Courses Offered

2018-2019 Writing Fellows Courses

Fall  2018

Course Number Course Title Professor
CH 30 Community Health Research Methods Tendulkar
CVS 20/PHIL 20/PS 20 Introduction to Civic Studies* Evrigenis, Kelly, Levine
EC 127 Urban Economics Hardman
ENG 131 British Modernism Lurz
ENV 1 Introduction to Environmental Studies* Stein
HIS 28 US Foreign Relations to 1900* Ekbladh
MUS 58 Music, Technology, and Digital Culture* Auner
PSY 32 Experimental Psychology Urry
PSY 115 Social Identity, Stigma, and Coping Remedios
REL 42/HIST 126/AM 15 Religion & Politics in U.S. History* Curtis

*Open to first-year students