Summer Internship Grants

Each summer we fund 40-50 undergraduate students doing unpaid internships for a minimum of 300 hours. These funds offer students the opportunity to explore career fields and gain experience. Selected students will receive $4,000. Students must secure an internship prior to the deadlines.

Internship Grants for UndergraduatesApplication Process and DeadlinesComponents of a Complete ApplicationSelection Criteria for All Internship GrantsRequirements and Restrictions for ApplicantRequirements for Grant Recipients; Allocation of Funding

Internship Grants for Undergraduates

Type of Grant and Number Available
Description of Funding; Additional Requirements
Non-profit or Public Sector Internship Grants Internships can be U.S.-based (non-profit or public sector) or international (non-profit only)
Tufts Diversity Internship Grants Internships can be U.S.-based (non-profit or private sector) or international (non-profit only); Must receive financial aid from Tufts
Entrepreneurial Leadership Internship Grants For entrepreneurial internships.   Internships can be U.S.-based (non-profit or private sector)
Bruce-Griffey Leadership and Diversity Internship Grants For internships in the non-profit or for-profit sectors;  Preference will be given to students receiving financial aid, involved with the Africana Center, committed to leadership and diversity on campus and in the community, and invested in helping others and improving the life of Tufts’ dynamic and diverse community of students, faculty and alumni.
Norton Nickerson Grant for Internships in Environmental Studies For internships in environmental studies;  Preference will be given to Environmental Studies majors whose internship is in the field of environmental science. Internships can be U.S.-based (non-profit or private sector) or international (non-profit only).
Starr Summer Fellowship For students enrolled in an SMFA undergraduate program (BFA or BFA + BA/BS) pursuing arts-related internships. Preference given to students working unpaid internships. Internships can be U.S.-based (non-profit/public sector or private sector) or international (non-profit only).
The Richard D. White, A76 and Family Endowed Internship Fund Internships must be U.S.-based (non-profit or private sector) with an emphasis on innovation.

Application Process and Deadlines

Deadline I-International Internships & Domestic Internships (first application deadline)

11:59 p.m (EST), Wednesday, March 11, 2020; Students will be notified no later than March 27th

  • For international internship funding applications and first-round domestics internhips 
  • Internships must be  in non-profit/public sector (excludes all named grants including Tufts Diversity Fund, these grant applications will be reviewed during the 2nd round review process, deadline is April 6th)
  • All funding applications for internships abroad must be submitted by the first deadline
  • Grant applications for internships in areas with a U.S. State Department Travel Warning in place will be considered on a case-by-case basis in collaboration with the Tufts Office of International Safety & Operations
  • Initial funding decisions will be made by the Career Center, with final approval contingent on completion of parent/guardian signed waiver through the Tufts Career Center and online registration with Tufts Travel Registry; additional requirements may apply


Deadline II-U.S. Based Internships Only

11:59 p.m. (EST), Monday, April 6, 2020; Students will be notified no later than April 23rd   

  • For domestic/U.S. internship funding ONLY, international internship applications will not be considered.


Components of a Complete Application

Complete all relevant sections of online application including:

  1. Essay questions
  2. Resume (uploaded)
  3. Unofficial Transcript (uploaded)
  4. Name of recommender (See #7 for additional information on recommendation letters)
  5. Offer letter from internship site (uploaded)*
  6. Completed learning goals (2) [Sample 1] [Sample 2]

*Note:  Offer letter should be on organization letterhead and include: 1) Confirmation of the position and title 2) Commitment to a minimum of 300 hours 3) Anticipated start/end dates 4) Frequency of supervision (how often will the intern meet with the supervisor)


  7. One recommendation letters must be uploaded to Slate by the deadline

The letter should come from a Tufts staff or faculty member; or other professional reference (internship or other supervisor) only; no recommendations from fellow students or from the supervisor of the internship for which you are applying for grant funding.

Selection Criteria for All Internship Grants

The application process is competitive. We strongly consider financial aid status in the awarding of internship grants, however, you don't have to be on financial aid to apply for the grant. All application materials should be thorough and complete. The proposal should demonstrate a clear relationship between a student’s planned internship and career development goals. The internship should allow the student to:

  • engage in substantive and supervised work related to possible career interests
  • contribute to the organization and/or society
  • make connections between skills and knowledge developed and those required in a particular career
  • advance in the direction of a possible career or future education
  • confirm or adjust a tentative career plan

Requirements and Restrictions for Applicants

Please read carefully:

  • Students may receive a Career Center internship grant only once. 
  • All applicants must be in good standing with the university.
  • International students selected to receive a grant for a domestic/U.S. based internship must apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) through the Tufts International Center.
  • All applicants must be full-time matriculated students at Tufts University during the summer internship and the following fall semester (graduating seniors are ineligible)
  • Internships must be full-time, totaling 300 hours, and be completed by August 31.
  • Internships must be unpaid. (You may receive up to $1,500 from your internship organization and still be eligible to apply for a grant.)
  • Failure to complete all 300 hours will affect compensation for this internship. Please note: Student must contact the Career Center immediately in this case. Failure to complete the internship and outlined grant requirements, might be violation of the Tufts University Code of Conduct and could result in disciplinary action.
  • Internships or research opportunities with Tufts University AS&E Faculty are not eligible. Students can apply for funding if they are doing research for Non-AS&E professors (Professors working at other Tufts schools/colleges  -- Medical, Nutrition, Fletcher, etc. -- and not teaching undergraduate courses). See Summer Scholars Program for Tufts affiliated research opportunities.
  • If you’ve previously worked at the same site for which you are currently applying for funding, you must clearly explain how the responsibilities of this new internship position are significantly different from your previous position.  Funding will not be granted for an internship that you have already done.
  • Pay-to-participate international or domestic internship programs will not be funded.
  • Independent and unsupervised internships will not be considered; must be interning for a host organization. Remote internships will not be considered, hours need to be completed on-site. 
  • Host organization cannot be owned or run by a member of intern’s immediate family.
  • Internship must be done through one sponsor and must be supervised by someone at the site. Supervisor may not be a family member.
  • Funding cannot be granted for internships involved in direct proselytizing for religious work (i.e. conversion to a religion, sect, or denomination).
  • Students will be enrolled in Transcript Notation through the Career Center.

Requirements for Grant Recipients; Allocation of Funding

Students who receive a grant must complete the following requirements:

  • Informational Interview report
  • Student internship evaluation
  • Final evaluation from Supervisor
  • Additional requirements for donor-funded internship grant recipients through Tufts Advancement
  • Possible additional requirements for international students receiving Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Students must also attend required “pre-internship” orientation meetings held in early May.
Failure to complete all 300 hours will affect compensation for this internship.
Please note: Student must contact the Career Center immediately in this case. Failure to complete the internship and outlined grant requirements, might be violation of the Tufts University Code of Conduct and could result in disciplinary action.
If you fail to complete the grant requirements or if you are terminated from your internship experience (or quit) you will be required to return a pro-rated amount of the grant to the Career Center.

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