Time Management & Study Strategies

A Tufts time management consultant discusses strategies with a student.

Department Update: The Academic Resource Center has merged with Student Accessibility Services to form the new Student Accessibility and Academic Resource Center (StAAR Center). The TM&SS program has been revised into a new Academic Coaching program. Find more information and sign up to work with an Academic Skills Consultant or Academic Coach.

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed or have so much to do you don’t know where to start, you are not alone. Many students, both graduate and undergraduate, have these same reactions to the academic challenges faced by Tufts students. Collaborate with a Time Management and Study Strategies (TM&SS) consultant to create more effective strategies and solutions based on your style and needs.

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About Our Consultants

My TM&SS consultant has been one of the most understanding, considerate, and helpful people I have known. She has made a bunch of suggestions that have helped me through the year.


A picture of the eighteen new TM&SS consultants standing outside Dowling Hall

We can work with you on one or several of the following skills and strategies.

Planning and organization

  • Calendars and/or to do lists
  • Turning large assignments into small tasks
  • Building routines that increase productivity
  • Goal setting and pursuit
  • Organizing class papers, readings, and so on

Academic skills

  • Enhancing reading strategies
  • Note-taking methods
  • Study strategies
  • Test strategies
  • Test anxiety

Life balance and well-being

  • Prioritization when feeling overwhelmed
  • Building motivation and reducing procrastination
  • Managing perfectionism
  • Practicing self-care
  • Taking effective breaks
  • Recovery from burnout

My consultant took the time to get to know me and understand what would work best for me.


Book a TM&SS Session

You can choose from two options: a one-time triage session or ongoing consulting.

  • Sign up for a one-time triage session through TutorFinder
  • Submit a request for ongoing consulting with this webform

Triage sessions can be useful to discuss test taking strategies to help you get the most points in the time you have, or discuss reading strategies that help you get more out of what you read, or discuss motivation and initiation strategies to help you start a paper that you have been procrastinating on, or to backwards plan a daunting project or paper. For an urgent triage session, log into TutorFinder. In TutorFinder under the Subjects tab, listed below Time Management you will see the TM-0002 TM&SS Triage option. That link takes you to a list of when consultants are offering triage sessions in the coming week. You can reserve one of the times listed and the consultant will get in touch with you.  

You are limited to two triage sessions per semester with only one triage per week. If you want more TM&SS consulting than just two triage sessions, sign up for ongoing consulting anytime. It's as much or as little consulting as you want, up to once per week. It can be once per semester or weekly or anything in between. You can do ongoing consulting after completing one or two triage sessions.

Ongoing TM&SS consulting can help to develop new habits and make long-term change. Being matched with a consultant, talking things through, collaborating together on solutions, hearing them cheer for your progress and empathizing on your setbacks can make it easier to form those new habits. If you want to sign up to be matched with a consultant, you can fill out the web form.

  • Please submit requests for consulting by the last day of classes each semester.
  • Consulting for the semester ends on the last day of classes before Reading Period starts.
  • Submit requests for an upcoming semester anytime.
  • Consultants are available during the summer sessions as well.
  • See the Consulting Logistics and Policies section below for more information about the limits on using TM&SS Consulting.
Consulting Logistics and Policies

You can choose from two options: a one-time triage session or ongoing consulting.

  • Sign up for a one-time triage session through TutorFinder
  • Submit a request for ongoing consulting with this webform

TM&SS Consulting is available for all matriculated students enrolled in Arts & Sciences and Engineering on-campus courses. We cannot serve students in the Fletcher School, the Friedman School, the Cummings School, or the School of Medicine. We cannot serve students taking online classes, high school students in summer programs at Tufts, or visiting students enrolled in Courses at Tufts.

Our consulting is covered by your tuition. You can use our services with no additional fee. Consulting sessions are held in person and are offered on the Medford campus. Currently, there are no TM&SS consultants working on the SMFA campus. SMFA students can meet a consultant on the Medford campus for their first session and then video chat for future sessions.

For urgent help, you can sign up for a triage session on the Medford campus. Triage sessions must be reserved 6 or more hours in advance. You are limited to two triage sessions per semester with only one triage per week. You can be matched with a consultant if you want to continue with consulting beyond one or two triage sessions by filling out the webform for ongoing consulting. Triage sessions are not offered during the summer. Use the web form to request a consulting session during the summer sessions instead.

For regular meetings, which help make long-term change, you can meet up to once per week for an hour with the consultant you are matched with. You may choose to meet with your consultant just a few times to work on a single topic like reading strategies. Or you may meet weekly for the whole year, excluding finals and breaks. Consultants are also available during both summer sessions.

  • If you are an undergraduate, you can meet with your consultants as long as classes are in session. There is no consulting during Reading Period and Finals, over vacation breaks, or on holidays.
  • If you are a graduate student, your consulting can continue during breaks and Finals as long as your consultant is available at those times.
About Our Consultants

Time Management & Study Strategy consultants are current Tufts graduate students. They come from a variety of departments, including Occupational Therapy, School Psychology, Child Development, and the Fletcher School. Consultants are thoroughly trained to listen, ask questions, and collaborate on strategies that meet your style and needs.

Some of the consultants speak languages besides English. Email the program director to ask if a consultant on staff speaks a specific language.

My consultant was an excellent listener. It helped to have someone to rant to about feeling overwhelmed. I felt I could be honest with her and she was understanding and tried to help address my concerns.


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