Research Opportunities

While not required by medical school or other health professions schools, research experience can enrich your undergraduate experience and deepen your appreciation of healthcare delivery. As an intellectual enterprise it is a wonderful complement to your classroom study.

All Tufts departments encourage and support their students in incorporating research into their education. Professors doing research, especially in biomedical settings, are often looking for students to work with them. Because they have a chance to get to know the students with whom they do research, these professors can write a more informative recommendation to health professions schools.

Research is much more than just biomedical bench research. There is community-based public health research, social psychology research, translational research and historical research -- to name a few. You may be able to work with a professor here in Medford on a volunteer basis or perhaps for credit.

Some students do research on our Boston or Grafton campuses. Some apply for and receive funding through the Summer Scholars Program or the Undergraduate Research Fund. Still others find research opportunities elsewhere over the summer. Tufts offers several options for funding for unpaid summer internships, individual research, and projects abroad. Also, be sure to check out departmental websites and the Career Center website.