What Our Scholars Have To Say
"I can honestly say this has so far been the most enriching experience I have ever had. From 4AM chats with floor-mates to discussing social issues or cooking meals, it was all just amazing."
"BLAST has helped diminish my fears of not feeling adequately prepared for college."
"BLAST opened my eyes, made me more aware, and introduced me to a wide range of resources from friends to faculty. The relationships made over this summer, collectively, are strong and will be long-lasting. You go in there blind for six weeks, and you come out feeling like you have known everyone for six years."
"When I come back home I get the laughs from friends or the sarcastic rhetorical “How was summer school”? Instead of feeling like the loser I feel victorious. I answer every time by telling them I met twenty-six beautiful friends/faculty that gave me the best summer of my life."
"The biggest problem for students who are about to start college is the feeling of invincibility that comes from being successful in high school. To be successful in college one must be willing to seek help even when it seems you might not need it."
"In six weeks of BLAST, I was able to learn so much more about myself and also explore all the privileges I have as a Tufts student. BLAST not only gave me the best summer ever but also helped my transition to college to be a lot smoother. Being selected as the first cohort of BLAST is definitely the first highlight in my undergraduate career at Tufts."
"My six weeks in BLAST weren't merely spent, they were invested. In six weeks I acclimated myself to college life on the Hill, and prepared myself to reach my full potential during my time at Tufts. I'm matriculating in the fall as a freshman who is ready for whatever Tufts throws my way. I am now more confident in myself as a college student and as a campus leader, and I know that BLAST was an investment well worth it."
"During BLAST, we had the opportunity to participate in academic and college life workshops which made us more comfortable with adjusting to college. BLAST helped us not only adjust to campus, but to the surrounding areas as well, through excursions into Davis Square and Boston. Through these six weeks, our cohort of the first-ever BLAST Scholars became a family and support group that will help and guide each other from matriculation through graduation."