Industry: Healthcare/Biotech/Pharma
Type of Internship: Data Analysis/Reporting, Research: Life Sciences, Software Development/Programming
Student Name: Anna Jacobson
Graduation Year: 2019
Major: Biology, Computer Science
Minor: None
Position Title: Research Assistant
Hours: 40 hours per week
Paid or Unpaid: Paid, full-time

What do you do as an intern at this organization?

I am an intern at the computational biology program. I work in C++, helping researchers model and adapt models to their real-world work.  I work in a prestigious lab in NYC.  My job is in cardiac modeling; I am trying to adapt models of guinea-pig ventricular cells to human ones. I am also working with genetic learning algorithms (GLAs).

How did you find this internship?

I was looking around for jobs that were suited to my majors (bio and CS), and I stumbled upon this one.

What do you enjoy most about your internship?

It is difficult but rewarding work. I am clearly doing a lot for the lab, and I feel like I am taken seriously as an adult in the scientific community.

What do you find challenging?

Adapting my coding skills to the real world is tough! There are no TAs to help me if I stumble. But CS labs have prepared me well, and I have support systems in place at Cornell to bounce thoughts off of when I get stuck.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to make the most of an internship like yours?

Apply to the programs at Cornell. It also can't hurt to email researchers personally. (I contacted the head of my lab before I applied, so he knew me before my application was even opened.)

About the Organization

Weill Cornell Medicine, Computational Biology Summer Program
New York, NY

CBSP is designed to bring approximately 10 outstanding computer science undergraduate freshmen, sophomores, and juniors interested in pursuing research at the interface of computer science and biomedicine for a summer research experience on the Weill Cornell/Sloan Kettering campuses. Applicants must have computer science experience and fluency. Students will partner with faculty from Weill Cornell or Memorial Sloan Kettering who have expressed a strong interest in working with students with computational skillsets.