The SCOOP - April 5, 2020

Welcome to our weekly update on the happenings of the Africana Community at Tufts University. Each week we will update announcements from the Africana Center and feature events by and/or co-sponsored by the Africana Center; feature events by student organizations within the Africana community and other programming centering Africana issues; feature student work, and provide updates on job and internship opportunities-- in that order!

April 5, 2020


We want to validate all of the stress and concerns that have impacted our community recently. We will continue to relay information and have included more important resources. Linked below is a resource list that will be updated weekly.


Book Club Zoom Meeting Link

Cookin' w/ DomZoom Meeting Link

Africana Sponsored Programs

Qualtrics Survey

Black Womyn's Collective LinkBlack Men's Group Link


The Africana Center invites you to complete our Student Profile Survey to align your courses and extracurricular activities to your intended career. These survey prompts will help you think about your interests, goals, and accomplishments as they might be viewed by a scholarship committee or a potential employer. This information will also provide us with helpful information when we are asked to nominate students for internships, scholarships and awards or to connect you to our broad alumni network within the Tufts Black Alumni Association.

Please click this link to complete the survey.

Student Corner


1. Applicants must be at least full-time undergraduate students present at the Tufts University Medford Campus for the entirety of that academic year unless under special circumstances.

2. Applicants must be BSU members and attended one or more BSU events.

3. You must have served on the BSU e-board previously to apply for the position of President.

4. Freshman Representative position is reserved for the Class of 2024 and will be decided during Fall 2020. 

5. If you are a current e-board member, you have to reapply.


According to the BSU constitution, the voting and election process will be determined by the chair. Voting can be done through:

  1. Anonymously by a majority through ballots by the Executive Board
  2. Anonymously by a majority through ballots by the general body.
  3. By the BSU chair. 

In order to ensure fairness, methods 1 and 2 will be used in this election. The general body (people who attended BSU meetings) will be allowed to vote for nominees. However, the input of the executive board will also be taken into account.

If you have any questions regarding elections, contact Amma (

Apply here

ASO Virtual Elections

ASO will be having virtual elections this month. Here is how they will be conducted:

  • By APRIL 12th MIDNIGHT (EST), fill out this form to let us know if you are running for a position. If you would like to ask candidates specific questions, fill out this form to submit your questions.
    • In one video, candidates will be asked to prepare a short speech up to 2 minutes in a recorded video, and in addition will have another 2 minutes to answer the questions that are submitted
    • For those of you submitting questions, we encourage you to ask questions about people’s specific visions for ASO, what they would change, and what types of skills and experiences they have that make them good candidates
  • On APRIL 13th, candidates will be sent a compiled list of questions from the community, and specific instructions on how to submit their video. 
  • Candidates will have until APRIL 20th MIDNIGHT (EST) to submit their video to
  • By APRIL 21st, the eboard will compile these videos and send out a qualtrics form to the community for voting
  • Polls will close on APRIL 26th MIDNIGHT (EST)


These results will be sent to Dom and Katrina to ensure fairness. We are also asking for help from you all to spread the word about how elections will be conducted this month. We want to ensure that everyone who wants to participate in elections has a chance to do so. Please share this on your social media and with people who may be interested! Thank you. Our constitution can be found through the button below if you are interested.

ASO Constitution

The People's Playlist

The Africana Center now has a community playlist. Enjoy music that you and other members of the community are listening to. Don’t hesitate to add songs you’d like to see. 

Click this LINK to add to the playlist

Click this LINK to access the playlist 


Community-Wide Programs

Care Facebook Page

Art Submission

April is Sexual Violence Awareness Month and to honor and empower all people and communities impacted, CARE is asking for art submissions that reflect and raise awareness of the diverse and intersecting narratives of folks harmed by sexual violence.

 Art submitted will be posted on the CARE Facebook page throughout the month of April. Artist should submit picture or video file(s) with a description of their work. Submissions can be pictures, drawings, spoken word performances, poems, and many more works of art. If you have questions about a submission please email the Resource and Prevention Specialist, Kyla Martin, at


"The Virtual Book Club will meet over zoom to discuss a chosen book roughly related to social justice. Our first book of the semester is Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The Book Club will have an informal discussion related to the contents of the book on April 18th at 3:30. Before the discussion takes place, a guiding question list will be shared with participants. Everyone is welcome!"

Please email if you are interested or have any questions/concerns?



The Black Maternal Health Event Committee is hosting a webinar with the esteemed Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones, MD, MPH, Ph.D. on Friday-April 10th at 3:00 pm.  Dr. Camara Phyllis Jones is a family physician and epidemiologist whose work focuses on naming, measuring, and addressing the impacts of racism on the health and well-being of the nation and the world. She seeks to broaden the national health debate to include not only universal access to high-quality health care but also attention to the social determinants of health (including poverty) and the social determinants of equity (including racism).

Join us for an hour to learn how racism is impacting black maternal health and how to achieve health equity. Click the link below to save your seat!

Qualtrics Survey


Participate in Research on Food Security among Tufts Undergraduate Students

We invite you to participate in an anonymous survey to help us with this research project. Responding to this survey will help us better understand the current food environment of Tufts University among undergraduate students. The survey consists of multiple-choice questions. It should take approximately 10-15 minutes. All of the responses are confidential and participation is voluntary. You will be asked to provide your consent prior to taking the survey. 

Qualtrics Survey

We greatly appreciate your time and support for this research. Participants will have the option to enter a drawing to win one of twenty $50 JumboCash prizes. Should you have any questions about the research or the survey please do not hesitate to contact Madeleine Clarke at or Ian Wong at