Residence Hall Association and Hall Councils

The Tufts University Residence Hall Association, or RHA for short, is a student organization dedicated to supporting our residential campus community. RHA is supported, funded, and advised by the Office of Residential Life and Learning, but will be a student-driven organization. RHA is officially being launched at Tufts in August 2019 with the rollout of Hall Councils to take place this fall in each of our first year residential communities. 

Looking for a great way to get involved in your new residential community? Incoming students this fall have the opportunity to join their residential Hall Council and take active part in planning events, building community, and connecting with peers in the residential neighborhood! Hall Councils provide first year students with an opportunity to assume almost-immediate leadership within their residential community and have a key role in building lasting relationships between the members of the community. Once you get to campus, be sure to ask your First Year Assistant (FYA) or Residence Director (RD) about how to get involved!

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Hall Councils for the 2019-20 Academic Year:

  • 123 Packard Ave (Spring 2020 Only)
  • Beacon Street / SMFA
  • Bush Hall
  • Carmichael Hall
  • Carpenter House
  • Hill Hall
  • Hodgdon Hall
  • Houston Hall
  • Metcalf Hall
  • Miller Hall
  • Richardson House
  • Tilton Hall
  • Wilson House


Each Hall Council consists of an Executive Board and a General Assembly. The Executive Board includes positions that will be elected by the residents in the specific community within the first few weeks of the fall semester. Positions include:

  • President: Responsible for convening Executive Board meetings, general oversight of the Hall Council, serve as the representative to the Residence Hall Association, and as the public face of the community.
  • Vice President for Membership: Responsible for convening the General Assembly, creating opportunities for growth and development for Hall Council members, and serve as secondary representative to the Residence Hall Association.
  • Vice President for Residential Advocacy: Responsible for determining needs and requests from the residential population, connecting frequently with ORLL staff to partner on initiatives, and recommend/propose changes or items that may warrant additional attention within the individual community. Serves as representative to RHA Residential Advocacy Committee.
  • Vice President for Programming: Responsible for community development efforts within the community (events, social occasions, opportunities for connection points, etc). Serves as representative to RHA Programming Committee.
  • Vice President for Administration (Secretary/Treasurer): Responsible for managing the budget for the Hall Council in consultation and collaboration with the Hall Council Advisor and President. Additionally responsible for communications to the General Assembly and to the residential population within the community, and for recording minutes of Executive Board and general assembly meetings.

The General Assembly consists of representatives from throughout the residential community. These positions are not elected but are volunteer-based by floor/wing/hall.

Each community has a Residence Director (RD), who will serve as primary advisor to the Hall Council. In some occasions, a Lead First Year Assistant (FYA) or Lead Community Development Assistant (CDA) may serve as a secondary advisor to the group.

If you are interested in being involved in Hall Council, fill out this brief form and let us know!

Important Dates - Fall 2019

Week of September 2, 2019 - Hall Council Kickoff Event (Orientation) & Hall Council Officer Recruitment Begins

September 9-22, 2019 - Hall Council Officer Info Sessions and Candidate Registrations

Week of September 20, 2019 - General Assembly member recruitment begins

September 23-25, 2019 - Hall Council Officer Elections

September 28-29, 2019 - Hall Council Executive Board Retreats

October 5-6, 2019 - Residence Hall Association General Assembly Retreat