Past Winners

Astronaut Scholarship

2015-17 Erin Kado-Fong, Astrophysics

2014-15 Summer Morrill, Biology

2013-14 Sam Bashevkin, Biology

2012-13 Sam Bashevkin, Biology

2010-11 Lauren Wielgus, Physics

2009-10 Adam Steinbrenner, Biology

2008-09 Adam Raczkowski, Mathematics and Computer Science

2007-08 Natalie Wolchover, Physics

2006-07 Kyle Bradbury, Electrical Engineering

2005-06 Russell Sargent, Physics

2004-05 Michele Cutrofello, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

2003-04 Michele Cutrofello, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

2002-03 Veronica Chouinard, Mechanical Engineering

2001-02 Sheri Weinberg, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

1999-00 Melissa Bargmann, Mechanical Engineering

1998-99 Adam Weber, Chemical Engineering

1997-98 Julien Ginsberg-Place, Biology

1996-97 Heidi Kenerson, Electrical Engineering

1995-96 Sarah Krikorian, Mechanical Engineering

1994-95 Jeffrey Bellerose, Mechanical Engineering and Physics

Beinecke Scholarship

2009 Benjamin Sacks, History

2008 David Suzenski, Economics and French

2005 John Papp, Quantitative Economics and Mathematics

2001 Shannon Gourley, Psychology and English1997 Seth Redfield, Astrophysics and Physics
Carnegie Scholarship

2018 Cas Bardo, International Relations


2012 Alexandra Siegel, International Relations


2011 Alexandra Blackman, International Relations

CORO Junior Scholarship

2018 Jamie Nekeirie (St. Louis)

2015 Onika Hanson (New York)

2014 Alex Wallach Hanson (Pittsburgh)

2013 Averi Becque (New York)

2012 Erik Antokal (New York)
         William Huang (New York)

2010 Ikenna Acholanu (San Francisco)

2009 Lena Andrews (Pittsburgh)

2007 Fred Jones (New York)

2007 Unaza Khan (New York)

2006 Yanelly Molina (St. Louis)

2006 Jeff Burke (Pittsburgh)

2005 Lynda Turet (New York)

2004 Daniel Kramer (Los Angeles)

2004 David Shih-Chun Wu (San Fran)

2000 Chrissie Greer (New York)

1998 Aaron Dworkin (New York)

Goldwater Scholarship

2020 Cassandra Cancemi, Biology


2020 Jonathan Rodriguez, Computer Science and Mathematics


2019 Max McCarthy, Biology


2018 Thomas George (Honorable Mention), Chemical Engineering


2017 Hannah Harris, Biology


2016 Lily Beuchler (Honorable Mention), Mechanical Engineering

2015 Erin Fong, Astrophysics


2014 Summer Morrill, Biology

2014 Andrew Rosen, Chemical Engineering

2013 Noah Kurinsky, Engineering Physics

2013 Sam Bashevkin, Biology

2011 Sarah Cannon, Mathematics

2009 Jose Ordovas-Montanes, Biology

2007 Pauli Kehayias, Engineering Physics

2005 Katie Seyboth, Computer Science

Marshall Scholarship

2001 John-Paul Ghobrial

1995 Ara Barsam

1990 Jennifer Hooper

1989 Jay Greene

1987 Rachel Beauvior


Rhodes Scholarship

1997 Bryan Graham, Quantitative Economics

Truman Scholarship

2020 Carter "Zoeey" Wilkinson, American Studies, Montana


2018 Anne Hall, Interdisciplinary Studies, South Dakota


2014 Amber Rose Johnson, Africana Studies and American Studies, Rhode Island

2014 Safiya Subegdjo, International Relations, New Hampshire


2008 Jennifer Bailey, Political Science, Illinois

2008  Sofia Nelson, Political Science and Women's Studies, Michigan

2006  Julia Goldberg, Biopsychology and Community Health, Arizona

2005  Jeremy Sueker, International Relations and Community Health, Pennsylvania

1994  Nanette Loewenburg, Rhode Island

1980  Daniel Gelber, Florida

1990  Max Finberg, New York

1986  Jay Greene, Illinois

Udall Scholarship

2019 Michaela Morse, SMFA and Interdisciplinary Studies, Honorable Mention

2015 Luke Sherman, Environmental Studies and French

2009 Matt Thoms, Mechanical Engineering

2006 Amanda Fencl, Environmental Studies and International Relations

2006 Aditya Nochur, Environmental Studies and Biology

2004 Jennifer Baldwin, Environmental Studies and Art History

Given how open the ETA position is, it can be tricky to know what to focus on in your application. The single most valuable piece of advice for the essays came from Anne Moore, who suggested thinking of the statement of grant purpose as prose and the personal statement as poetry.

Katy Bullard, Fulbright English Teaching Assistant, South Africa

To see more about Katy Bullard's Fulbright experience, check out our Student Testimonial page.