Neubauer Scholars

Class of 2024

Blake Anderson

Blake Anderson is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Neubauer Scholarship played a significant role in his decision to move across the country and enroll at Tufts University because of its students’ passion and intellectual curiosity. He has many intellectual curiosities, but he is most focused on the humanities. He aspires to study history, English, and Spanish while at Tufts. With his Neubauer Scholarship, he hopes to research the sociological aspects of historical interpretation–while also looking at the U.S. history education curriculum. After his undergraduate education, Blake hopes to pursue a law degree. When he is not studying for class or making memories during his time on the Hill, Blake loves working for the Student Communications Group in the Tufts Admissions Office.


Anneke Chan

Anneke Chan is from the Hudson Valley in New York. She is a combined degree student at Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, planning to double major in studio art and something in the humanities (possibly anthropology, history, or international literary and visual studies). In her free time, Anneke enjoys drawing, listening to music, playing tennis, and watching videos of baby monkeys. At Tufts, she is involved with the Historical Review and the student advisory board for the university’s art galleries. She is deeply thankful for the generous Neubauer Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to be part of the tight-knit Neubauer community and to develop her critical thinking and writing skills in Shakespeare’s Politics with Professor Sullivan.


Silas Conlon

Silas Conlon is from Cornwall, Vermont, a tiny, tiny town in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. He was originally accepted to the Class of 2023 but decided to take a gap year with the Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Program, which sent him to Montevideo, Uruguay, to learn Spanish, work at an internship, and live with a host family. It was an incredible way to start his Tufts experience, and he is so excited to continue it on campus. Silas is unsure of his major but is passionate about history, politics, and international relations, so he will probably study one of those. He is excited for the research opportunities the Neubauer Scholarship will allow him to explore later in his college experience. Outside of class, Silas loves to be outdoors, skiing, hiking, exploring and has recently been learning guitar. He is involved with Ultimate Frisbee and Quiz Bowl at Tufts and is excited to get more involved when clubs meet regularly in-person again.


Bruce Demos

Bruce Demos is from Miramar, Florida. His main academic interests are clinical psychology, civic studies, and anthropology. Outside of the classroom, Bruce enjoys finding new bubble tea shops, watching movies with friends and family, and getting lost in Tisch Library. The freshman seminar course on Shakespeare’s Politics with Professor Sullivan was a great foundation for topics such as power structures, visions of culture, and questions of ethics. He is grateful for the Neubauer Scholarship, which has made this academic enrichment possible; and he looks forward to applying that knowledge in the research yet to be done and connections yet to be made.


Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster hails from Mequon, Wisconsin, and is interested in pursuing majors in physics and classics. During her time at Tufts, Elizabeth has stage managed the virtual production of The Bacchae, tutored local students through the Tufts Literacy Corps, promoted classical education as historian of the National Senior Classical League, and pursued original research on soft matter within the Tufts physics department. Outside of academics and extracurriculars, Elizabeth enjoys running, singing, and drinking Earl Grey tea. Elizabeth is grateful for the generosity of the Neubauer Scholars Program, which played a significant role in her decision to attend Tufts. Elizabeth is also thankful for her peers throughout the Tufts community and looks forward to her years at Tufts.


Gavin Herzig

Gavin Herzig comes from a suburb of Philadelphia and currently plans on studying international relations and economics during his time at Tufts, though he plans to continue his investigation of the Thirty Years’ War in his own time. When not engrossed in a book, he participates in Debate Society and Model United Nations and plans to continue fencing as well. After graduation, Gavin hopes to work for an NGO or an international organization. He is grateful to the Neubauer Scholarship for motivating him to choose Tufts and, especially, for providing a vibrant, intellectual community at a time in which individuals are more isolated than ever.


Class of 2023

Liam Devlin

Liam Devlin is from Los Alamos, New Mexico. He does not yet know what he plans to study, but he is interested in biology and languages. He enjoys running and playing alto saxophone and piano. At Tufts, he participates in the Wind Ensemble and the Ballroom Dance Club. The Neubauer Program was an important factor in his decision to attend Tufts, and he is very thankful for the opportunities it provides. He has no specific plans for what to do with the stipend, but might use it to enhance his travel abroad experience. The freshman seminar class on Plato's Republic has provided an interesting and thought-provoking start to his college experience.


Rebecca Geiger

Rebecca Geiger is from Long Island, New York. She is studying under Tufts’ five-year combined degree BFA and BA/BS, travelling between the Medford and SMFA campuses throughout the week. She spends her free time painting, practicing the electric bass, and drinking overpriced coffee in the Fenway area between studio classes. Her interests are varied. She is the process of exploring different clubs and enjoys attending events by the Association of Multiracial People at Tufts and the Asian American Center. She was very thankful to take Professor Evrigenis’ class Intro to Political Thought: Plato’s Republic, which she found insightful.


Leija Helling

Leija Helling is from Amherst, Massachusetts. She spent part of her childhood in Helsinki, Finland, her mother's place of origin. Her primary fields of interest are environmental studies, civic studies, and Spanish, but she hopes to explore a variety of fields during her time at Tufts. Outside of academics, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and spending time outside. A liberal arts education at Tufts is a great privilege, and Leija is grateful to the Neubauer Scholars Program for making such an education possible. She looks forward to the opportunities for further exploration and enrichment made possible by the Neubauer family's generosity.


Jonah Kreitzberg

Jonah Kreitzberg hails from Eugene, Oregon, a small town in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is currently undecided about his major, but he is particularly interested in political science, biology, chemistry, economics, and computer science. Outside of class, he is usually found training with the competitive climbing team or wandering around somewhere in the mountains. He is incredibly thankful for the opportunities afforded to him by the Neubauer Program, as well as its exposure to a fantastic group of people. Jonah is eager to spend his summers in a laboratory and will likely use his research stipend toward that goal.


Ava Masse

Ava Masse grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She is interested in computer science, cognitive and brain science, and French. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys challenging her body and mind in the Taekwondo Club and Women in Computer Science Club, and through hiking, reading, and creative writing. She loves exploring and plans to use the stipend to research abroad. She is grateful for the opportunity to connect and grow with a community of talented scholars whom she would not have otherwise met. The program has also provided her with a unique perspective on morality and how it affects our daily lives through Professor Evrigenis’ seminar on Plato’s Republic. She is uncertain what she would like to do after college, but she is excited to discover what the future holds.


Sam McQuaid

Sam McQuaid is from Silver Spring, Maryland, and is considering a double major in English and Spanish literature. Sam has a special spot in their heart for Shakespeare and loves the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC. Sam is an active member of the Tufts Labor Coalition and Junior Jumbos, a program where they spend 90 minutes a week at a local preschool with a child with whom they were matched. Though Sam is not necessarily a political science person, they have definitely enjoyed Professor Evrigenis’ class on Plato’s Republic, which has aided in their transition into college writing and academics. They are currently unsure what they will use their stipend for but are thinking about using it to help fund study abroad.


Chase Pinkerton

Chase Pinkerton is from Manhattan Beach, California, and is planning to major in computer science with a minor in economics. He is honored to have been chosen as a Neubauer Scholar and grateful for the opportunity to learn from other scholars and expand his intellectual experiences through the program. Being offered a Neubauer Scholarship was an important part of his decision to choose Tufts because of the community it provided him with from day one and the financial assistance that made attending Tufts possible. He hopes to use his Neubauer stipend to do research abroad. Chase works as a multimedia assistant for Tufts’ Institute for Global Leadership, is a member of the club volleyball team and Mountaineering Club, and enjoys playing intramural sports. He is planning to join a community service organization, such as JumboCode, as well. He also enjoys drone photography.


Gus Robinson
Gus Robinson is from Baxter, Minnesota. Prior to his freshman year, Gus spent a year in Ecuador as part of the Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Program where he worked at an economic development agency and later as an English teacher at a K-12 school. This experience has shaped his primary academic interests in international relations and economics now that he has returned to Tufts. Outside of his studies, Gus is involved with Tufts Mountain Club and several entrepreneurial organizations on campus. Gus is eager to use his stipend to support future research or other learning opportunities abroad.


Stefano Tarantino

Stefano Tarantino is a freshman from Haverhill, Massachusetts. He is planning on majoring in political science and possibly double majoring in the Romance languages. When he is not in class or doing homework, Stefano participates in Intervarsity and Tufts Christian Fellowship group. He also enjoys playing the trumpet and writing. Receiving the Neubauer Scholarship for the Class of 2023 played a significant role in Stefano’s decision to enroll in Tufts, because of the financial assistance provided. He has no definitive plan for spending his research money, but he is considering the possibility of using it for study abroad. Taking a class with other Neubauer Scholars during his first semester at Tufts has greatly broadened Stefano’s understanding of philosophy.


David Whittingham

David Whittingham is a first-year student from Madison, Wisconsin, is planning to study philosophy, mathematics, and environmental studies in some combination. At Tufts, he has enjoyed taking the Neubauer advising course on Plato’s Republic as well as furthering his education in calculus, Spanish, and computer science. Outside of class, he has had a great time participating in the Tufts Ethics Bowl and stage managing a student-produced musical. He enjoys running and reading in his free time. David feels incredibly fortunate to have received the Neubauer Scholarship, as it proved to be a significant factor in his decision to attend Tufts, He looks forward to his future with the program and to continuing to work with and learn from his fellow students.


Class of 2022

Victoria DeJoy

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Victoria DeJoyVictoria DeJoy is from the charming town of Auburn, New York. There, she works at a local restaurant and is a member of the Owasco Watershed Lake Association. Currently, she is focusing her studies in the STEM fields, particularly mathematics. Outside of class, she dabbles in skiing and tennis. The Neubauer Scholarship had a big role in her decision to attend Tufts, as it presented the opportunity to enrich her college experience. She is eager to use her stipend to either extend her time traveling abroad in the future or to do research. So far, being a Neubauer has had a positive impact on her college experience, as it allowed her to be a part of a great community and learn about leadership.

Sascha Denby

Sascha Denby is from Salem, MA. He attended the Waring School, and has over the course of his time there and here at Tufts cultivated a love for photography, soccer, and sustainability. He’s passionate about the sciences—especially physics—and loves a good debate with whomever about whatever. So far at Tufts, enabled by the Neubauer scholarship, he has pursued these passions and found new passions in politics and in pursuing social change. He plans on using the scholarship to help aide travel abroad and to supplement research and engineering projects he looks to take on in the future. These goals would be unattainable if not for the Neubauer Scholarship. Though he is only a freshman, and has had a brief time to truly grow into things yet, he looks forward to the rest of his time at Tufts with anticipation!

Luke Dorrian

Luke Dorrian is a first-year student from Suffern, New York. He is undecided regarding his future studies, but he is interested in the fields of history and biology. He considers it an honor to be a member of the Neubauer Scholars Program. The program was an important factor in his decision to attend Tufts University and has greatly improved his college experience. The prebuilt community of scholars and students has offered collaborative guidance through his first semester of college. The program has also removed some of the financial burdens that are associated with attending college. He hopes to use his stipend for research in the future. Luke hopes to become more involved in community service activities here at Tufts.

Qing Gao

Qing Gao is a freshman from Atlanta, Georgia. At Tufts University, he plans on studying biochemistry, but has interests in computer science, community health, and Chinese language as well. He is currently a Health Educator with Peer Health Exchange and is involved in research in the Scheck Lab within the Department of Chemistry. His future plans include attending graduate school to pursue a research career in the health sciences. The Neubauer stipend was a big motivation for him to attend Tufts, allowing him to have a debt free undergraduate education. He plans on using his stipend to continue summer research at Tufts, as well as to fund any other potential research experiences for the rest of his Tufts experience.

Hasan Khan

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Hasan KhanBorn in Boston and raised in Sharon, Massachusetts, Hasan Khan almost continued his education much farther from home at a much smaller NESCAC college before receiving and subsequently accepting the Neubauer Scholarship. Interested primarily in improving emergency care and civilian aid efforts in the Middle East and South Asia, he hopes to research the fragile quality of healthcare during wartime and how international aid plays a role in recovery efforts. Majoring both in Child Study and Human Development and Biochemistry, he plans to go to medical school soon after graduating from Tufts, but as an undergrad, he plays tuba for the Tufts Symphony Orchestra and Jumbo Pep Band, dances for the Bhangra Team, coaches speakers for TEDxTufts, tutors local high schoolers through the Leonard Carmichael Society, and writes for Tufts Admissions’ Student Communications Group (visit the blogs to see his work!)

Malia Kiang

Malia Kiang is a member of the class of 2022 from Honolulu, Hawaii. She is interested in philosophy, psychology, and English. She enjoys singing Disney songs with her A Capella group, Enchanted, of which she is the Vice President. She is also a member of Tuft’s marketing club, Imaginet, and enjoys coming up with copy for different ad campaigns. In her free time, she loves cooking and craft-making. Malia is looking forward to studying abroad in both Japan and France in her time at Tufts. She is most grateful for the unique Neubauer Scholars’ course “The Political Theory of Leadership” with Professor Vickie Sullivan, because the class encouraged students to become deeper readers and embrace the interdisciplinary aspects of education and politics. Malia is looking forward to exploring more of her passions and taking advantage of the unique opportunities to consider different career paths at Tufts.

Olivia King

Olivia King is a first-year student from Medford Oregon, and she plans on studying some combination of International Relations, Civic Studies, and Economics. In her hometown, she was active with her local food bank and served on the committee to organize the Family Fest, a back-to-school event for underserved families. These experiences led her to choose Tufts and join several social justice minded clubs on campus. She is currently a member of Amnesty International, volunteers to teach action civic in a middle school in Dorchester through Generation Citizen, and serves on the executive board for Tufts Students for NARAL, a pro-choice and reproductive rights organization. Looking forward, Olivia is excited to explore more of what Tufts has to offer and about the opportunities offered through the Neubauer Program.

Micah Kraus

Coming from Cincinnati, Ohio, Micah Kraus is honored and excited to be at Tufts as a Neubauer Scholar. He is not quite sure what he will study, but he is interested community organizing and political work. Micah is currently involved with J Street U Tufts, the Tufts Labor Coalition, and is a student worker for the Tufts Chaplaincy. He is extremely grateful to the Neubauer family, and looks forward to future projects made possible by their generosity.

Gabriel Reyes

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Gabriel ReyesGabriel Reyes is from Mission Viejo, California. He is currently focusing his studies in the realms of international relations and sociology, and also holds interests in colonialism studies and Russian. His extracurriculars include involvement in the Filipinx Student Union, student activism, and Amnesty International, but he also plans to participate more in leftist and political groups as well as community service in the near future. The Neubauer Scholarship greatly influenced Gabriel’s decision to attend Tufts University, and the program has been very rewarding. Gabriel and the other freshman scholars are currently enrolled in “Political Theories of Leadership,” taught by Professor Vickie Sullivan. This class has greatly enhanced his ability to understand and elicit political philosophies from prominent texts and to qualify what constitutes “good” leadership. He is greatly excited for the next three years in the Neubauer Scholars program.

Andrew Rodgers

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Andrew RodgersAndrew Rodgers is a freshman at Tufts from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Currently, he is planning to study history and religion, but is also excited to take classes in a variety of fields. Outside of academics, Andrew is in the Ballroom Dance Club. So far, the Neubauer scholarship has provided a creative, fun, and welcoming learning environment that will hopefully continue throughout the next four years. The course associated with the Neubauer program served to extend that learning environment, and also encourage Andrew to study a subject in the humanities. Andrew is not sure as of yet what his plans are for the research stipend, but they will likely include a pursuit of his aforementioned academic interests.

Xenia Rudchenko

Xenia RudchenkoXenia Rudchenko, a freshman at Tufts University, grew up in a home of Ukrainian immigrants in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. Throughout high school, she volunteered for several Russian-speaking organizations, interned for the Jewish Museum, debated, and edited for a political columnist. With this diverse background, she expected to find herself majoring in Political Science. However, to her surprise, after one course in psychology and one in computer science, she is now pursuing the Cognitive and Brain Science major. She discovered her love for singing opera in high school and continues to sing and participate in cultural extracurriculars in college. The Neubauer Scholarship introduced Xenia to a thriving community of inspiring faculty and curious peers, united by their thirst for knowledge. She is honored to be a scholar and looks forward to exploring the opportunities that Tufts and the scholarship can offer.

Kevin Schult

Kevin Schult comes from small town Hamilton, New York and plans on studying chemistry and music. For extracurricular activities, Kevin is a member of the Tufts Traveling Treasure Trunk, which performs child-oriented theater at preschools and elementary schools to raise funds for local charities that benefit children. Kevin also sings in the Tufts Concert Choir and is a member of 3Ps and Torn Ticket II. In his free time, he plays the piano and knits. Kevin is a freshman and looks forward to seeing how the Neubauer Scholarship will impact his time at Tufts. After college, he plans to go to graduate school for chemistry.

Class of 2021

Eylul Akman

Picture of Neubauer Scholar, Eylul AkmanEylul Akman is a sophomore from Milford, Connecticut, who is pursuing a major in clinical psychology and a minor in cognitive and brain sciences. At Tufts, she is a research assistant in the Levin Lab, an executive-board member of Tufts Psychology Society, and a notetaker for various courses. After her four years here, she hopes to pursue a PsyD and work as a psychologist. The Neubauer Scholarship was one of the most influential deciding factors that brought her to Tufts, and, although she is unsure what it will be used for as of yet, she is excited at the opportunities opened up for her by the research stipend. As someone who already had an interest in philosophy, the Neubauer seminar, "Radical Thought", helped push her towards her minor in addition to letting her get to know her Neubauer classmates.

Luke Allocco

Luke Allocco is a sophomore from New Jersey studying political science. He has worked for The Tufts Daily since fall 2017 and will be serving as the newspaper’s Associate Editor for the spring 2019 semester. He has also served as a democracy coach and democracy fellow for Generation Citizen, teaching action civics to middle school classes in the Boston area, as well as a member of JumboVote during the 2018 elections. After graduation, Luke plans to work with a political campaign or get a job doing something related to the government. (He’s still trying to figure that out.) When he’s not in the Daily office, Luke can be found studying in Tisch or exploring Boston.

Henry Caron

Henry Caron was born in the United Kingdom, and moved to Chapel Hill, NC when he was six. He has always had an interest in trying everything possible; in high school, he played ultimate frisbee, wrote for the school paper, and was a member of the school's improv comedy troupe. At Tufts, he dabbled in philosophy, international relations, and Arabic, before settling on majoring in computer science. Henry is currently on the Tufts Competitive Ultimate Frisbee team, the EMEN, which travels around the country competing against other universities. He also joined the Petey Greene Program, and will tutor incarcerated people to prepare them for life after prison. After graduation, he will most likely work in technology or start a company. Until then, he is enjoying his time here at Tufts.

Jiyoon Chon

Jiyoon Chon is a current sophomore from Seattle studying biology at Tufts. In addition to the university’s unique Tufts 1+4 bridge year program, the Neubauer scholarship was another deciding factor for Jiyoon in choosing Tufts. As a 1+4 bridge-year fellow, she spent nine months living with a host family in Madrid, while volunteering at a local primary school. Her dedication to service also prompted her to work as a Tisch Summer Fellow in India this past summer. Outside of the classroom, Jiyoon spends time exploring her interests in music in the Tufts Flute Ensemble. The Neubauer scholarship has helped enrich her musical experience by allowing her to take private lessons. She is also an active member of the Tufts Eco-Reps and the Korean Students Association and recently started undergraduate research in a behavioral neuroscience lab with Dr. Covington.

Josh Clarkson

Hailing from Somerville, New Jersey, Josh Clarkson is a sophomore at Tufts University who studies International Relations. He has been interested in global affairs from a young age, watching Athenian Olympics broadcasts and starting his flag collection in 2004. Despite having lived in the same town for his entire childhood, Josh loves to travel and experience new places. In 2014, he went on a mission trip to Nairobi, Kenya with the Foundation for Peace, and he plans to study abroad in Paris next year. On Tufts’ campus, Josh is involved with the New Initiative for Middle East Peace, Model United Nations, and a number of musical groups, in which he plays the alto saxophone. The Neubauer Scholarship was a major part of why Josh chose to attend to Tufts University, and he looks forward to using the research stipend to enhance his study abroad experience.

Eugene Henninger-Voss

Eugene Henninger-Voss grew up in various places just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. After applying to 19 colleges in his senior year of high school, he a) realized that 19 was a bit overboard and b) realized that the Neubauer Scholarship represented a commitment from Tufts unlike any other school had offered. He followed it to Medford/Summerville and hasn’t looked back, except occasional glances at his dog, Angel. Little did he know that he would meet he would meet his future roommate through the scholarship as well. At Tufts, Eugene enjoys studying lots of math while also feeding his interests in linguistics, computer science, classics, and philosophy. On the side, Eugene enjoys learning languages, playing clarinet and piano, dancing with the ballroom team, and feeling the snow fall on his face. He plans to go on to graduate school in math.

Mikhail Kotlik

Mikhail Kotlik is majoring in computer science and biology. I was born in Tomsk, Russia but have been living in New York City. His favorite experiences at Tufts so far have been going to IDHack, Tufts' hackathon, and creating an app for an educational non-profit in the Dominican Republic with his best friend, and spending time with his best friends eating tons of different cheeses and playing card games.

Maria Kyriakakos

Receiving the Neubauer scholarship not only allowed Maria Kyriakakos to go from Westchester to Medford to study Chemistry, it also allowed her to travel. Last summer she used the fund to study modern Greek at the Athens Centre as well as see many historic destinations from Hydra to Piraeus. As a sophomore, she’s still exploring all Tufts has to offer with clubs and classes and enjoys seeing how it all intersects. She particularly savors her trips to the North End. When there, she experiments with all the pizza, pasta, and cannoli Boston has to offer, in addition to the rich history of the once immigrant dominated neighborhood. She aims to continue to explore the liberal arts education Tufts encourages and not let the massive hill stop her from taking her writing classes in East Hall.

Jessie Lan

Jessie Lan is a sophomore studying Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Tufts. She would love to understand why we as people work the way we do – how this unique human complexity has arisen from language, cognition and consciousness – what motivates each person's actions and values, and how we can better understand each other. When coming to Tufts she thought she would want to study the biological bases of the brain and mind; now her interests have shifted more to how interactions and relationships are shaped through these processes/tools. She has enjoyed her time connecting with individuals as a teaching assistant, and hopes in the future to foster continued, similarly meaningful relationships in some way, although she currently isn’t sure what direction this might take. On campus she is a part of TEDxTufts, the Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts, and a Peer Leader for the Asian American Center.

Han Sung Lim

Han Sung Lim is a sophomore at Tufts University, majoring in film and media studies and international relations. He wishes to be a journalist for the New York Times, and has worked as an intern at a Washington Social Media start-up company Social Media Monthly, a freelance reporter for Spare Change News, and is currently a features intern at Gatehouse Media, a local news publisher. He is a member of Tufts Disney and Animated Films A cappella group Enchanted, and enjoys hip hop dancing and writing poetry in his free time.

Samantha Livermore

Samantha Livermore is from Marblehead, Massachusetts. She is a sophomore studying engineering and physics at Tufts, with a focus in astronautical engineering. In high school she was utterly inspired by how little we know about the universe around us, and by how much there is left for us to figure out. That passion has stuck with her, and has grown to include aeronautical engineering and the space exploration industry. At Tufts, Samantha is a member of Tufts sQ!, an all-gender a cappella group on campus, and she has also gotten involved in the Tufts SEDS/Rocketry Club. She is so grateful for the time spent here and the people she has met—she would not be here if it weren’t for the Neubauer scholarship, which allowed her to make the decision to come to Tufts.

Jonathan Rodriguez

Jonathan Rodriguez was raised in Puerto Rico, and for as long as he can remember, has always loved math. Throughout middle and high school, he participated in math competitions, and by graduation, he had already decided that he wanted to keep playing around with proofs in the future. The road to math research is steep, but the Neubauer Scholarship gives Jonathan a big head start to prepare himself for graduate school and life after that by letting him conduct research from such an early point in his career. After graduating, he would like to pursue a PhD and continue doing more interesting, more challenging, and more exciting research in mathematics.

Noah Schwartz

Noah Schwartz, a Seattle native, is a current sophomore and biology major, interested in pursuing a career in medicine. In addition to academic pursuits, Noah continues to engage in his other passions for filmmaking and jazz piano, both long-time ventures for which he has received achievement awards. When he is not in the library or in a lab, Noah can be found playing ultimate frisbee, editing short films, or reading for the weekly long distance book group he has with his childhood friends. Finding time to integrate all of these interests and maintain solid academic quality is Noah’s main objective at the moment. In addition to the fine science resources that Tufts has, Noah finds the inclusivity and welcoming atmosphere at Tufts to be his favorite thing.

William Thompson

William Thompson is from Franklin, Pennsylvania and is majoring in mathematics. He has always had an interest in South American history, particularly the War of the Triple Alliance (The Paraguayan War).

Emma Tombaugh

Emma Tombaugh grew up in Oradell, New Jersey before coming to Tufts. She is majoring in Geology with a Math minor and her goal is to eventually work for the U.S. Geological Survey. She is passionate about the environment and is very involved with Students for Environmental Awareness, a club that promotes sustainability on campus. She also enjoys participating in numerous dance programs here, especially ballet. The Neubauer program has connected Emma with many interesting people, a community she likely wouldn't have met otherwise. She is very grateful for the Neubauer Scholarship which allows her to pursue her academic interests and passions without worrying too much about finances. The stipend has allowed her to travel to Death Valley, CA for a geology field trip and will help her fund summer geological internships in addition to a semester abroad in New Zealand.

Grace van Deelen

Grace van Deelen is from Waunakee, Wisconsin, a small town north of Madison. At Tufts, she is studying biology and anthropology, and has a specific interest in the impacts of climate change on both wildlife and on human culture. She is also a staff member of Tufts Wilderness Orientation and loves getting outside with Tufts Mountain Club. Being a Neubauer has been the opportunity of a lifetime- she has gotten to meet new friends, learn a lot of philosophy, eat a lot of Daves Fresh Pasta, and will hopefully be using the Neubauer funds to pursue some kind of biological or anthropological research.