Unexpected Hardship

We always hope that each student will be able to attend Tufts without facing unexpected hardship. However, we know that in the span of four years, some students may find the associated cost of an opportunity to be prohibitive. To that end, we have created a fund to assist students who need this support. Students feeling overwhelmed should also connect with Jared Smith, Director of FIRST.

Note: Until further noticeFIRST Resource Center grants will be funded from the Federal HEERF III allocation that Tufts University has received from the federal government.

Examples for funding requests:

  • Presenting at a conference (For these requests, students must first apply to the Undergraduate Research Fund. You may then apply to this fund if you have additional costs above the award provided by the Undergraduate Research Fund.)
  • Fees or equipment for a course not covered by financial aid, such as music, EMT, cameras for photography, etc.
  • Athletic equipment for team sports

Requests for Funding

The following process has been designed for students to request funding for academic opportunities, co-curricular opportunities, and unexpected funding requests. Students with emergency situations should contact the Dean of Student Affairs Office.

  • Students with a family contribution of $10,000 and below are eligible to apply for funding. You may complete this webform, which will be reviewed by FIRST and Financial Aid for approval.
  • Grant awards generally will not exceed $500. Students are encouraged to apply for funding as needed, and based on funding limitations, we will do our best to support all requests. Please note that $500 is the maximum total amount that a student may receive over their four years at Tufts.
  • Funding cannot be provided for items that are factored into the cost of attendance at Tufts, such as tuition, textbooks and access codes, and transportation to and from campus at the start and conclusion of each semester.

If approved, you will receive instructions for the allocation process. When possible, we purchase items, tickets, travel, and accommodations directly. When this is not possible, students may be reimbursed for costs with receipts.

Complete the webform to request funding.

Please note: The Financial Resources outlined here are are available to undergraduate students only.