Once You've Been Admitted

After you have applied and been offered admission to a study-abroad program, the following logistical matters must be taken care take care of. Please also consult the above links regarding other pre-departure matters and considerations.

One: Declare your major

If you have not already done so, complete all paperwork to declare your major. If you are participating in a non-Tufts study-abroad program, you will be unable to submit a Leave of Absence request unless you have formally declared your major.

Two: Confirm Your Participation in the Program

Tufts Programs Abroad

You will be expected to notify us, in writing, of your acceptance of our offer of admission within one week of the offer, and to submit a deposit to secure your place on the program within two weeks of the offer. We will then take care of formally enrolling you in the program for the intended semester or year of your participation. You do not need to submit a Leave of Absence request, as you will remain enrolled at Tufts while on a Tufts Program Abroad.

Non-Tufts Programs

Your program provider will have its own requirements regarding the process and timeline for confirming your participation. However, you will need to officially inform Tufts of your plans to study abroad, which you will do by submitting a "Non-Tufts Study Abroad" (not 'Study Elsewhere') Leave of Absence request via SIS (ideally by April 30th prior to a fall-semester or full year abroad, or by November 15th prior to a spring-semester abroad). Once your major advisor has approved the request electronically, it will be processed by our office and in SIS, which will alert Tufts that you should not be billed for the semester(s) of your Leave of Absence. If you have registered for courses for the semester in which you now plan to study abroad, those courses will be removed. Note: a Study Elsewhere fee of $1000 (during the 2017-18 academic year) will be assessed at the time your leave is processed (the same fee is assessed whether a student is on a "Non-Tufts Study Abroad" leave of absence or on a domestic "Study Elsewhere" leave of absence).

Three: Course Selection and Credit Approval

Discuss your study-abroad course selections with your major adviser(s). Consult the "Course Approval" section on how to obtain credit for your coursework.

Four: Additional Steps

  • Cancel on-campus housing. If you previously signed up for Tufts on-campus housing during the semester in which you now plan to study abroad, you must notify the Office of Residential Life and Learning of your plans in order to obtain a refund of your housing deposit. Please contact ORLL directly for cancellation deadlines.
  • Attend a required pre-departure meeting. Each semester during Reading Period, our office will conduct pre-departure meetings for all students studying abroad in the coming semester. In these meetings, we will discuss important administrative, logistical, health, safety, and cultural matters that will help you prepare for the study-abroad experience. You are required to attend one meeting.
  • Register your study abroad (or other university-affiliated travel) through the Tufts Travel Registry