Comparing Tufts and Non-Tufts Programs

Tufts Programs
Non-Tufts Programs
Enrollment Remain enrolled at Tufts. Take a Non-Tufts Study Abroad Leave of Absence.
Price Pay Tufts tuition and a comprehensive fee roughly equivalent to Tufts room and board. Program prices vary.  Pay the Non-Tufts program directly for all program costs, plus a $1200 study elsewhere fee (during 2018-19) to Tufts.
Financial Aid All financial aid automatically transfers. Only federal or state financial aid and personal educational loans transfer. To do so, complete a Consortium Agreement via the Tufts Financial Aid office. Tufts University grants and scholarships do not transfer.
Credit Automatically receive credit for any course taken while abroad. Transfer Credit: It is your responsibility to get courses approved by the relevant academic department at Tufts. To do so, complete a Transfer Credit Request in SIS for each course.
Grades Grades show on your Tufts transcript, calculate into your Tufts GPA, and count towards Latin honors. Grades do not show on your Tufts transcript, calculate into your Tufts GPA, or count towards Latin honors.
Pass/Fail Some courses may be taken pass/fail, following the same rules as at Tufts. Must receive a C- or above.  Courses taken pass/fail are not eligible for transfer credit.
On-site Staff Resident directors (RDs) are Tufts employees or contractors, who have visited Tufts and are familiar with Tufts policies and procedures.  For most programs, you will meet with the RD at Tufts prior to going abroad. Resident directors and staff vary by program.
Locations 10 locations at 18 foreign universities. Four programs (six universities) have no language prerequisite. 150+ approved Non-Tufts options in 50+ countries around the world.  Language prerequisites vary by program.
Application Deadline Once-per-year deadline:
December 1 for Tufts in Oxford
February 1 for all other programs
Once-per-semester deadline (for most programs):
Deadline dates vary by program