What Our Scholars Have To Say

Cohort 6

BLAST has been a community that I never thought I needed until actually starting my summer. It has been an opportunity that allowed me not only to get a good grasp of classes at Tufts but also one that exposed me to a community that has enriched my experi

The BLAST program has done so much for me in my time here at Tufts. This program has not only given me early exposure to what it is like to be in a collegiate environment, but has provided me with relevant experience essential to succeeding in a rigorous

Cohort 5

Growing in a heavily immigrant and low income community, I never expected to attend school like Tufts. When I did, I found myself unprepared and scared to be in a college classroom. I had trouble writing, taking notes and managing my time. College was so

BLAST has been an essential foundation to my time at Tufts. The summer component allowed me an opportunity to adjust to the rigor and course load to expect before school officially started. Throughout the school year, BLAST connects me with resources when

BLAST has given me a sense of community and a space to grow that I was sorely lacking throughout my time in high school. I was able to make genuine friendships, most of which have lasted and are continued. It has connected me with resources and help that,

Cohort 4

By establishing connections with advisers and other supportive staff that Tufts has available, BLAST has provided me with a list of connections and support that I would never have been able to do on my own or by my own regards. The people I have met gave

BLAST has helped me establish a foundation for myself to be able to function at Tufts.  From learning about academic resources to being able to develop social bonds with peers from similar backgrounds, BLAST has helped me find my spot on Tufts campus. And

BLAST served as my very first impression to what community at Tufts could be. From staying up all night during summer making s'mores together to now keeping in touch with my fellow BLASTies wherever we find ourselves my junior year. I am comforted knowing

The BLAST program has provided me with a community of multitalented peers and friends, whom I have been able to rely on as my family away from home. The faculty has guided me in my transition to college and my professional development. Older scholars have

BLAST has helped me reach my goals by being a support group throughout my time here at Tufts. Academic-wise, BLAST has given me so many resources, on and off campus, to help me succeed as a scholar. Socially, I have created, maintained, and expanded my co

in-depth exposure to Tufts' resources, networking connections at home and abroad, and countless more. I can say without a shadow of doubt that much of my success at Tufts is due to this program. It has opened opportunities for me and provided me with the

Cohort 3

Blast has provided me with a strong social support network and administrative resources. Using those I have felt empowered to make a difference on campus and develop my professional acumen in the greater Boston area.

As a low-income, first-gen student, the BLAST community has played an important role in the enjoyment and development of my Tufts experience. Indeed, the BLAST community has been vital for reaching my goal of graduating from college. My time at Tufts has

Cohort 2

Moving to college was both hard and easy. Coming from a very diverse high school environment and transitioning into the Tufts community space which is very different than what I was normally used to, there were many moments where my sense of belonging and

BLAST was the "family" that stayed with me throughout the four years I had on campus. Not only did I come into my first year feeling more prepared, but BLAST also encouraged me to set goals and helped me accomplish things I hadn't even imagined during hig

BLAST mitigated the financial barriers allowing me to pursue intellectual and civic projects that otherwise would have been inaccessible due to financial strains such as working in the non-profit sector during the summers and completing summer coursework

Cohort 1

With much pride and gratitude, I can genuinely say that the BLAST program changed my life and my career trajectory for the better. As a first-generation low-income immigrant, college was an exciting yet challenging experience for me to navigate. Through t