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The 2019-20 Peer Leaders!

The 2019-20 Peer Leaders!

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii




Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Hi there! I'm Elizabeth, and I'm so excited to be a peer leader this year! I'm originally from sunny Phoenix, Arizona (If you are from warm climates and also happen to be worried about the Boston winters, don't worry – If I made it out, so will you!), and am a sophomore studying computer science in the School of Engineering and Asian American Studies. I also love kids and teaching STEM, which I've been involved with on and off campus, and is one of the things I'm doing this summer. I'm so excited to meet you, and hope you'll come hang with us at the AAC!

Hometown: Weston, Massachusetts
Heyo! I'm a junior double majoring in American Studies and Computer Science, and am also interested in graphic art and education. I've always lived in Massachusetts but am planning to study abroad in Hong Kong, where my parents grew up. In my free time I love attending inspiring talks/screenings/events in the city, singing, and having conversations about faith and justice. See you at the AAC!

EthanEthan K
Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts




EthanEthan L
Hometown: Hong Kong
Hi! I’m Ethan , and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I’m considering majoring in Engineering Psychology and minoring in Urban Studies. In my free time I play badminton, think about internet culture (I’ve written two academic essays about memes so far and I fully intend to write more), and do photography. Something else that I’m involved with at Tufts is music journalism— I went to 16 shows in Boston during my first year, and got to cover 5 of them for an on-campus publication!

Hometown: Richmond, California




Hometown: Dorchester, Massachusetts
Hello! I am super excited to be a Peer Leader for the AAC this year! I'm intending to major in Cognitive & Brain Sciences. I was born in Vietnam and grew up in Boston. I love doing exotic activities like scuba diving and making videos about them. I am looking forward to meeting you all on campus!

Maddy KMadeline K
Hometown: San Marcos, California
"Kumusta! I am mad excited to be a Asian-American Peer Leader this year.  I’m from Los Ángeles and big into the Dodgers. I’m likely studying American Studies, a major I learned about 6 months ago. I love getting food in Boston with Elizabeth, another PL. I can’t wait to meet our new baby ‘bos!" 

MadelineMadeline W
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York




Hometown: Queens, New York
Hi, my name is Miguel and this year I will be an Asian American Center Peer Leader! I’m currently a sophomore, and I intend to major in Computer Science. I’m from Queens, New York but I was born and raised in the Philippines. I love eating, sleeping, and being outdoors. I look forward to seeing you at Tufts!

Hometown: Washington D.C.
Hi everyone! My name is Rabiya and I’m a rising sophomore. I was born and raised in a Orlando, Florida. This summer, I’ve been interning at Congress on Capitol Hill. For fun, I play lacrosse, participate in TCU Senate, hang with friends, and journal! I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Hometown: Littleton, Massachusetts
Hi! My name is Rachel, and I'm a sophomore studying biology on the pre-med track. I'm from Acton, MA, a small town 25 miles outside of Boston. This summer, I'm working in a molecular cardiology research lab at the Tufts Medical Center. In my free time, I enjoy picnics, hiking, baking, and playing with my summer housemate's dog. Excited to meet you all!

Hometown: Middletown, Connecticut




Hometown: Elmhurst, New York
Hi! I'm Rig, one of the Peer-Leaders at the AAC this year. I'm a sophomore studying Community Health on the Pre-Med track. I was born in India but moved to the US in 2009 and have been living in New York City ever since. On campus, I'm a part of S-Factor, an acapella group, and Encendido, a latin dance group. In my free time, I like to just kick back and hang around my dorm with my friends. I'm really excited to meet you all! 

Hometown: New York, New York
Hi! I'm Sadhana and I'm one of the PLs for this year at the AAC. I am a Sophomore studying Child Study & Human Development and double minoring in Arabic and Studio Arts. I was born in Miami FL, moved around for a bit, grew up in Dubai but am originally from India. In my free time, I love exploring the city with my friends or trying out new restaurants nearby. I look forward to meeting you all!

Hometown: New York, New York
Hello hello! My name is Sophia and I'm incredibly excited to be a Peer Leader! I'm a sophomore from Buffalo, NY and I'm studying Computer Science and maybe also math/econ. I'm passionate about all things tech, startups, and Marvel. In my (very limited) free time, catch me exploring the food (BOBA) and events scene in Boston. Feel free to hang with me at the AAC! Can't wait to meet you!

Peer Leaders for the 2018-19 School Year

Hometown: Houston, Texas
I look forward to being a part of the Asian American Community on campus as well as helping it feel as comfortable as possible for others to join as well. I hope to answer any questions that you may have about the campus or life in general!
Feel free to ask Sohara about: Rock climbing!


Hometown: Daly City, California
Thanks to this program, I've met amazing people that I otherwise would never have crossed paths with. I mean, how many people can say they talk to their upperclassmen friends through the League of Legends client? My hope is that I'll be able guide first-years through the college transition as well.
Feel free to ask David about: Campus jobs!

Hometown: Hong Kong
As an international student from Hong Kong, the Asian American center has been a support system, resource center and a place to meet others that have helped me navigate this new environment!
Feel free to ask Anne about: Community service!


Hometown: Irvine, California
I am looking forward to being your peer leader and going on some awesome adventures! The Asian American Center is going be bigger and better than ever this year! And we get to experience it firsthand! Together we can continue to define the Asian/Asian American community at Tufts!
Feel free to ask Eddie about: Biking!

Hometown: Norwood, MA
I hope to be a resource for first years and to provide a sense of community to support their transition into college life. I look forward to meeting incoming students!
Feel free to ask Anna about: Being undecided!



Hometown: Singapore
Being so far from home, my transition to college was daunting but made easy by the supportive people that Tufts is filled with. I’m really excited for the year ahead and can’t wait to meet all the incoming freshmen!
Feel free to ask Zi about: A capella!


Hometown: Union County, New Jersey
The Asian American community is a space where I can feel comfortable being myself. I’m looking forward to physical changes coming to the center and the greater sense of community it will bring.
Feel free to ask Nora about: Settling in!


Pun PunPun Pun
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
I personally had a bumpy college transition, so by joining the PL program, I want to help any incoming freshman feeling alone or overwhelmingly lost in the process. I'd love for first-years to be able to comfortably reach out to me no matter their background (and if not, I'd like to be able to refer you to someone else who can)!
Feel free to ask Pun Pun about: Badminton!

Hometown: Edison, New Jersey
I look forward to meeting all the incoming freshman and helping them acclimate to life at Tufts through the Asian American Center.
Feel free to ask Annie about: Art or SMFA!



Hometown: Reading, MA
The Asian American community on campus is one that I love and appreciate because although we all come from different backgrounds, we still have shared experiences that help us connect and relate to one another. As a peer leader, I am looking forward to providing support or directing advisees to resources that they may want, or simply be a familiar face on campus.
Feel free to ask Akshita about: Indian dance!


Hometown: Boston, MA
I hope to help make the program a source of respite and new understanding of our identities by learning how they make us both similar and different. At the same time, I am excited to actively try and offer a kind, comforting, and helpful presence for new students at Tufts.
Feel free to ask Amanda about: Club leadership!


Hometown: Bridgewater, NJ
I'm excited for the PL program because I had a really great time getting to know the sophomores last year, and I hope we can pass that on to make this year's program meaningful for you guys too.
Feel free to ask Jessie about: The Career Center!


Hometown: New York, New York
I'm super excited to meet the new first years! I like to think that I'm energetic, friendly, and (hopefully) really easy to talk to. That's why I'm really looking forward to being an Asian American Peer Leader and helping the first years adjust to life at Tufts in any way I can!
Feel free to ask Mitch about: Culture Clubs!


Hometown: Belmont, MA
To be part of the Tufts Asian and Asian American community means celebrating your friends’ successes and taking care of others. It means being in a space where you can learn the things lesser known at Tufts.
Feel free to ask Issay about: The Fletcher School!


Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada
The Asian American community for me is somewhere I can learn more about my identity and enjoy shared experiences. Everyone is incredibly supportive and open to learning!
Feel free to ask Stacy about: Going off campus!



Hometown: Hong Kong
I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and having a good time next year!
Feel free to ask Christie about: Being an international student!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Peer Leader Program?

The program is a resource organized by the Asian American Center. Peer leaders are sophomores and juniors selected to act as resources and support systems for assigned first-years.

What events are organized through the Peer Leader Program?

The program coordinates educational and social events that focus on a variety of Asian and Asian-American experiences, organizes workshops to help students transition to Tufts, and provides social opportunities to engage with peers and build community. Events are open to all first-years.

Why have I been assigned a Peer Leader?

Every student who self-identified as Asian on their application has been assigned a Peer Leader and automatically has access to the program’s events and resources.

Is the program mandatory?

There are no participation requirements. You decide when and how you’d like to get involved!

How can your Peer Leader be a resource?

Peer Leaders learn about Asian-American topics and issues, coordinate programming for the community, and serve as resources to you in your transition to Tufts. We will write to you over the summer and be available on campus throughout the year.

Feel free to seek out your Peer Leader if you have questions on academics, co-curricular activities, residence life, the Asian-American community, or the wider Tufts community. Your Peer Leader will also keep you informed of relevant events that may be of interest to you throughout the year.