Industry Nights

Industry Nights are an opportunity for Tufts students to connect with industry professionals; learn about new organizations, emerging trends, and roles; explore different career paths; strengthen and build confidence in networking competencies; and connect with others who are interested in similar career fields.

2019 - 2020 Industry Nights
Frequently Asked Questions
Past Industry Nights

2019 - 2020 Industry Nights

Fall 2019
  • Consulting Industry Night: Thursday, September 12, 51 Winthrop
  • Government/Policy/Law Industry Night: Thursday, October 10, 51 Winthrop  -- RSVP on Handshake
  • Consumer Products Industry Night: Wednesday, October 30, 51 Winthrop -- RSVP on Handshake
  • Environmental/Sustainability Industry Night: Thursday, November 14, 51 Winthrop -- RSVP on Handshake
Spring 2020
  • Social Impact Industry Night: Wednesday, January 29, 51 Winthrop -- RSVP on Handshake
  • Start-Ups Industry Night: Wednesday, March 4, 51 Winthrop -- RSVP on Handshake
  • Communications/Media/Marketing Industry Night: Tuesday, April 7, 51 Winthrop -- RSVP on Handshake

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical format for an industry night?

Events typically begin with registration and mingling, followed by a panel discussion featuring industry experts. After the panel, attendees have an opportunity to engage in conversation with company/organization representatives during a networking reception. Exact companies/organizations (15-20) represented are provided closer to each event.

How do I RSVP for an industry night?
When you log into Handshake, you’ll see that each industry night is listed in the Events menu, and there’s an RSVP button right on the event page. By submitting your RSVP, you’ll have access to important event updates and reminders.
What should I wear to industry nights?

Some industry nights, e.g., finance, consulting, involve slightly more formal attire, while others, e.g., art & design, may be slightly less formal. Overall, business casual is a safe bet for most industry nights! View these resources to get a sense of what business casual looks like for men, women, and those beyond the binary.

What are some things I can do to prepare for industry nights?
Think about your elevator script: This 30-second statement highlights a few key facts about you and helps you introduce yourself to people during conversations. Being prepared to answer opening questions such as “Tell me about yourself" will make introductions easier and lead to more meaningful dialogue, especially at events like industry nights. And don’t worry -- this isn’t meant to be intimidating! Think of it as the 3 - 5 bullet points you’d share about yourself, e.g., your name and major (or majors/minors you’re considering), a few Tufts or other experiences that are important to you (and relevant to your listener), and why you’re attending this particular event (the 1-2 sentence reason). For more about different aspects of the networking process, visit the Networking section of our website.
Do your research: When you RSVP for an industry night in Handshake, you’ll see the employers/organizations that are scheduled to attend (check back regularly as new orgs are added to the roster!). It’s helpful to visit employer websites so that you’ll know a little bit about what they do before you attend. This also allows you to come up with good questions for industry night panel discussion and networking conversations, e.g., "I noticed that [describe initiative] seems to be a big priority for your organization right now. Could you tell me more about that?” or “I saw that you have [describe internship or job] listed on your website. Could you tell me what you’re looking for in a strong candidate for that position?"
Should I bring my resume with me?

No resume needed! These events aren’t designed as career fairs, so it isn’t an appropriate place to pass out resumes. However, if you decide you’d like to send a resume to an organization after the industry night, consult the Resume section of our website and get a resume review from a career advisor or career fellow before submitting your document.

Which sorts of questions can I ask employer and/or alumni representatives?

The Informational Interviewing section of our website has some great sample questions for your industry night conversations. Jot down 3-4 questions to get you started -- and you’ll likely come up with more as you listen to the industry night panel discussion, hear your peers’ questions/answers, and engage in conversations with employers and alumni.

I’m a first year student or sophomore. Are these events for me?

Absolutely! These events are for all class years, not just juniors and seniors or graduate students. In addition to learning about industries and career paths through the panel discussion, you’ll have an opportunity to talk with different professionals in networking conversations. You might want to ask things like “What are some things I could be doing right now if I’m interested in pursuing a path like yours? Were there particular college classes or work experiences that helped you?” or “Would you do anything differently if you could navigate this career path again?”

I’m not sure if my major “matches” this industry night. Can I still attend?

Absolutely! Each industry night is intended for students of all majors and all class years. If you look at our Destination Outcomes, a.k.a. Where Tufts students go after graduation, you’ll notice that Tufts grads work (and attend grad school) in a wide variety of career fields. There isn’t one job for a particular major OR one major for a particular job.

I’m not certain about my career path. Are these events for me?

Absolutely! You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do after graduation to attend an industry night. In fact, one of the main reasons why attending is so important is because you’ll have a chance to gain first-hand knowledge about the career options you’re considering. You’ll be able to chat with people who are working in jobs of interest and ask things like “Why did you choose this career field?” “What do you love about your job?” “What do you dislike?” “What do you find challenging?” The data you gather from industry night conversations can help inform your future decisions.

How should I follow if I’d like to stay in touch with someone I met at an industry night?

Ideally, you’ll have an opportunity to ask employers/alumni in person about their preferences! As a conversation comes to a close, you’ll say something like, “Thanks so much for speaking with me tonight. I’d love to stay in touch; what’s the best way to contact you in the future?” This might involve connecting on LinkedIn or getting the person’s email address. But if you forget to ask this question, don’t worry! Depending on the individual, you can also reach out to employers and alumni via LinkedIn and the Tufts Online Community/Alumni Directory. Visit the Networking section of our website for more about making connections, including sample outreach emails and LinkedIn messages, questions to ask, and more.


Past Industry Nights

  • Consulting, September 2018 -- Participating organizations included Analysis Group, Booz Allen Hamilton, Boston Consulting Group, Canback Consulting, Carlisle & Co., Cornerstone Research, Egon Zehnder, EY-Parthenon / Bulger Partners, Fidelity Business Consulting, IQVIA, Management Solutions, Mars & Co., Navigant, Novantas, Precision Xtract (formerly Insight Strategy Advisors), Putnam Associates, Simon-Kucher Partners, and Strategy&
  • Tech, October 2018 -- Participating organizations included Amazon Robotics, Charles River Development, Education First, Everquote, Facebook, HubSpot, Liberty Mutual, MIT Lincoln Labs, MITRE, Rocket Software, and UberEats
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences, January 2019 -- Participating organizations included Artisan Healthcare Consulting, AstraZeneca, Boston Children's Hospital, Boston Healthcare Associates, Bristol Myers-Squibb, Cambridge Health Alliance, EMD Serono, Inc., Ginkgo Bioworks, Health Policy Commission, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services, Massachusetts General Hospital, Putnam Associates, Sanofi, and ScribeAmerica
  • Art and Design, February 2019 -- Participating organizations included Aevitas Creative Management (Literary Agency), Boston Public Library, Converse, Danielle Abrams (Faculty), FableVision, Fort Point Arts Community, Gupta Media, ICA Boston, IDEO, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Liza Voll Photography, Maine Arts Camp, MFA, Opus, SoWa Studios, Spotify, and Umbrella Community Arts Center
  • Education and Advocacy, March 2019 -- Participating organizations included Boston Public Schools, The Boston Red Sox, Breakthrough Greater Boston, Cambridge Public Schools, Carney Sandoe, City Year, College Advising Corps – BU, Engaging Minds, Inc., Environment America, Framingham Public Schools, Maine Arts Camp, Medford Public School District, MIRA (Massachusetts Immigrant Refugee Advocacy Coalition), Neighborhood House Charter School, Soccer Without Borders, Success Charter Schools, Teach For America, Tufts University, Uncommon Schools, UP Education Network, and Urban Teachers
  • Sports and Entertainment, April 2019 -- Participating organizations included ABC/Disney, Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, ESPN, New England Patriots, Soccer without Borders, Spotify, and We Coach: Sports for Social Change and Healing