Writing Fellows Program

We believe that your development as a writer doesn’t stop after the first or even the second year of college and that each new year, class, discipline, or project brings new challenges and learning opportunities. The Writing Fellows Program fosters writing as a process by allowing time and energy for review and significant revision. We emphasize collaboration as a way for students at Tufts to become more engaged writers.

Writing fellows are Tufts’ undergraduate writing tutors. They are assigned to specific courses and work with the same students on drafts of several writing assignments throughout the semester. Writing fellows read drafts of papers in advance of meeting with student writers, then talk with the writers about their process and goals, asking questions to help them make decisions about revising their papers.

Writing fellows and the faculty in the program are committed to writing as a process and to developing their teaching and tutoring practices.  As a result, the program fosters the development of academic writing on multiple levels and across the disciplines at Tufts.

  • New writing fellows take a full-credit, semester-long seminar on writing tutoring pedagogy. Besides helping them become more skilled tutors, this also encourages them to analyze their own writing habits and styles.
  • Returning fellows participate in ongoing discussions about writing and pedagogy.
  • Faculty in the program meet regularly to share strategies, assignments, tips, and goals for writing instruction in their courses.


She listened to my concerns and helped me to voice some thoughts I had difficulty articulating.