Transfer of Credit

Tufts accepts credit from all accredited colleges and universities, including courses taken at two-year colleges prior to matriculation at Tufts. Students in liberals arts may transfer up to 60 Semester-hour units (SHUs); students in engineering may transfer up to 60 SHUs, and potentially more depending on the degree program. Courses are accepted for transfer through a departmental evaluation process.

Degree Requirements

The liberal arts and engineering programs at Tufts provide students with both depth and breadth in their education. In liberal arts, a typical degree represents the completion of 120 Semester-hour units (SHUs) fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Foundation Requirements - two semesters of college writing, three semesters of a foreign language, three additional semesters of a foreign language or a foreign culture, one course designated as world civilizations.
  • Distribution Requirements - 6 SHUs in each of these areas: humanities, fine arts, social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics.
  • Concentration (Major) - at least ten courses in the department of the major that total at least 30 SHUs.
  • Engineering students must complete 120 SHUs. About 25% are devoted to math and sciences and another 20% to engineering sciences and other foundation courses. The major requirements take up about 35% of the curriculum, and students are encouraged to choose the remaining 20% from courses in liberal arts.