student in advance regarding the new roommate.

Discouraging potential room/suitemates from moving into the vacant space or interfering with the housing placement process in any way is considered a violation of residential community standards.  Any student who visits a potential new room assignment is expected to be welcomed by the current resident without any suggestion that the space is not available.

Any student found responsible for this type of behavior will be required to meet with a University Administrator.

Fraternity and Sorority Housing

A fraternity or sorority chapter house is defined as a residential unit affiliated with Tufts University where all of the residents are members of a Tufts University recognized Fraternity and Sorority as defined by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life (OFSL). Sophomores can fulfill their on-campus housing requirement in any of the houses as long as the house meets the requirements set forth by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Housing assignments go directly through the organization and are reported to the OFSL and Housing Operations. All sophomores intending to live in a fraternity or sorority house, regardless of type of house, are required to fill out an Intent to Live in Fraternity or Sorority Housing form, available through Housing Operations, upon request from the chapter President. This form must be turned into Housing Operations by February 15, 2018

General Housing Policies