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U.S. Student Fulbright Program

My grant period in Medellin, Colombia was incredible. I taught at a local private university and worked with several non-profits teaching English as part of my social project and more importantly, to immerse myself more in my new community. The experience taught me how to live independently in a new country, city, and culture. I also had the time to discover the beautiful and diverse country. Medellin will always be my second home. It was an unforgettable experience and I long for the day that I get to return and/or to explore my next country, city, and culture to continue to expand my horizons.

Abby Cohen, English Teaching Assistant  Learn More About the Fulbright
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Leading up to my departure for South Africa, when asked what I would be doing, I gave only a vague answer about sort of teaching English. In truth, I wasn't exactly sure what it meant to be an ETA. It was only after a few days (or weeks) in-country that it became clear that an ETA can be and do just about anything. In South Africa, ETAs are generally not expected to teach full classes, but rather to work as classroom assistants or lead small group sessions, mostly focusing on reading comprehension. Beyond this work in the classroom, I oversee the school library, run a girls' after-school club, help learners apply to university, and am currently setting up a blog of students' creative writing and working with a teacher to organize a reading contest. A teacher workshop and mural contest are on the horizon for next term.

Katy Bullard, English Teaching Assistant Learn More About the Fulbright
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Udall Scholarship

Anne and Ashley provided me with invaluable advice during my time at Tufts. They helped me identify meaningful post-graduate opportunities, revise my applications, and figure out my professional and academic objectives. Tufts students are very fortunate to have such dedicated, kind, and helpful resources at their disposal..

Luke Sherman, Udall Scholar Learn More About Udall