Writing Groups and Retreats

Graduate Students

Graduate Writing Exchange (GWX)

is a weekly, interdisciplinary writing group for graduate students. Each week we hold three-hour meetings so you can talk with other graduate students about struggles and successes, set personal goals, and, most importantly, write. An ARC writing consultant will be available during these meetings to lend support, structure, and feedback when requested. Open to Tufts graduate students from any department in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, the SMFA, and the School of Engineering.


Graduate Writing Retreats

are week-long events designed to help graduate students make significant progress on their thesis or dissertation. Generally held in January, June, and August on the Medford campus, our graduate writing retreats provide a comfortable, supportive environment where you can focus entirely on your writing. It is an opportunity to learn and practice healthy writing habits, work with other graduate students, and take advantage of guidance from writing consultants. You can be at any stage in the dissertation or thesis process, as long as you plan to use the retreat primarily for writing (rather than research).

On the first day, the group will work together to identify common problems for graduate student writers and strategies for addressing them, review retreat policies, and establish house rules. You will draft a personal writing plan and meet with a graduate writing consultant to discuss your goals and concerns. After that, a typical day will involve at least four hours of writing time, with optional time in the afternoons to meet with writing consultants. At the end of retreat, you will have the chance to re-evaluate your goals and progress.

Please note: The GWR is not a class and will not provide classroom-style instruction. Rather, it supports for your writing process through an opportunity to assess your process, make manageable goals, get feedback on your writing if you want, and most of all, get a lot of writing done.

Enrollment is capped at 20 students, admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Participants must commit to the structure and rules of the retreat. Application is required. See sidebar for application link.



Senior Thesis and Senior Project Writers

SWAG (Senior Writer Action Group)

provides structure and space conducive to working on your thesis or capstone project. The group provides external support for accountability and motivation, and connects you with a community of people who are tackling similar issues and combat the isolation that often comes with long-term academic projects.