It’s natural to wonder what’s next for your bright, high-achieving college student. In the case of career planning, the answers aren’t meant to come quickly. Your child is going through a process of self-discovery and career exploration. Career readiness will naturally evolve as students learn more about themselves, Tufts, and the world beyond campus.

The Tufts Career Center offers a broad spectrum of services, programs, and resources to support your child. Our mission is to foster transformational experiences which shape the lifelong professional, academic and personal development of Tufts students and alumni, and our vision is that every Jumbo is prepared for a lifetime of fulfilling career opportunities. Our support is available as a lifelong resource to alumni.

View the Career Coaching page for more on the Career Center philosophy and our FAQs page for answers to the most common questions from parents.

Check out the Tufts Career Guide for Students (PDF)

New for 2018-19: Tufts Career Center course just for First Years!

Designing Your Tufts: Get Career Ready through Design Thinking
First year students will find an abundance of amazing courses, co-curricular experiences and related opportunities awaiting them.  They may be tempted to think that they need to "do it all" to get the most from their Tufts experience.  This course will teach them -- early in their college career -- to apply design thinking strategies to explore college and life experiences that are more meaningful to them AND build the core competencies and career readiness that employers value today. Through activities and field-based experiences, they'll learn how design thinking can help them explore options, and at the same time, help them wrestle with a “wicked” problem: How do I know if I’m on the right track if I don’t know exactly what the destination is? Students can find the course each 6 weeks, 1 SHU) in Tufts SIS.

Supporting Your Student

Even though your child may be far from home, you still play an important role in his or her career decisions. Studies show that children are heavily influenced by parental views and expectations about careers. Encourage your student to explore new things and visit our office early.

Our career advisors are available through appointments and drop-in hours to support students with everything from assessing competencies and career readiness, writing a resume or cover letter and exploring careers and majors to finding internships and jobs and preparing for interviews. In addition, we have a wonderful team of professionally-trained Career Fellows, energetic Tufts students who work with fellow Jumbos both in the Career Center and around campus. In particular, we encourage first year students and those who are new to the Career Center to stop by during drop-in hours in the Campus Center (hosted by our peer Career Fellows), Dowling Hall or other locations across campus to get a helpful introduction to our office.

We encourage you to look through our website to get a full picture of the programs and resources we offer.