Program Information


BLAST scholars will be enrolled in the Tufts' six-week summer session prior to starting their first year. Scholars will be expected to complete two courses with a grade of C or better. Scholars will also attend a series of college workshops to expose them to Tufts resources and provide leadership opportunities. Scholars will consistently be evaluated throughout the summer program by the director, faculty members, and program staff. At the end of the summer, scholars will participate in an exit interview that includes a plan for the academic year. For the six-week Summer Program, BLAST scholars will receive the following:

  • On-campus housing during the second summer school session with a full meal plan
  • Tuition to cover two courses for Tufts credit
  • Roundtrip travel expenses for students who reside outside of New England
  • A work replacement stipend of $1000 upon completion of the six-week program
  • Weekly workshops and social activities designed to introduce students to the Tufts community
  • Continuous direct support provided by the BLAST program director and the student coordinator

Academic Year

Students within the BLAST program will be placed in the same advising group for the academic year. In this advising group scholars will meet regularly and continue to develop academic and leadership skills to ensure success at Tufts and beyond. Students will also have the following:

  • Opportunity to participate in Blast-sponsored events
  • Access to the education enrichment fund, which includes funding for computers, printers, research, conference fees, and travel expenses related to academics
  • Work replacement stipend for scholars with work-study assignments during freshman year; this stipend allows students to reduce their work-study hours and focus on academics and co-curricular development
  • Access to resources that will support participation in study abroad, a research experience, and/or an internship