Neubauer Scholars

Class of 2024

Blake Anderson

Blake Anderson is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The Neubauer Scholarship played a significant role in his decision to move across the country and enroll at Tufts University because of its students’ passion and intellectual curiosity. He has many intellectual curiosities, but he is most focused on the humanities. He aspires to study history, English, and Spanish while at Tufts. With his Neubauer Scholarship, he hopes to research the sociological aspects of historical interpretation–while also looking at the U.S. history education curriculum. After his undergraduate education, Blake hopes to pursue a law degree. When he is not studying for class or making memories during his time on the Hill, Blake loves working for the Student Communications Group in the Tufts Admissions Office.

Anneke Chan

Anneke Chan is from the Hudson Valley in New York. She is a combined degree student at Tufts and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, planning to double major in studio art and something in the humanities (possibly anthropology, history, or international literary and visual studies). In her free time, Anneke enjoys drawing, listening to music, playing tennis, and watching videos of baby monkeys. At Tufts, she is involved with the Historical Review and the student advisory board for the university’s art galleries. She is deeply thankful for the generous Neubauer Scholarship, giving her the opportunity to be part of the tight-knit Neubauer community and to develop her critical thinking and writing skills in Shakespeare’s Politics with Professor Sullivan.

Silas Conlon

Silas Conlon is from Cornwall, Vermont, a tiny, tiny town in Vermont’s Champlain Valley. He was originally accepted to the Class of 2023 but decided to take a gap year with the Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Program, which sent him to Montevideo, Uruguay, to learn Spanish, work at an internship, and live with a host family. It was an incredible way to start his Tufts experience, and he is so excited to continue it on campus. Silas is unsure of his major but is passionate about history, politics, and international relations, so he will probably study one of those. He is excited for the research opportunities the Neubauer Scholarship will allow him to explore later in his college experience. Outside of class, Silas loves to be outdoors, skiing, hiking, exploring and has recently been learning guitar. He is involved with Ultimate Frisbee and Quiz Bowl at Tufts and is excited to get more involved when clubs meet regularly in-person again.

Bruce Demos

Bruce Demos is from Miramar, Florida. His main academic interests are clinical psychology, civic studies, and anthropology. Outside of the classroom, Bruce enjoys finding new bubble tea shops, watching movies with friends and family, and getting lost in Tisch Library. The freshman seminar course on Shakespeare’s Politics with Professor Sullivan was a great foundation for topics such as power structures, visions of culture, and questions of ethics. He is grateful for the Neubauer Scholarship, which has made this academic enrichment possible; and he looks forward to applying that knowledge in the research yet to be done and connections yet to be made.

Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster hails from Mequon, Wisconsin, and is interested in pursuing majors in physics and classics. During her time at Tufts, Elizabeth has stage managed the virtual production of The Bacchae, tutored local students through the Tufts Literacy Corps, promoted classical education as historian of the National Senior Classical League, and pursued original research on soft matter within the Tufts physics department. Outside of academics and extracurriculars, Elizabeth enjoys running, singing, and drinking Earl Grey tea. Elizabeth is grateful for the generosity of the Neubauer Scholars Program, which played a significant role in her decision to attend Tufts. Elizabeth is also thankful for her peers throughout the Tufts community and looks forward to her years at Tufts.

Gavin Herzig

Gavin Herzig comes from a suburb of Philadelphia and currently plans on studying international relations and economics during his time at Tufts, though he plans to continue his investigation of the Thirty Years’ War in his own time. When not engrossed in a book, he participates in Debate Society and Model United Nations and plans to continue fencing as well. After graduation, Gavin hopes to work for an NGO or an international organization. He is grateful to the Neubauer Scholarship for motivating him to choose Tufts and, especially, for providing a vibrant, intellectual community at a time in which individuals are more isolated than ever.

Class of 2023

Liam Devlin

Liam Devlin is from Los Alamos, New Mexico. He does not yet know what he plans to study, but he is interested in biology and languages. He enjoys running and playing alto saxophone and piano. At Tufts, he participates in the Wind Ensemble and the Ballroom Dance Club. The Neubauer Program was an important factor in his decision to attend Tufts, and he is very thankful for the opportunities it provides. He has no specific plans for what to do with the stipend, but might use it to enhance his travel abroad experience. The freshman seminar class on Plato's Republic has provided an interesting and thought-provoking start to his college experience.

Rebecca Geiger

Rebecca Geiger is from Long Island, New York. She is studying under Tufts’ five-year combined degree BFA and BA/BS, travelling between the Medford and SMFA campuses throughout the week. She spends her free time painting, practicing the electric bass, and drinking overpriced coffee in the Fenway area between studio classes. Her interests are varied. She is the process of exploring different clubs and enjoys attending events by the Association of Multiracial People at Tufts and the Asian American Center. She was very thankful to take Professor Evrigenis’ class Intro to Political Thought: Plato’s Republic, which she found insightful.

Leija Helling

Leija Helling is from Amherst, Massachusetts. She spent part of her childhood in Helsinki, Finland, her mother's place of origin. Her primary fields of interest are environmental studies, civic studies, and Spanish, but she hopes to explore a variety of fields during her time at Tufts. Outside of academics, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and spending time outside. A liberal arts education at Tufts is a great privilege, and Leija is grateful to the Neubauer Scholars Program for making such an education possible. She looks forward to the opportunities for further exploration and enrichment made possible by the Neubauer family's generosity.

Jonah Kreitzberg

Jonah Kreitzberg hails from Eugene, Oregon, a small town in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. He is currently undecided about his major, but he is particularly interested in political science, biology, chemistry, economics, and computer science. Outside of class, he is usually found training with the competitive climbing team or wandering around somewhere in the mountains. He is incredibly thankful for the opportunities afforded to him by the Neubauer Program, as well as its exposure to a fantastic group of people. Jonah is eager to spend his summers in a laboratory and will likely use his research stipend toward that goal.

Ava Masse

Ava Masse grew up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. She is interested in computer science, cognitive and brain science, and French. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys challenging her body and mind in the Taekwondo Club and Women in Computer Science Club, and through hiking, reading, and creative writing. She loves exploring and plans to use the stipend to research abroad. She is grateful for the opportunity to connect and grow with a community of talented scholars whom she would not have otherwise met. The program has also provided her with a unique perspective on morality and how it affects our daily lives through Professor Evrigenis’ seminar on Plato’s Republic. She is uncertain what she would like to do after college, but she is excited to discover what the future holds.

Ben Matthias

Bio coming soon!

Sam McQuaid

Sam McQuaid is from Silver Spring, Maryland, and is considering a double major in English and Spanish literature. Sam has a special spot in their heart for Shakespeare and loves the Folger Shakespeare Library in DC. Sam is an active member of the Tufts Labor Coalition and Junior Jumbos, a program where they spend 90 minutes a week at a local preschool with a child with whom they were matched. Though Sam is not necessarily a political science person, they have definitely enjoyed Professor Evrigenis’ class on Plato’s Republic, which has aided in their transition into college writing and academics. They are currently unsure what they will use their stipend for but are thinking about using it to help fund study abroad.

Chase Pinkerton

Chase Pinkerton is from Manhattan Beach, California, and is planning to major in computer science with a minor in economics. He is honored to have been chosen as a Neubauer Scholar and grateful for the opportunity to learn from other scholars and expand his intellectual experiences through the program. Being offered a Neubauer Scholarship was an important part of his decision to choose Tufts because of the community it provided him with from day one and the financial assistance that made attending Tufts possible. He hopes to use his Neubauer stipend to do research abroad. Chase works as a multimedia assistant for Tufts’ Institute for Global Leadership, is a member of the club volleyball team and Mountaineering Club, and enjoys playing intramural sports. He is planning to join a community service organization, such as JumboCode, as well. He also enjoys drone photography.

Cassidy Prejean

Bio coming soon!

Gus Robinson

Gus Robinson is from Baxter, Minnesota. Prior to his freshman year, Gus spent a year in Ecuador as part of the Tufts 1+4 Bridge Year Program where he worked at an economic development agency and later as an English teacher at a K-12 school. This experience has shaped his primary academic interests in international relations and economics now that he has returned to Tufts. Outside of his studies, Gus is involved with Tufts Mountain Club and several entrepreneurial organizations on campus. Gus is eager to use his stipend to support future research or other learning opportunities abroad.

Stefano Tarantino

Stefano Tarantino is a freshman from Haverhill, Massachusetts. He is planning on majoring in political science and possibly double majoring in the Romance languages. When he is not in class or doing homework, Stefano participates in Intervarsity and Tufts Christian Fellowship group. He also enjoys playing the trumpet and writing. Receiving the Neubauer Scholarship for the Class of 2023 played a significant role in Stefano’s decision to enroll in Tufts, because of the financial assistance provided. He has no definitive plan for spending his research money, but he is considering the possibility of using it for study abroad. Taking a class with other Neubauer Scholars during his first semester at Tufts has greatly broadened Stefano’s understanding of philosophy.

David Whittingham

David Whittingham is a first-year student from Madison, Wisconsin, is planning to study philosophy, mathematics, and environmental studies in some combination. At Tufts, he has enjoyed taking the Neubauer advising course on Plato’s Republic as well as furthering his education in calculus, Spanish, and computer science. Outside of class, he has had a great time participating in the Tufts Ethics Bowl and stage managing a student-produced musical. He enjoys running and reading in his free time. David feels incredibly fortunate to have received the Neubauer Scholarship, as it proved to be a significant factor in his decision to attend Tufts, He looks forward to his future with the program and to continuing to work with and learn from his fellow students.