Pre-Health Advising

Welcome to Tufts Health Professions Advising!  We are excited to work with our current Tufts students and Alumni in exploring, applying and preparing for a career in a health profession.  

Our Mission

To support and encourage students as they explore the health professions and prepare competitive applications to apply to graduate professional school. We work holistically with students to assist with self-assessment and research into healthcare professions; foster self-directed learning; encourage both curricular and extracurricular growth and development; and stress the importance of integrity, responsibility and professionalism. 

If you are interested in pursuing one of the health professions after graduation, we offer information, advice and support to help you plan your curriculum and find health-related internships. We can also help you work through the application process for medical, dental, veterinary and many other health professions graduate schools. We are a supplement to Tufts academic advisors. We also offer workshops and programs for pre-professional students.

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Preparing a Strong Application

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Individual Appointments and FAQ's

Individual Appointments with a Pre-Health Advisor 

Please note that our appointment policy has changed.  Appointments will no longer be posted on Wednesdays for the next week. Appointments will instead be posted every other Monday with availability for the following two weeks.  

Susana Carranza will be meeting with all years and Amanda Stone will be meeting with juniors, seniors, and alumni. Amanda will be giving priority to to those students who are either in the current application cycle or considering applying in the upcoming '21-22 cycle. 

Please do not schedule an individual appointment with Amanda if you do not fall into these categories. Rest assured, individuals outside of these two groups will have the opportunity to schedule an appointment soon, but due to the time sensitive nature of these appointments, we are prioritizing these groups for now.  

Scheduling link for Susana Carranza (All Years )

Scheduling Link for Amanda Stone (Juniors, Seniors and Alumni)

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our most Frequently Asked Questions page.  We will be updating our FAQ page regularly and have created a COVID FAQ specific page as well. 

Spring 2021 Updates:

Applicants for the 2021 admission cycle: If you will be applying to medical dental, podiatry, or optometry schools this application cycle, you will need to register with HPRC to receive a letter packet and support from the Health Professions Advising Office. Registration for HPRC is now open. The deadline to complete the registration and hit the 'submit' button is 11:59PM EST on April 1. No exceptions are made to this deadline. You will need to enter in the information for the individuals you want to ask for recommendations by this date. Letters or recommendation are due by May 1, 2021, and letter writers will be able to submit letters online through a secure portal. 

Health Professions Advising Office - The HPA office will remain open virtually throughout spring 2021 with normal hours and is available to help students who are interested in pursuing a health profession. 

AS&E Academic Policy for spring 2021 - The AS&E faculty have voted on some special exceptions to the academic policy for spring 2021. To review the information, please visit the Academic Policy Exceptions for Undergraduates: Spring 2021 webpage. 

Exceptional Pass/Fail (EP/F) for Pre-Health Courses - We strongly recommend keeping your pre-health requirements as letter graded.  Ideally, you would keep your other coursework as letter graded as well. The EP/F grading policy should not be utilized as an opportunity to boost your GPA, but rather for extenuating circumstances due to COVID that may impact your academics.  This may require using tutoring and office hours that you may have not used in the past. Making this choice can be an indicator that you are resilient, can deal with unforeseen circumstances, and are a self-directed learner. Consider the competencies health professions admissions officers want to see in their applicants. 

Additionally, students are strongly advised to discuss their decisions regarding EP/F grading with their advisors.  It is recommended students wait until after midterms to determine if this is an appropriate course of action.  Once a student submits a form to change a course grading method, it cannot be undone.  The deadline to opt in for EP/F grading is 3pm (EST) on May 5, 2021.