Upper-Class Students

Upperclassmen JumboExploring Your Major

At this point in your Tufts career you have identified your area of academic focus and probably begun to consider your next steps. There is still plenty of time to try new things as you shape your path.

We asked Tufts’ faculty for their best advice:

Start Thinking of Yourself as a Future Professional

  • Seek out courses that will support your desired career path
  • Explore a particular career with an internship or job
  • Talk with faculty members about which classes will help you succeed in the field you want to pursue

Take Advantage of the Liberal Arts Structure

  • Use distribution requirements to investigate other areas of academic study
  • Think outside the box with an Experimental College course
  • Talk with other students about what class has impacted them the most

Invest the Time and Energy to Have a Rewarding Senior Year

  • Take advantage of academic resources that can help you succeed at Tufts and beyond

Academic Resource Center

Career Center

  • Ask faculty members for advice about how you can build to the next step

Stay on Track Academically

You’re at a midpoint in your academic career at Tufts. Now is a good time to reflect on your experience so far and get the most out of your remaining time at Tufts. Here are three steps to help you stay focused:

Meet with Your Advisor to Discuss Progress and Plans

  1. Before your meeting, run an advisement report in Tufts' Student Information System 
  2. During your meeting, plan to discuss:
  • Where you stand on your degree requirements for Liberal Arts or Engineering
  • What you need to do to fulfill your major requirements
  • Your interests in research or a thesis and your career plans

Use the Academic Resource Center

Consider Doing a Senior Thesis, Capstone Project, or Research Project

  • Discuss topics with your advisor and other mentors
  • Consider taking a research course:
  • Research 4 Success through the Experimental College
  • A course offered in your major – consult department website