The Peer Leader Program

AAC Peer Leaders

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Peer Leader Program?

The program is a resource organized by the Asian American Center. Peer leaders are sophomores and juniors selected to act as resources and support systems for assigned first-years.

What events are organized through the Peer Leader Program?

The program coordinates educational and social events that focus on a variety of Asian and Asian-American experiences, organizes workshops to help students transition to Tufts, and provides social opportunities to engage with peers and build community. Events are open to all first-years.

Why have I been assigned a Peer Leader?

Every student who self-identified as Asian on their application has been assigned a Peer Leader and automatically has access to the program’s events and resources.

Is the program mandatory?

There are no participation requirements. You decide when and how you’d like to get involved!

How can your Peer Leader be a resource?

Peer Leaders learn about Asian-American topics and issues, coordinate programming for the community, and serve as resources to you in your transition to Tufts. We will write to you over the summer and be available on campus throughout the year.

Feel free to seek out your Peer Leader if you have questions on academics, co-curricular activities, residence life, the Asian-American community, or the wider Tufts community. Your Peer Leader will also keep you informed of relevant events that may be of interest to you throughout the year.