Location: Hangzhou, China
Program option: fall semester
Language of instruction: Chinese (Mandarin) and English

The Tufts-in-China Program, which began in 2002, is based in Hangzhou, China, at Zhejiang University, one of the top seven universities in China. With a solid curriculum and rich extracurricular activities, Tufts in China has attracted over one hundred and fifty students since its inception, a number of whom are gainfully and happily employed in China today.

Tufts in China has been successful because of the four major components of the program, which complement one another: intensive language training; culture courses taught in English; discovery of China through traveling and studying; and volunteer and internship opportunities, which allow students to experience Chinese society as active participants.

Another important factor in the success of the Tufts-in-China program is the strong support provided by both the leadership and the faculty of Zhejiang University. Also important to the success of the program is its location: Tufts in China is based on the Yuquan campus of Zhejiang University, which is located in Hangzhou, a tourist resort noted for its beautiful West Lake and surrounding scenic spots and places of historic interest. For American students, Hangzhou is an ideal place to begin their experience of China: manageable and intimate, yet very close to the large cosmopolitan city of Shanghai.

There is a saying in Chinese: “In heaven there is paradise; on earth there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” The combination of the city of Hangzhou and the renowned Zhejiang University makes Tufts in China a unique program for students of Chinese language and culture.

Program Staff

Resident Director: Jie Yang, B.A., Hangzhou University; Ph.D., Birmingham University, U.K.

The resident director advises students on academic and extracurricular matters and organizes special trips and activities.


The Tufts-in-China program is open to undergraduate juniors and seniors who meet the general eligibility requirements and who have completed Chinese 4 (or the equivalent) by the time of departure. Tufts in China is open to students from all majors.


$32,998 for fall semester includes:

  • Round-trip airfare from the continental United States.
  • Four-week orientation program with language study, lectures, workshops, and excursions.
  • Full room and board.
  • Full tuition and fees at Zhejiang University.
  • Cultural events and excursions.
  • Extracurricular activities such as sports, performances, and clubs.
  • Allowance for books and photocopies.