Report a Concern With a Student

Anytime you are concerned about a student, please contact the appropriate dean.

Review and Report Plagiarism

Per a 2006 faculty vote, instructors are required to report suspicions of plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty to the Dean of Student Affairs Office. Community Standards will then work with the faculty to investigate the situation and, if appropriate, will confront the student(s) involved.  We encourage you to review our plagiarism policies and resources.

Academic Integrity Policies

You can review Tufts’ policies on academic integrity in the Academic Integrity Handbook

Contact Community Standards

Community Standards can help you address concerns about a student, the student’s behavior, and academic integrity. Such concerns might stem from issues of safety, threatening behaviors, possible victimization, harassing behavior, conflicts with peers, or another area. 

Academic and Classroom Concerns

If you have a student who stops attending class for weeks, a student with personal or academic problems that extend well beyond your classroom, or one who appears distressed but refuses to discuss anything personal, please contact the appropriate Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education. If you are concerned about a graduate student, contact the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

You should not talk to parents about their child’s performance in your class. If a parent contacts you directly, refer them to the Associate Deans of Undergraduate Education