VI. Appendix: Acknowledgement, Works Cited, and Revision History

A. Works Cited

The language and ideas in this document were informed by other institution’s policies, procedures, and written statements (Amherst College, Boston College, Bowdoin College, Columbia University, College of William and Mary, Duke University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, Northwestern University, University of Virginia, and the University of Oklahoma).

These policies also draw on the A Developmental Framework for A Code of Student Conduct: The NCHERM Group Model Code Project, published by The NCHERM Group, LLC. In 2013 and
authored collaboratively by William Fischer, J.D.; W. Scott Lewis, J.D.; John Wesley Lowery, Ph.D.; Saundra K. Schuster, J.D.; Brett A. Sokolow, J.D.’ and Daniel C. Swinton, J.D., Ed.D..

B. Revision History

The standards of the Tufts community, policies regarding student behavior, and student conduct resolution procedure were updated in August 2018.