Subject Tutoring

COVID-19 Update: Subject Tutoring Appointments and drop-in hours will be held in person as usual through the end of the day on March 13. Afterward, in accordance with Tufts University’s decision to move classes online, the ARC will conduct all appointments and other tutoring sessions online. Appointments will be available as usual through Tutor Finder, but sessions will be conducted via WebEx or another free online platform. After you sign up, your consultant or tutor will follow up with instructions on accessing your session. Specific sessions will run as follows:

  • All sessions will be conducted on Eastern Standard Time.
  • Drop-in hours will not be held in-person, but will be replaced by 30 minute sessions that you can reserve up until the session begins.  Tutors will reach out with information after you notify them that you'd like to attend a session.
  • Tutors holding ARC study groups will reach out with more information.
  • Language circles will be replaced by 30 minute sessions you can reserve up until the session begins.  Tutors will reach out with information after you notify them that you'd like to attend a session.

Our Subject Tutoring Program helps you develop subject-specific skills and strategies to become an effective learner. The Subject Tutoring Program offers tutoring in most introductory and some mid-level classes in the following subjects:

  • Math 
  • Biology, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Economics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering

We can't guarantee a tutor for every class Tufts offers, but we do our best to accommodate as many students as possible!

Who Are the Subject Tutors?

Types of Subject Tutoring

Read Our Policies

Who Are the Subject Tutors?

Subject tutors are undergraduates who have successfully completed the courses they tutor at Tufts, excel in their subject areas, and have exceptional interpersonal skills. All of our tutors are trained to give you the tools and confidence you need to tackle course material on your own.

  • On-call tutors work with students in either one-on-one sessions or study groups.

  • Head tutors are highly skilled and extensively trained tutors. They serve as subject matter experts in our most popular classes. Head tutors can work with you individually, hold drop-in hours, run study groups, develop workshops and handle communication with faculty and students. 

If, for some reason, we do not have a tutor who can work with you, we strongly encourage you to talk with your professor or teaching assistant about your concerns. You can also organize a study group with your classmates.  If there are no tutors available for a particular course, please contact us to make your request.

Types of Subject Tutoring

One-on-One Tutoring

Tutors are available for one-on-one sessions starting the first Sunday after classes begin each semester. 

When booking a one-on-one session, please be specific about the content area you need help with.

Students are limited to one hour of tutoring per week per class. If you wish to request additional time, contact the ARC.

Drop-In Hours

Tutoring is available on a walk-in basis in locations around campus Monday-Thursday evenings, and all day Sunday. You can stop by with a quick question for an ARC Tutor or stay for the whole session.

Drop-in hours typically begin the second Sunday after classes begin. For the most current schedule, visit Tutor Finder, and look for the subject in which you would like to find help. 

Question and Answer Sessions

ARC tutors run Question and Answer sessions to help you prepare for exams in math, foreign languages, economics, chemistry and biology. We can't guarantee a session for every class, but we do try to offer sessions for large introductory classes. Check the Tutor Finder or the course’s Trunk site for announcements about upcoming Q&A sessions.

If you wish to request additional sessions, email the ARC.

Foreign Language Conversation Groups

Conversation groups are an excellent way to improve your speaking and listening skills in a foreign language. Conversation groups include other students, tutors and occasionally, TAs from the academic departments.

Conversation groups meet every week at the same time and the topics vary each week, based on student needs and interests. Conversation groups typically begin in the third or fourth week of classes. The current schedule is also posted on the Tutor Finder.

Study Group Program

The Introductory Sciences Study Group Program is available to all students enrolled in Biology 13 and 14 and Chemistry 1 and 2.

Subject Tutoring Policies

Read Our Policies
  1. You must be enrolled in the undergraduate level class that you are seeking tutoring in.
  2. Students are limited to one hour of one-on-one tutoring per week per class.
  3. There is no limit on the number of drop-in, study group or review sessions you can attend.
  4. You are expected to come to sessions prepared with course materials and questions to work on.
  5. Tutors are not allowed to help with current homework assignments that are graded. Tutors can work on similar problems and concepts.
  6. Tutors will not edit foreign language writing assignments.
  7. Be sure to arrive on time for your session or cancel with 24-hours notice.
  8. Excessive no-shows or late arrivals could result in the loss of tutoring privileges. If this happens, you will need to meet with Robin Olinsky in the ARC to regain tutoring privileges.

My tutor went above and beyond to explain concepts that were related but maybe weren't directly involved in the question. This was fantastic. I gained a fuller understanding of the material.