Industry: Education
Type of Internship: Organizing/Outreach, Web Design/Management
Student Name: Elizabeth Davis
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Minor: None; Architectural Studies
Position Title: Intern
Hours: 32 hours per week
Paid or Unpaid: Paid, full-time

What do you do as an intern at this organization?

In this position I update and create content for the Provost website and the new global Tufts website. I also organized affiliation agreements that Tufts has with other institutions.

How did you find this internship?


What do you enjoy most about your internship?

I really like that I do new things every week. My favorite tasks are the ones involving website changes, but I also appreciate that I don't do the same thing every day. I've also enjoyed learning about all the things Tufts does and the different schools. Lastly, my hours were very flexible -- I worked Monday-Thursday 9-5 and was able to take extra days off when I needed to.

What do you find challenging?

Sometimes the agreement paperwork can be a little unclear, but I've always been able to figure it out!

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to make the most of an internship like yours?

If you are someone like me who doesn't know exactly what you want to do in the future, an internship like this is perfect. I did a lot of different things, so I learned more about my likes and dislikes.

About the Organization

Tufts University Office of the Provost
Medford, Massachusetts

The Office of the Provost is responsible for setting institutional and budgetary priorities that advance the University’s mission. This team ensures that our educational and research programs are of the highest quality by working closely with faculty, staff, alumni, and students to fulfill the University’s goals and aspirations. The Office of the Provost is also responsible for the Athletics department, the library system, international and industry collaborations, and the ten Boards of Advisors.