Academic Policies Specific to Engineering Students

Degree Sheets
  • By default, students use the degree sheet from their anticipated graduation year upon matriculation (listed in small print at the bottom of the degree sheet).
  • Students may use a newer approved degree sheet in place of the degree sheet associated with their matriculation year.  However, they may not use a degree sheet from a year prior to their own matriculation year.
  • Degree sheets cannot be used until they are officially approved and listed here.
  • If a student would like to fill a spot on their degree sheet other than as exactly indicated on the degree sheet, they must petition to do so via a Petition for Course Substitution form.
  • All course substitution must first be approved by the student's Advisor, then by the department’s ABET representative, and finally by the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Advising for School of Engineering, Dean Stephan.
  • Although a student's Advisor, department ABET representative, and Dean Stephan must each review the Petition for Course Substitution, individual departments are the guardians of their foundation and concentration requirements. Dean Stephan is the guardian of the introductory parts of the degree sheet (math, natural science, engineering, HASS). Decisions will be guided accordingly.
Introductory Math and Natural Sciences Course Substitutions
  • If a student has earned credit for an introductory math or natural sciences course, then they have fulfilled this requirement.
  • If a student has placed out of or opted not to take an introductory math or natural sciences course and they do not have credit for that course, then they must replace the missing credit to fulfill the requirement. The missing credit must be replaced by a higher level math or natural sciences course – one that has the missing credit as a prerequisite – and the substitution must be approved via petition as described above.
  • Courses approved for or carrying LA-Natural Sciences distribution cannot substitute for SoE-Natural Sciences distribution credit.
Introductory First-Year Engineering Course Substitutions
  • EN1 may only be taken by first-year students in the fall semester.
  • If a student transferred into the School of Engineering and so did not take EN1, or did not otherwise earn credit for EN1, they may replace EN1 with any SoE-Engineering course via a petition as described above.
  • If a student would like to place out of ES2, they must pass a placement test.  Students should contact Professor Brian Tracey for inquiries about the test.  If a student passes the ES2 placement test and places out of ES 2, then they must replace ES2 with any SoE-Engineering course via a petition as described above.
Transfer Course Considerations
  • Transfer course grades do not appear on a student's transcript, but are not considered Pass/Fail courses for the purposes of the degree sheet.
  • If you believe that the course may have an equivalence in the Tufts curriculum (for instance, thermodynamics for ES 7), then you can use the comments section of the transfer of credit request form to ask that the course be reviewed for approval as that specific course. Courses approved as equivalents of specific Tufts courses will count on the degree sheet accordingly. In such cases only, a Petition for Course Substitution is not necessary.
  • If there is no Tufts equivalent, a course may be approved as the general transfer credits 310 (non-major credit), 320 (lower level major elective credit) or 330 (upper level major elective credit).
  • Any course approved by a Science department as 320 or 330 requires a petition to count as a natural sciences elective. Courses approved as 310 cannot count as a natural sciences elective.
  • Any course approved by the Math department as 320 or 330 requires a petition to count on the degree sheet. Courses approved as 310 cannot be applied to the degree sheet except as a free elective.
  • For Breadth, Foundation and Concentration electives, courses approved as 310, 320 or 330 count toward graduation requirements by petition. Close communication with your Major Advisor is critical.
  • For HASS requirements, if there is no equivalent course (or no attribute is listed in SIS), the student may petition for a course substitution. A course approved by a specific department counts as that department for the two HASS courses in the same department requirement.
  • Sometimes a course counts as less than 1.0 credit. In this case the course may slot on the degree sheet but the student must make up the difference of credits with a course of the same attribute.
Internal School Transfers

Engineering students who are considering transferring to the School of Arts & Sciences should contact Student Success Advisor Tara Zantow after they have spoken with their Advisor. Arts and Sciences students who wish to transfer into the School of Engineering should visit the Transferring Within Tufts page for more information.

Second Majors

Students pursuing a major within the School of Engineering may undertake a second major with the consent of the respective department in the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Engineering. For more information, visit our Second Majors page.