Digital Speech, Disinformation, Censorship: Social Media and Democracy

: Digital Speech, Disinformation, Censorship: Social Media and Democracy

This panel will explore the role of digital technology as social experimentation, the controversial role of Big Tech in policing and censoring speech, and provide a dynamic discussion about EU regulation of Big Tech and the lack of it in the US. Special attention will be paid to exploring differences in the impact of these practices in the Global North and Global South, particularly the ways in which these practices may support rather than challenge authoritarian regimes in the Global South (e.g. India and Myanmar). Each speaker will offer 5 minute introductory remarks followed by a moderated discussion among all participants. Questions from the public are welcome!

  • Speaker: Manuela Kasper-Claridge, Editor in Chief, Deutsche Welle, Berlin, Germany
  • Moderator: Josephine Wolff, Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity Policy, The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University
  • Speaker: Adam Moe Fejerskov, Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies
  • Speaker: Rohini Lakshané, Director, Emerging Research, The Bachchao Project, Mysuru, India

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About the series:

Critical Times, Critical Thinkers

Tufts Global Education is sponsoring a spring 2021 series of one-hour moderated panels in English featuring global speakers who offer critical perspectives on the compelling issues of the day. Panelists will present incisive and often opposing views about current global challenges, conflicts and coalitions, in diverse contexts of diverse human collectives. Topics will span geopolitics, sociology, public health, journalism, medical ethics, race and its intersections, and art. Each panel will feature speakers from the Global North and South, and a speaker or moderator from one of the Tufts campuses.

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