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Book It Forward Lending Library (Students Receiving Financial Aid)

Update as of December 2, 2020: The Book It Forward Lending Library will be closed until further notice.

Donate a book!

The Lending Library through FIRST accepts donated books at any time during the year. You are welcome to donate books directly to the office at 20 Professors Row, Room 102 any time, through the bookstore at the end of the semester, or to boxes in select residential halls on campus at the end of the year. Books donated directly to FIRST or the bookstore will generate one raffle entry per book for the donor to receive an e-gift to Amazon!

Access a book!

Students with a Family Contribution under $10,000 may access books at any time during the semester. Those with a higher Family Contribution may only access books after the add period.

Our list of available books can be found here.

If you wish to request a book, you must complete this webform. You will receive an email confirming the availability of the book and if it is ready for you to pick up at 20 Professors Row, Room 102 during standard business hours. Books are expected to be returned by the end of the semester, or sooner if not being used.

We also encourage students to view textbooks on reserve, consider interlibrary loans, or explore external sites such as,,,,  Students should take advantage of the Tufts Bookstore price matching policy if they find better prices on these sites to avoid paying for shipping charges.
Textbooks on Reserve (All Tufts Students)

A number of textbooks have been placed on reserve for your convenience.

Supply Pantry (Students Receiving Financial Aid)

Students looking for notebooks, binders, journaling books, folders, etc. can connect with us at

Laptop loan program (All Tufts Students)

Students may start Tufts without a laptop or find during their time at Tufts that they are in need of a laptop. The library is a great resource for this time and many other goods including other technology and even bikes. However, students who feel they need a laptop for a longer period of time (up to one semester) may check out a laptop with our office. Please email to request a laptop or be added to the waitlist.

Laptops currently available: 0

Laptops are also available through Tisch Library for short-term use.

Study Abroad (Students with Family Contributions under $7,000)

Students who study abroad with a Tufts Abroad Program will be charged normal Tufts tuition and a “comprehensive fee” equivalent to full Tufts on-campus room and board. Students on financial aid will receive their normal aid award. Some of our Tufts programs include a roundtrip flight to program destination. For the programs that do not include flights in the cost of the program, students with a family contribution of $7,000 or less will receive a $1,500 stipend to assist with flights, visas, and other travel-related expenses. (International students on financial aid can contact their financial aid counselor to determine eligibility for the stipend.)

Language Evaluation Service (Students with Family Contributions under $10,000)

Students who wish to be evaluated in a language not Taught at Tufts are able to opt into our external evaluation process. There is a fee of $175 for this evaluation. Students are expected to pay this fee to the evaluation company directly; however, students receiving significant financial aid will have this fee waived.

Find more information about language proficiency at Tufts.

Please note: The Financial Resources outlined above are available to undergraduate students only.

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