Neubauer Alumni

Class of 2020

Ana Arsovska

Ana Arsovska was born and raised in the faraway land of Skopje, Macedonia, and is a junior studying computer science and cognitive and brain sciences. On campus, she is involved in JumboCode, and off campus, she is excited to be joining Microsoft as a software engineering intern in Seattle this summer. When not coding, you can find her biking around the Boston area, knitting, painting, cooking, reading, and exploring every food vendor on the red line with her friends. One of her favorite moments at Tufts includes bumping into Anne Moore at a 60k person music festival in NYC.

Jacob Bennert

Jacob Bennert is a junior from Freeport, Maine, currently in the process of completing a Bachelor of Science in computer science. He’s been playing the viola since third grade and has recently started to learn the piano. While at Tufts, he hopes to become fluent in Japanese and hopefully visit Japan before he graduates. He’s very grateful for the Neubauer Scholarship for giving him the ability to attend Tufts, and for providing him with a system that helped to support and foster his academic growth.

Hawley Brown

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Hawley BrownHawley Brown is a junior from New Britain, CT studying biochemistry. She is a member of the Kritzer Laboratory where she works on designing new peptides to inhibit specific protein-protein interactions. Outside of academics, Hawley is a co-captain of the Tufts Cheerleading Team and serves as a mentor at the Mystic Learning Center through Tufts TASTE. She is also passionate about interfaith engagement and has served as a peer leader for the Conversations, Action, Faith, and Education (CAFE) pre-orientation program for the past several years. In the future, Hawley hopes to pursue a career in medicine or biomedical research, or some combination thereof.

Sophie Buckingham

Sophie Buckingham is a junior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She studies Environmental Engineering at Tufts, taking courses like Environmental Chemistry and Fluid Mechanics, and she’s also working on a minor in Geology. Sophie is confident that her Tufts education will prepare her to work against climate change and pollution throughout her career. During the summer of 2018, Sophie had the opportunity to work for a PhD candidate researching methods of removing pharmaceuticals from wastewater. Although she has not yet chosen a specific focus within Environmental Engineering, she is currently brainstorming ideas for her own independent research project. With everything she has learned about environmental research, and with the support of the Neubauer stipend, she hopes to cultivate an ability to solve environmental problems and contribute to a vibrant, sustainable future for all people.

Lillian Dennis

Lillian Dennis is studying biochemistry and German literature. Her hometown is Sioux Falls, South Dakota, though she lived in Germany for ten months.

Luke Downs

Luke Downs is a junior from Decatur, Georgia, studying political science, environmental studies, and Spanish. Outside of the classroom, Luke enjoys playing intramural soccer, running, teaching with Tufts ESL, and exploring Boston. After graduation, he aims to pursue a career related to environmental conservation, sustainable development, or immigration. Luke is very grateful to the Neubauer family for granting him the opportunity to take part in the Tufts with Rwanda Fellowship and the Visions of Peace Fellowship. These two programs allowed him the unique and valuable experiences of travelling to Rwanda and Israel/Palestine to study conflict resolution on the ground. Luke also hopes to use his Neubauer Scholarship to enrich his educational experience while abroad with Tufts-in-Madrid this spring.

Andrew Farm

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Andrew FarmAndrew Farm is a Junior from South Portland, Maine. At Tufts, he is studying Computer Science and Music, and has worked as an undergraduate teaching assistant in the Computer Science Department and as a French horn player for the Tufts Youth Philharmonic. Part of his decision to attend Tufts, the Neubauer Scholarship has allowed him to be able to tour as part of the Tufts Symphony Orchestra in Costa Rica, performing in venues around the country and gaining exposure to the vibrant culture. In the future, he plans to continue his studies, and continue to work to help other computer science students succeed at Tufts. He is involved in comedy groups on campus and loves skiing on the frigid slopes of northern Maine.

Andrew Feder

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Andrew FederAndrew Feder grew up in the Bronx in New York, and started Tufts in 2015. Though he originally intended to major in physics, he fell in love with geology here after taking EOS 1, and is now about to finish a major in geology with minors in computer science and philosophy. Andrew is also co-president of the Geological Society, and events director at the Tufts Democrats. The Neubauer course from freshman year, “Plato’s Republic,” has been one of his most intellectually engaging experiences, and to this day he still manage to quote Plato in conversations. As well, the Neubauer grant enabled him to do some really cool research over the summer, building a neural network to study glacial sediment from the last ice age. Right now he doesn’t have any firm plans for after graduation, but plans to eventually go to graduate school in the geosciences.

Ilana Goldberg

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Ilana GoldbergIlana Goldberg (Class of 2020) is originally from Northern California where she attended the Jewish Community High School of the Bay. At Tufts, she studies International Relations and Arabic. Ilana works as a language tutor (Arabic, Hebrew, and Spanish) for the Academic Resource Center and as a middle school writing tutor for the Tufts Literacy Corps. When she’s not studying or working, Ilana is getting way too invested in competitively pretending to be a lawyer on Tufts Mock Trial. Ilana fell in love with Tufts during Jumbo Days and thanks the Neubauers for ensuring that her first choice college was financially accessible, as well as for helping her to afford a semester of study in Amman, Jordan. After college, Ilana plans to travel more, to become a certified interpreter, and to attend law school.

Noah Hill

Noah Hill grew up in Tacoma, Washington, and was the first student in the history of his High School to attend Tufts University. As a freshman at Tufts,he initially declared as a Biomedical Engineering major with hopes to research cancer treatments. However, he was quickly introduced to the world of electronics and computer science, which was an entirely new world. Noah used a portion of the Neubauer stipend to take a computer science course during the summer of freshman year, to continue exploring this new interest, and continued to take more CS courses when he returned to Tufts. Now, Noah is a junior and re-declared his major as Computer Science Engineering, and work as a software engineer for a biomedical startup he co-founded. The Neubauer Scholarship was very influential in his learning that he loves computer science, by helping him attend Tufts and allowing him to explore his passions.

Pat Mahaney

Pat Mahaney is a Tufts/SMFA BA/BFA Dual-Degree student majoring in American Studies and Visual Arts. They are from Bernardston, Massachusetts. They are interested in animation, drawing, object-making, and performing. In addition to art, they are interesting in activism, race, gender, and community organizing.

Marisa Permatteo

Marisa Permatteo is from Southborough, Massachusetts and is majoring in biology and minoring in biotechnology engineering. She is a member of the Tufts Varsity Sailing Team and Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), an independent, gender all-inclusive fraternity unique to Tufts University. After graduation, she is considering the MS/BS Combined Degree in biology at Tufts. She is also slowly becoming a crazy cat lady.

Matthew Podniesinski

Matthew Podniesinski is a junior from a suburb of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He is interested in pursuing a career in microbiological or immunological research and is majoring in Biology and Biochemistry. He also loves classical music and music theory, and he is currently playing clarinet in the Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Klezmer ensemble, and Wind Ensemble. The Neubauer Scholarship was the most important factor in him deciding to attend Tufts. He believes the Neubauer Scholarship has enriched his education not only by making Tufts financially viable, but also by providing opportunities for extracurricular activity within an intellectual community. He has not yet spent his stipend, but he has many ideas ranging from study broad to instrument equipment to simply paying his rent this summer.

Mohsin Rizvi

Mohsin Rizvi, who comes from the small town of Aiken, South Carolina, is a student at Tufts University studying computer science and cognitive and brain science. At Tufts, Mohsin has had the opportunity to explore and develop his passion for technology as both a student and a teaching assistant for a variety of computer science courses, and the interdisciplinary cognitive and brain science program has allowed him to broaden his academic horizons. Outside of academics, Mohsin participates in JumboCode, an on-campus group that develops software solutions to problems faced by non-profit organizations. The opportunities provided to Mohsin by the university and the Neubauer Scholarship have allowed him to strengthen his skills and gain vital experience in the form of industry internships and the ability to develop and publish his own video game. After graduating from Tufts, Mohsin plans on becoming a full-time software engineer.

Russell Ruffolo

Russell Ruffolo is a junior from Pittsburgh, PA. He came to Tufts as a Physics major, and recently added Computer Science. Outside of class he can be found training for and competing in Ultimate Frisbee and collegiate Smite (a competitive video game). He has always been passionate about video games and has combined that with his academic interests through his development of virtual reality software. The Neubauer Scholarship not only made Tufts financially accessible for Russell, it also provided him with the VR hardware necessary to test his programs. With one game finished and another in development, Russell is excited for a future in software development.

Talia Smith

Talia SmithTalia Smith is a third-year Archaeology and French major from Minneapolis, Minnesota interested in all things ancient history. Her fascination with the past began in high school when she encountered early writing systems, like cuneiform, in her IB art class, and has evolved and changed as she has deepened her understanding of both the ancient and modern world throughout her education at Tufts. She is also a member of the TEDxTufts marketing team, a volunteer at the Crafts Center, and a backpacking trip leader for the Tufts Wilderness Orientation program. The Neubauer program and research stipend helped her to go on an excavation in Rome in the summer of 2018, where she worked on an ancient city named Gabii. With the intellectual and financial support the Neubauer program has provided her, her dream of getting a PhD has become all the more tangible

Isabella Spaulding

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Isabella SpauldingIsabella Spaulding is a junior studying Clinical Psychology and American Studies and is one of the few students at Tufts from Nebraska! On campus she runs an activist group, Action for Sexual Assault Prevention, and is passionate about supporting survivors, deconstructing rape culture, and ending sexual violence. She also is involved in Tufts Wilderness Orientation as a leader and works in a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder research lab. Isabella is pursuing a career as a clinical psychologist in the hopes of one day providing community-based trauma care for folks of color. The Neubauer Scholarship made it financially possible for her to attend Tufts and she’s so grateful to be here.

Sam Swoap

Sam Swoap is a junior hailing from Williamstown, Massachusetts and studying computer science. In his free time, he works as a teaching fellow for a computer science course. After graduation, he hopes to work in the cybersecurity industry. In the summer of 2018, he used the Neubauer grant to learn web security.

Class of 2019

Constantinos Angelakis

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Costa Angelakis Constantinos Angelakis graduated from Tufts in 2019 with a B.A. in Classics and International Relations. Since high school, he has been interested in ancient languages and civilizations, which he has translated into learning about how contemporary issues play out on the world stage. He is also interested in political theory and the history of the Eastern Mediterranean region. He was a features editor for the Tufts Daily, having previously served as the section executive. Using his Neubauer Scholar funds, he participated in the Tufts in Talloires program the summer following his sophomore year. Between his junior and senior year, Constantinos participated in the Tufts Summer Scholars Program, assisting with the research of his advisor, who also taught is first year Neubauer Seminar.

Alex Bock

Alex BockAlex Bock received his B.S. from Tufts in biology and computer science. Since his sophomore year of high school, he has known he wanted to study biology. Tufts provided him with his first experience with computer science, and during sophomore year, he decided to study both. Inside and outside of the classroom at Tufts, Alex was guided by his strong interest in biology and problem-solving (and music), and he plans to work in the fields of bioinformatics and data science before pursuing further education in computational biology. The Neubauer Scholarship was one of the most important reasons Alex chose Tufts as a senior in high school. He was excited to surround himself with students from diverse academic backgrounds and empower his evolving interests in research and academics, and he is grateful to say that this program has helped him fulfill these goals.

Charlie Caron

Charlie Caron is from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. At Tufts, his majors were computer science and quantitative economics. In his free time, he played for the Tufts EMEN, Tufts Competitive Ultimate Frisbee team!

Alara Hanci

Alara Hanci is from Istanbul, Turkey and received her B.A. from Tufts in international security and civic studies. She was the president of Animal Aid, a subgroup of the Leonard Carmichael Society that provides dog walking and care services to the residents of Medford and Somerville. She was also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, as well as the Vice President of Community Outreach On Inter-Greek Council. Alara’s career goal is to go into public international law, specializing in international humanitarian law and conflict resolution in territorial conflicts across Eurasia. To accomplish this goal, she hopes to polish her fieldwork experience while working abroad in Eastern Europe or North Africa, and then attend law school and work toward a JD/MA in international security. The Neubauer Scholarship has particularly been impactful on her research experience at Tufts, to assist with her study abroad program in Geneva. The scholarship was of huge help as she worked on a semester long undergraduate thesis on international development in Palestine.

Frederick Hissenkaemper

Frederick Hissenkaemper received his B.S. from Tufts in psychology and international relations. Growing up in a small town in Northern Germany, he has always been eager to travel and see new places. It came as no surprise that he worked toward earning his bachelor’s degree overseas.  As a natural extrovert and international student, Frederick is passionate about connecting people and ideas. The Neubauer Scholarship significantly impacted Frederick’s decision to attend Tufts as well as his professional growth. The stipend supported his summer internship experiences at a travel agency in Abu Dhabi and major film and TV studio in Los Angeles. After graduation, he hopes to build on those experiences by pursuing a career in the media/entertainment industry. In his spare time, Frederick enjoys rock-climbing and cooking for friends. 

Kathryn Jason

Kathryn Jason graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in political science. Much of her extracurricular involvement focused on politics and campaign work, but she also loves embroidery, photography, and literature. The Neubauer Scholarship allowed her to take an unpaid internship at the Massachusetts State House. After a few years of work in politics, she hopes to attend law school or get a Master’s of Public Policy and use her postgrad degree to continue her advocacy work. By allowing her to graduate debt-free, the Neubauer Scholarship will allow her to look into graduate schools that would otherwise be out of the question, giving her more power to determine her future. 

Mari Kurami

Mari Kurami is originally from Japan, but moved to Michigan when she was 3 years old and spent 9 years there before moving back to Japan to attend middle school and high school. Influenced by the Japanese architect Ban Shigeru, she decided to pursue architecture and double major in art history after taking a survey course her freshman year. Her extracurricular interests include horseback riding and making art. The Neubauer Scholarship program greatly affected her decision to come to Tufts. The research stipend allowed her to pursue courses in the art studio as creating architectural models and traditional art pieces is not financially friendly.

Max Lalanne

Max Lalanne is a French-American and graduated from Tufts University after majoring in film & media studies. Born in Paris and raised in New Hampshire, he is passionate about cross-cultural exchanges and the intersections of journalism, education, and digital media to tell stories and better connect audiences. After Tufts, he plans to keep working on “News in French” and ultimately develop several media brands focusing on the global Francophone community. 

Tommaso Lombardi

Tommaso LombardiTommaso Lombardi received his B.S. from Tufts in Human Factors Engineering. He is particularly interested in designing automated human-machine systems. Tomasso is originally from New Jersey, but plans to remain in the Boston vicinity after graduating. Being a Neubauer Scholar definitely impacted his decision to come to Tufts, and the stipend provided him with the opportunity to take a summer course and stay on track with his major requirements. Participating in the Neubauer group events and discussions widened Tomasso’s perspective on a variety of topics, both in the academic and just-for-fun sense! He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Human Factors Engineering at Tufts, and is excited to be a Double Jumbo!

Alexa Ornstein

Alexa Ornsteinwas raised on the Jersey Shore, where she found her passion for science and technology. When making her college decisions, she didn’t know much about Tufts University and decided to apply after stopping by on a whim during a college road trip with her two best friends. Now, Alexa considers coming to Tufts one of the happiest accidents in the world. The Neubauer Scholarship was an exciting prospect that influenced her decision to attend. The financial aspects have provided support for study abroad opportunities, both in Ecuador and Hong Kong, and for materials she used during her summer research programs. Alexa graduated with a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies.  She hopes to work in agriculture and biotechnology in the future, but is open to more happy accidents!

Jenny Park

Jenny Park majored in biology at Tufts and is now attending dental school. She was born in South Korea and lived there until she was nine years old, and then moved to Dallas, Texas. After three wonderful years in Texas, she moved to Boston Massachusetts. Being part of the Neubauer Scholar program at Tufts has influenced her in immeasurable ways. 

One of her freshman year highlights was taking the Plato's Republic course with Professor Evrigenis where she fell in love with the book. Giving back to the community has always been important, and the Tufts Korean Student Association's Big Brother and Big Sister (BBBS) organization has been one of her favorite experiences. Jenny truly aspires to follow the footsteps of Mr. and Ms. Neubauer to make a difference in the lives of others.

Dan Pechi

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Dan PechiDan Pechi is from the Chicago suburbs and graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Cognitive Brain Science. He is particularly interested in neural machine translation and neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence. As a student, Dan worked at Charles River Analytics on an IARPA project that uses deep learning methods to process geopolitical events from news data in order to predict cyberattacks. He was also involved with Machine Intelligence Community, a Boston-based organization dedicated to democratizing AI. Dan is currently working as a Data Science Consultant at Oliver Wyman Labs in New York City. Through support from the Neubauer program and the Institute for Global Leadership, he traveled to Moscow in 2017 to conduct ethnographic research on modern notions of Russian identity. Dan also enjoys cooking, longboarding, and playing piano.   

Francesca Raileanu

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Francesca RaileanuFrancesca Raileanu is from Bucharest, Romania. She graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Clinical Psychology. As a student, Francesca worked in the Tufts Applied Cognition Lab, on her senior thesis, exploring executive function and postural control. She also did her Senior Capstone at the MGH Center for Addiction Medicine where she is learning about the effects of marijuana on cognition. Francesca plans to combine research and clinical practice after graduation. Outside of her career interests, Francesca loves dancing, and was part of the Tufts Ballroom Team. She also loves volunteering at the Medford Community Center, working with children. Her favorite leisure activities are reading a good book, going for a walk, talking with friends, and experimenting in the kitchen. Francesca is grateful for the Neubauer Scholarship since it has allowed her to dedicate her summers to research.

Jaanvi Sant

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Jaanvi SantJaanvi Sant graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Biopsychology. From a young age, she has volunteered with children who live with various socio-emotional and neurodevelopmental challenges. As an undergraduate, she pursued her interest in neurobiology by helping conduct research at the Tufts Psychology Department and at McLean Hospital, a psychiatric research hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. Jaanvi wants to further study the intersection between mental and physical well-being, especially in children who have special needs. She would like to express her gratitude for the Neubauer Scholarship, which gave her the confidence to envision herself as a leader.

Sarah Walsh

Sarah Walsh was a double major at Tufts, earning a B.A. in English and Film and Media Studies. She is passionate about storytelling, and spent much of her time at Tufts pursuing this and trying to create a space for others to do the same. She is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Future Histories, Tufts’ literary magazine, which publishes student’s poetry, prose, photography, and art in any language each semester. The publication aims to act as a megaphone to amplify previously silenced and marginalized voices through the arts. She is also a recipient of the 2017 Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize, as well as a 2018 honorable mention. Her decision to attend Tufts would not have been possible without the Neubauer Scholarship. She used the stipend to spend a semester in Paris, where she created her first animated short film, which premiered in Somerville in December 2018.

Alumni from the Class of 2018

Chase Conley

Chase Conley graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts with a B.S. in Computer Science. Since graduating, he has been working at BookBub in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he is currently a Product Designer.

Schuyler Link

Schuyler Link, E18, graduated from the Tufts with a bachelor of science in biomedical engineering. His research experience is in the fields of tissue engineering and ophthalmology. He now works at Baylor College of Medicine in the ophthalmology department, investigating the interaction between intracranial and intraocular pressure, and how the two effect retinal phenotypes. Schuyler is interested in pursuing a career as an M.D./Ph.D., so he can perform laboratory research with clinical applications.

Arya Mekkat

Arya Mekkat, A18, grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York. She graduated from Tufts with a major in mathematics and a minor in film and media studies. Arya is currently applying to medical school and working at Mount Auburn Hospital.

Nishali Shah
Nishali graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Biology and Community Health. After graduation, she worked at Boston Children’s Hospital conducting research in Neuro-oncology. She currently attends Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.



"Raimy" Hae Rham Shin

Raimy received her B.A. in Child Study and Human Development and Clinical Psychology from Tufts, and graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is an international student from South Korea. She grew up in Bangkok, Thailand for most of her life, and moved to the US to attend Tufts. Raimy is currently a first-year graduate student at the Yale School of Nursing on the pediatric nurse practitioner track, with a special interest in adoption medicine. She is passionate about health justice and education and would love to speak with or mentor any students! 

Jeremy Sternbach

Jeremy graduated Summa Cum Laude, was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and received his B.A. in Economics from Tufts.  As a student, he worked at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard with his Neubauer Scholarship money doing biomedical research and had a work-study position at Tufts Financial Network. He is now an Investment Banking Analyst at Guggenheim Partners in New York City.

Carmen Tobos

Carmen graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts with a B.S. in Biochemistry and a minor in Biotechnology Engineering. At Tufts, she ran on the Tufts Marathon Team, was a member of Tufts Emergency Medical Services (TEMS), and did research on campus in the Rebecca Scheck lab.  Currently, she is a Senior Research Associate at Quanterix Corp., a biotech company that develops technology to detect low-abundance biomarkers in early or preclinical disease stages.  

Adam Zoll

Adam Zoll, A18, is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and majored in chemistry and spanish at Tufts. As an undergraduate, he was actively involved with the American Chemical Society and Tufts Hillel. Adam is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in chemistry at Yale University.

Alumni from the Class of 2017

Andrew Brodsky

Andrew received his B.S. in Quantitative Economics from Tufts.  He has been a mentor for the Boys and Girls Club in Medford, and is currently working as an Investment Banking Analyst at Oppenheimer & Co. in Boston, Massachusetts.  Andrew frequently interacts with Tufts’ undergrads as a mentor to them as they look to break into the finance industry.

Brett Gurman

Brett graduated from Tufts with a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science. He is working as a Software Engineer at FactSet in New York City, and was previously employed in the same capacity at Amazon, working on the Alexa products.

Sarah Koosis

Sarah received her B.A. in International Relations and Environmental Studies from Tufts. She graduated Cum Laude and Honos Civicus. During her studies she worked with Tufts Food Rescue Group, in addition to organizing Farm-to-Table Shabbats at Hillel. She has continued her commitment to cultivating just, nourishing food systems in her professional life at Indigo Ag.

Stephen Michael


Eliot Nielson


Jonathan Vincent


Alumni from the Class of 2016

Molly Barth

Molly earned her B.S. in Biopsychology from Tufts. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area and works at the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Natural History as an Animal Care Assistant. 

Catherine Caffrey
Catherine Caffey graduated Cum Laude from Tufts and earned her B.A. in International Relations: East and Southeast Asia, and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She recently began work as an Associate Cyber Threat Analyst at Recorded Future in Washington, D.C.



Lucas Conwell

Lucas Conwell, A16, graduated from Tufts with a major in quantitative economics. At Tufts, he was involved with the undergraduate urban planning club UP3, the Tufts Symphony Orchestra, and the Protestant Student Association. After spending a gap year interning in various transportation planning-related roles in Namibia and Germany, he is now pursuing a Ph.D. in economics at Yale. Lucas is planning to focus his research on urban economics, macroeconomics, and international trade.

Adrian Devitt-Lee

Adrian graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts and received his B.S. in Chemistry at Tufts.  He then continued at Tufts, graduating Summa Cum Laude while earning his M.A. in Mathematics. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University College of London. As an experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the medical industry, he is now the lead science writer for Project CBD.

Samuel Duncan


Colin Hamilton

Colin graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts, while receiving his B.S. in Computer Science and Mathematics.  Since graduating, he has worked at Palantir Technologies in Washington, D.C. where he is a Software Engineer.

Patrick Hamon

Patrick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts while earning his B.A. in International Relations.  He was named a Fulbright Research Scholarship Recipient for Bosnia and Herzegovina though he wasn't able to attend. Patrick now lives in the Washington, D.C. area, where he is a Research Manager at Exiger Diligence.

Rebecca Howarth

Rebecca graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Computer Science. She now lives in New York and is a Software Engineer for Google. 

Kathleen Li

Kathleen Li, A16, is a deeply caring and enthusiastic educator. She thrives on constant self-reflection and improvement. Kathleen is adamant about fighting social injustices, many of which stem from unequal access to quality education. She is a great listener, loves creative problem solving, and works hard to build happy, healthy, and empowering communities.

Patrick Schulman


Stina Stannik

Stina is a human rights-oriented early professional experienced in communications, education, programs and administrative support. She earned her B.A. in Peace and Justice Studies from Tufts and then went to Rwanda with the Peace Corps as an English teacher. She then worked as the Administrative Assistant for Strategy and Operations at the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York City.

YiLi Zhao

YiLi Zhao, A16, graduated from Tufts with a bachelor of science in classical studies and biochemistry. She is currently a medical student at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Alumni from the Class of 2015

Peter Atkinson

Peter graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.M. in French Horn Performance from the New England Conservatory. He works as the Studio Manager in Tufts University Department of Music.

Spencer Beswick

Spencer Beswick, A15, is a history Ph.D. student at Cornell University. He is dedicated to building another world through scholarship and activism. Spencer’s academic work explores the history, theory, and practice of left-wing political parties in the United States and Europe in the late 20th century.

John Bradley
John received his B.S. in Cognitive Brain Science Studies from Tufts and his M.A. in Teaching from Stony Brook University. He has extensive research experience in cognition and education software development and is a Social Studies teacher in New York.



Hanna Ehrlich


Brett Fischler

Brett received his B.S. in Computer Science from Tufts and is a Software Engineer at Bloomberg LP in New York. In addition, he is a tennis fanatic and a die-hard Jets fan.

Kelsey Gilchrist

Kelsey graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Biology and was a member of the Tufts Marathon Team and the Tufts Mountain Club. She currently lives in the United Kingdom and works in International Technical Services at Epic Bristol Limited.

Andrew Hyde
Andrew graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in ACS Certified Chemistry. He is an Operational Chemist in the New Mexico Department of Health.



Katherine Koch

Katherine Koch, A15, is a community and social services professional with a bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and international relations from Tufts. She is passionate about providing high quality, culturally informed services and assisting clients in finding avenues to personal and professional success. Katherine is currently working as the employment programs supervisor at Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains: Refugee & Asylee Programs and pursuing a master of public administration degree at the University of Colorado Denver.

Hayden Lizotte

Hayden graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in Religion. He was an Admissions Counselor for Tufts Admissions for two years before heading to Dartmouth College, where he is now the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions.   

Sarah McDaniel

Sarah McDaniel, A15, is a Ph.D. student in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Chicago. Her research interests include epistolarity and correspondence, queer theory, and psychoanalysis, and her practice as a researcher and teacher has been meaningfully shaped by her time among mentors and colleagues on the Hill. In addition to her academic work, she volunteers in Chicago Public Schools in and around the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Brittany Ruhland

Brittany Ruhland, A15, received her B.S. in biology and biotechnology engineering from Tufts and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of Washington. In her free time, she volunteers with the Seattle Aquarium and with Young Women in Bio, a national nonprofit organization aimed at increasing STEM opportunities for middle and high school girls. She also loves gardening, reading, and traveling to new places.

Anna Vanderspek

Anna graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts and earned her B.A. in International Relations and Environmental Studies. She has worked at the non-profit Green Energy Consumers Alliance for four years and is now the Electric Vehicle Program Director.

Alumni from the Class of 2014

Megan Berkowitz

Megan Berkowitz, A14, graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in biology and English. She has worked in marketing/public relations as well as in ministry at UCC churches in the Boston area. She is currently enrolled in a dual master of divinity and master of social work program at Boston University, and is in the ordination process with the United Church of Christ. She has returned to the Hill a number of times since graduation to lead worship in Goddard Chapel, speak with students, and support the Jumbo women's sports teams.

Maxim Bukhovko

Maxim Bukhovko, E14, graduated magna cum laude from Tufts with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering. He proceeded to work for three years in a research lab for Aramco Services Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Currently, Maxim is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in chemical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Harrison Dermer

Harrison Dermer, A14, was a biopsychology major at Tufts, and is currently completing his final year of medical school at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. He is pursuing clinical research interests regarding the epidemiology of dry eye and corneal disease. Harrison plans to apply for residency in ophthalmology and to pursue eventual fellowship training in oculoplastic surgery.

Grainne Griffiths

Grainne Griffiths, A14, is a second-year law student at the University of Washington and an aspiring queer family law attorney. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, she earned a B.A. in philosophy and women, gender, and sexuality studies at Tufts. Prior to attending law school, Grainne worked in HIV and harm reduction advocacy at the AIDS Action Committee in Boston. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys watching movies, doing embroidery, and advocating for prison abolition and reproductive justice with the Incarcerated Mothers’ Advocacy Project.

Samantha Harris

Samantha Harris, A14, is an M.D./M.B.A. student at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School with a background in electronic health-care records. Her goal is to change the way providers and the health-care team interact with software with a goal of enhancing and optimizing clinical workflows while also practicing clinical medicine.

Edward Rodionov


Elyse Voegeli

Elyse Voegeli, A14, majored in international relations at Tufts. She is now a data analyst and designer at the intersection of tech and public policy. In her work, she combines her years of research experience and lifelong passion for visual art with a user-first approach to tech, data, and social justice. She is particularly passionate about sexual violence advocacy and LGBTQ+ rights.

Fiona Weeks

Fiona Weeks, A14, holds a master of science in public health from Johns Hopkins and currently works as a maternal and child health epidemiologist for the state of Wisconsin. While at Tufts, she majored in sociology and community health, and was a proud Tisch Scholar and Tufflepuff. She stays involved with the Tufts community by mentoring current students in the Community Health Department.

Alumni from the Class of 2013

Spencer Rubin

Spencer received his B.S. from Tufts in Environmental Studies and Drama and his J.D. from University of Colorado at Boulder.  He is now an corporate intellectual and property attorney at Sherman and Howard, LLC in Denver, Colorado.

Alumni from the Class of 2012

Victoria Fashakin

Victoria Fashakin, A12, is currently a resident physician in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Hospital. She earned her M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. In her previous research, she partnered with the Uganda Ministry of Health to explore the feasibility of mobile health technology usage for connection to care in sickle cell disease. She also co-ran the Columbia University Harm Reduction Network, a harm-reduction based student clinic, during her time at Columbia. Victoria intends to pursue community-based research with a focus on maternal global health.

Liana Fedele
Liana graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in International Relations and Anthropology. She currently oversees HR operations for Oak Crest, a non-profit continuing care retirement center in DeKalb, Illinois. Previously, she was the HR Coordinator at Aveanna Healthcare in Chicago, Illinois.



Ella Kipervasser

Ella majored in Russian and Eastern European Studies and minored in Child Development at Tufts. She received her M.D. at the University of Massachusetts and is now a Radiology Resident at Mount Auburn Hospital. 

Gaelen "Jack" Miszencin
Jack received his B.A. in International Relations and Economics. He is now an analyst and project manager at the Boston-based software consultancy Quoin, where he works on technology-based solutions to issues in the humanitarian sector. Jack used his Neubauer stipend to study Arabic in the Palestinian Territories.



Elizabeth Sharpe-Levine

Elizabeth Sharpe-Levine, A12, majored in drama and English at Tufts and is now a theatre administrator and dramaturg based in New York City. She is the Literary Associate at Manhattan Theatre Club, where she has worked in new play development since 2015. Elizabeth previously held internships and positions at Ars Nova and WME Entertainment.

Lauren (Bailey) Tapply

Lauren (Bailey) Tapply, A12, has worked as a finance and administrative professional in the nonprofit sector. She is currently a second-year student in the full-time social impact M.B.A. program at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. She previously was the administrative manager at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Center on Aging at Tufts, and she currently is a part-time senior finance associate at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, a global health NGO.

Alumni from the Class of 2011

Matthew Burke

Matthew received his B.A. in Economics from Tufts University.  He is a data scientist/back-end engineer with 5+ years in strategic initiatives surrounding data and data driven decision making and is currently a Developer at Advocate, a marketing and advertising company based in Los Angeles, California.

Jeewon Wright-Kim

Jeewon graduated from Tufts Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Child Development and went on to attain a Master's Degree in Elementary Education from Northwestern University.  He has been an educator since 2011 and is currently a 2nd grade teacher at the Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would be happy to speak with any Neubauer Scholar interested in pursuing a career in education.

Shilpa Nadimpalli Kobren

Shilpa Nadimpalli Kobren, A11, pursued dual majors in biology and computer science and graduated summa cum laude with highest thesis honors. Upon receiving her B.Sc., Shilpa joined the M.Sc./Ph.D. program in computer science at Princeton University, where her research focused on developing new computational methods to assess how proteins interact within our cells and how these interactions vary in normal and disease contexts. Shilpa now works as a research fellow in bioinformatics at Harvard Medical School, where her work focuses on leveraging genome sequencing data with clinical health data to derive insights on the molecular mechanisms underlying rare, undiagnosed human diseases. In her leisure time, Shilpa enjoys hiking, traveling, listening to live music, and eating ice cream.

Dana Marcinkowski-Desmond

Dana graduated from Tufts with a B.S. in Biology and received her M.D. from Tufts University School of Medicine.  She recently completed a Family Medicine Residency at the Cambridge Health Alliance and is now practicing Family Medicine in Medford, Massachusetts. 

Lydia Mitts

Lydia Mitts, A11, majored in art history and community health at Tufts and then spent six years working in domestic health-care policy and advocacy at Families USA, a national health-care consumer advocacy organization. In her most senior role as associate director of Affordability Initiatives, she helped lead organizational policy work related to improving affordability of coverage and care for individuals with private insurance. Lydia is currently pursuing a master of public health in health policy and management at George Washington University’s Milken Institute of Public Health.

Sarah Nadeau

Sarah earned her B.A. in English from Tufts and has worked in the fields of advertising and entertainment. She is a senior producer at Ghost Robot, a boutique creative production studio in Brooklyn, New York. Ghost Robot has a great internship program and Sarah is happy to put in a good word. 

Laura Nixon Kohler

Laura received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's Degree in Secondary Education, both from Tufts.  While an undergraduate, she was a member of Tau Beta Pi. She worked in environmental test engineering and as a middle school math teacher and is now at home with her two young children.  She is contemplating her next career move and is also volunteering for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby in her free time.

Brian Pennarola

Brian Pennarola, A11, graduated with a B.A. in English Literature. He worked for an additional year at the Tufts Medical School under Dr. Susan Parsons, where he contributed to several publications in the field of pediatric hematology oncology quality of life research. He then completed medical school at the University of Connecticut, graduating in 2016, and is in the process of completing pediatric residency training in Providence, Rhode Island. In 2019, Brian will be starting a fellowship in pediatric hematology-oncology through the joint program at Johns Hopkins and the National Institutes of Health in Maryland.

Elizabeth "Tilly" Philbrick

Elizabeth earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and Spanish from Tufts, and a MMSc from Yale University (Physician Associate Program). She has been a medical assistant, an assistant English teacher, and direct support professional (working in a group home and day habilitation center with adults with cognitive disabilities). She is currently a hospitalist PA-C at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Chris Snyder

Chris Snyder, A11, entered Tufts with interests in politics and journalism, majored in political science, and has since edited books on entrepreneurship, planned events, and overseen the back-office operations of a startup. Now as a software engineer, he works to improve user experiences and automate processes. Chris also plays violin with area theatre and dance groups.

Charis Teo Loh

Charis received her B.A. in Political Science from Tufts and a Master's degree in Political Science from MIT.  She has conducted research in philanthropy, business leadership, political science, and contemporary China. She co-authored a China Quarterly article on the relationship between China’s one-child policy and its skewed sex ratio. Most recently, she was manager of research at the Center for Effective Philanthropy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she co-authored seven research publications about foundations and effective giving.

Alumni from the Class of 2010

John R. Hoopes

John R. Hoopes, A10, is a researcher, explorer, and entrepreneur captivated by the potential of emerging technologies to improve the human condition. As a data scientist, he works to understand patterns of reality with social and environmental implications; as a designer and developer, he strives to create digital products that effect positive change. John is particularly interested in contributing to our understanding of the new forms of governance emerging in the 21st century.

Shawn Huda

Shawn received his B.A. in Economics and International Relations from Tufts and is currently a Product Manager at Flatiron Health in New York City.

Golam (Rezwan) Khan

After receiving his B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Economics from Tufts, Rezwan completed an Engineering graduate degree from Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College. He runs product management for the Recommendation and Diagnostics group at MongoDB, building an autonomous cloud database service. 

Abigail Marion

Abigail graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in International Relations and Art History.  Following graduation, she worked with an art gallery in Santa Fe and the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. before receiving her J.D. from Columbia Law School.  Subsequently, she served as a Law Clerk on the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and the US District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania, as well as the firm Cleary Gottlieb. She is currently an associate with Patterson Belknap in New York.

Margaret O'Connor

After receiving her B.A. in Political Science, Margaret studied public health, health administration and policy at Tufts University School of Medicine. Since 2013, she has worked in the Veterans Health Administration. A Supervisory Health Systems Specialist, her work focuses on access to care.

Katherine Runes
Katherine is an executive assistant for Ariadne Labs, a joint health systems innovation center of Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She earned her ministerial license in 2018 and she currently serves as a worship pastor at Highrock Quincy Covenant Church. She graduated from Tufts with a BA in Psychology and Child Development and received her Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.



Niraj Shrestha

Niraj Shrestha, A10, double majored in computer science and economics at Tufts. She is from Nepal and has a passion for working in the financial tech sector. She is currently taking a sabbatical to travel around the world.

Adam Steinbrenner

Adam Steinbrenner, A10, is an assistant professor at the University of Washington in Seattle. Previously, he was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow at UC Berkeley and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow at UC San Diego. Adam’s research group’s big question “how do plant immune systems protect against diverse pests?” is still very much inspired by research themes from his time at Tufts.

Katie Wholey

Katie Wholey, A10, is a resilience consultant and urban planner at Arup, specializing in climate risk and resilience, sustainability, and post-disaster recovery. Prior to joining Arup, Katie was a program manager for the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program within the New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery. Her work with NY Rising focused on developing innovative policy solutions and strategies for housing recovery in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. Katie holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and architectural Studies from Tufts University and a master’s in urban planning from the University of Michigan.

Alumni from the Class of 2009

Alumni from the Class of 2008

Jordan Axelrad

Jordan Axelrad, A08, is a gastroenterologist and inflammatory bowel disease specialist at the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center at NYU Langone Health, NYU School of Medicine. He has a particular focus on translational research including the role of the gastrointestinal microbiome and mucosal immunity in inflammatory bowel disease. Jordan obtained his undergraduate degree in biopsychology and biomedical engineering at Tufts University and his medical degree and master of public health at Tufts University School of Medicine. He completed his medical internship and residency training at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and his fellowship in gastroenterology and hepatology at Columbia University Medical Center.

Samantha (Goldman) Zellman

Samantha (Goldman) Zellman, A08, worked on President Barack Obama’s campaigns in 2008 as a field organizer in Virginia, and in 2012 as the first-ever state training director for New Hampshire. During that time, she developed and facilitated train-the-trainer programs for more than 1,200 campaign staffers, fellows, and volunteers. Prior to her current role as innovation lead at UpStart, Samantha worked at a boutique leadership and organizational development consulting firm and at entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations where she led organizational design and community engagement efforts. Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree in international relations, Middle Eastern studies, and conflict resolution from Tufts University. She received her master’s degree in organizational change management from The New School.

Alexander Paunov

Alexander received his B.A. in Psychology and Economics from Tufts.  He worked at Experian in the UK Decision Analytics, developing credit risk models. He also received an MSc in cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University in The Netherlands, recently finished his Ph.D. in cognitive science at MIT, and is now doing pursuing a postdoctoral degree in cognitive science at MIT.

Sarah Rubin

After receiving her B.A. in Biology from Tufts, Sarah received her BSN from Georgetown and worked as R.N. at Medstar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, DC. She is currently pursing an MSN at the Catholic University of America and plans to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Alexandra Wright-Gladstein

Alexandra graduated from Tufts with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics and achieved her MBA at MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  She is now the Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Ayar Labs, making computing faster and more energy efficient by using light to move data between chips, instead of electricity.

Alumni from the Class of 2007

Shikha Gupta

Shikha graduated Summa Cum Laude from Tufts with a B.A. in Economics and International Relations. She is a director at Barclays in New York City and recently spoke at a Tufts Financial Network event for Tufts students and alumni.

Alumni from the Class of 2006

Elana “E.M.” Eisen-Markowitz

Elana “E.M.” Eisen-Markowitz, A06, AG07, has been working in the New York City public schools since 2007 as a social studies teacher, a union chapter delegate and now, as a restorative justice coordinator. E.M. is a member of the board of directors of Teachers Unite, which organizes educators to stand against racism and oppression. E.M. partners with her students as an educator-ally with the Dignity in Schools Campaign. E.M. grew up in Washington, D.C., and Takoma Park, Maryland, and attended Tufts from 2002–2007. She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in teaching. E.M. also maintains an art presence on social media. You can find her @Vent_Diagrams.

Ben Harburg

Ben Harburg is the Managing Partner of MSA Capital, a global investment firm. Prior to founding MSA, Harburg worked at The Boston Consulting Group in the firm’s Berlin and Dubai offices and co-founded one of the largest commodities trading companies in Asia. Harburg serves on the Board of Directors of the National Committee on United States-China Relations and is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy. Harburg was a Fulbright Scholar at Rhur University Bochum, where he was based in the Institute for Oriental and Islamic Studies.

Jeremy Setton

Jeremy Setton, A06, is currently a radiation oncologist & scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. His research focuses on genetic and molecular pathways responsible for prostate cancer initiation and progression. Additionally, he is working to develop ways to translate these findings into clinical trials aimed at improving outcomes for patients with high-risk prostate cancer treated with radiotherapy.

Courtney Skay

Courtney Skay, E06, has more than 10 years of experience building and running teams in high-growth enterprise software companies. Her most recent role was as the senior director of WWFO Enablement at Okta. There, she was responsible for ensuring customer-facing teams were armed with the latest information on plays, product, and processes. Prior to Okta, Courtney worked at VMware, where she developed and implemented the go-to-market strategy for Horizon Mobile and Horizon Workspace. She started her career as an analyst in the Technology Investment Banking group at Lehman Brothers. Courtney holds an M.B.A. from MIT Sloan and a B.S. in chemical engineering from Tufts University. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with her family and CrossFit.

Rebecca Waber

Rebecca Waber, A06, graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in biology-psychology in 2006. She received her master of science in behavioral economics two years later from MIT Media Lab. Rebecca works in health-care innovation for large corporations, currently Aetna insurance, helping to bring new solutions to the complex challenges of health-care cost and quality in the United States. She lives in the Boston area with her husband and two children.

Amiti Wolt

Amitai graduated from Tufts Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in International Relations.  He is the Director of Business Operations and Strategy at a global Cyber Security company based in Toronto.  He lives in Tel Aviv.

Alumni from the Class of 2005

Stephanie Albin Leeds

Stephanie Albin Leeds, A05, graduated summa cum laude from Tufts University with a B.A. in English. She received her medical degree from the University of Chicago, then pursued a pediatrics residency at the University of Pennsylvania and an allergy/immunology fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital. Her area of expertise is in food allergy mechanisms, diagnostics, and treatment, and she was a research fellow at Mount Sinai immediately following her clinical fellowship. Stephanie has many peer-reviewed research publications, and she has presented at national and international meetings. She now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut, with her husband (a fellow Jumbo) and her two young children. She practices clinical medicine in Westchester, New York.

Sarah Dalglish

Sarah Dalglish, A05, is a global health researcher and policy expert focusing on child health. She specializes in the relationship between power, politics, and unequal health outcomes and has published widely on policymaking at a global level and in Francophone Africa. An associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and frequent collaborator with the World Health Organization, Sarah is based in Paris and speaks fluent French and Hausa.

Alexander Parachini

Alexander Parachini, A05, is an experienced litigator who represents individuals and businesses in all phases of dispute resolution, from discovery through trial and appeal. He previously served as a law clerk to the Honorable I. Leo Glasser of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York. Alexander received a B.A. in philosophy and German studies, magna cum laude, from Tufts University and a J.D., cum laude, from New York University School of Law.