FAQs from Students

We have compiled some of our most popular questions from students and provided answers on this page. We'll continue to add more Q + A over time.

Have a question you'd like us to address? Email careercenter@tufts.edu. Note: Questions should be broad enough to apply to many students. For help in answering individual career-related questions, schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

FAQ Categories

Responding to the current health crisis

A number of companies have cancelled internships, had layoffs, hiring freezes, etc. I am worried. Come July, the company might not have a job for me. Should I consider a graduate program? Is there something I should do besides worry? Would it be appropriate to email the company at a time like this and ask? What would that email look like? Read our answer

I would like to reach out to Tufts alumni for career conversations, but I’m concerned that I’ll be bothering them in the midst of a stressful time. Any tips? Read our answer

I secured an internship, but it was cancelled. Can I still list the information on my resume and/or cover letter?
Read our answer

I am an international student interested in a virtual internship. How should I proceed?
Read our answer

Getting started with the Career Center, self-assessment, and career exploration

When should I start using the Career Center's services and resources? Read our answer

Does my choice of major limit my career options? Read our answer 

There are so many things that I’d like to do and study, and I think I could be happy doing many of them. It’s so hard to make a decision. I feel stuck. Read our answer

Does the Career Center assist students who want to work for a year or two before attending graduate or professional school? Read our answer 

Networking, career conversations, and LinkedIn

Why is networking important? What are the best ways to network with Tufts alumni and employers? Read our answer 

Is having a LinkedIn account important? Read our answer

Self-marketing documents: Resumes, cover letters, and references

Should I only include paid work experience on my resume? What about my high school clubs and activities? Read our answer

Is it worth submitting a cover letter with my job or internship application? I’ve heard no one reads them. Read our answer

What’s the best way to tailor a cover letter? Is it okay to use a template and swap one employer name for another?  Read our answer

Who (and how) should I ask for a reference if a job application needs one? Read our answer

Finding internships, jobs, and shadowing opportunities

I want to set up a career/job shadowing experience. Can you give me any tips? Read our answer

Do I have to secure an internship after my first year? Read our answer

Which is better for me to do in the summer -- research or an internship? How do I find these experiences? Read our answer

Can I work at the same camp or go back to the same internship for one more year? Read our answer 

Applying to jobs and internships

How many internships or jobs should I apply to? Read our answer

It seems like my friends are already applying to and interviewing for jobs, and I feel like I’m falling behind. What should I do? Read our answer

I applied to a job/internship and I haven’t heard back yet. What should I do? Read our answer

I've experienced rejections in my job search/grad school application process, and I'm feeling frustrated. What should I do? Read our answer