Steps to Applying

The first and most important thing to do as you begin the application process is to ask yourself why you are applying. Really ask yourself why. Many students do not want to do this. But the self-analysis the question requires will make you a stronger candidate.

Once you have thought about why, the next question is what? There are many health professions available to college graduates and the majority of them require graduate education. Investigate the various fields to be sure you are choosing the best course. Take factors such as the  skills/talents required, work environment, length of training, level of responsibility, salary and labor force projections into account in your decision.

This section focuses on applying to medical school (MD and DO), but the process is very similar for dental school. Veterinary, optometry, and podiatry schools are also four-year postgraduate clinical education programs that have similar requirements and processes for applying, although with a shorter timeline. There is also some overlap in the application processes for physical and occupational therapy, physician assistant, and nurse practitioner.