What If I Need to Miss Class?

There is no university attendance policy. Each professor will indicate their attendance expectations, usually on the course syllabus. If you are ill, the most effective way to inform your instructor and dean that you are not attending class due to illness, is to select the Short-term Illness Notification option in Tufts’ Student Information System (SIS) under Student Living (WebCenter). This alerts your instructors and your advising dean about your illness, but it does not excuse you from the work. It is very important to communicate directly with your instructors about missed work. If you have to miss an in-class midterm or final exam due to illness, you must go to Health Services prior to the scheduled exam to request medical documentation in order to be excused from the exam. Health Services will not provide medical documentation for an exam after the scheduled exam date.

If you are sick for more than a day or two, go to Health Services for diagnosis and treatment. You should also get in touch with your advising dean if the illness is affecting your academic work.

If you have other circumstances that cause you to miss class, such as long-term illness (physical or emotional), bereavement days, or other personal matters, we encourage you to meet with your advising dean.

If you must miss class for a religious observance or holy day, please inform your professor well in advance and negotiate a plan to make up any missed work or assignments for that day.