Tufts F1RST is a student-led initiative by 1G @ Tufts to unite and champion pride within the Tufts first-generation community.

1G @ Tufts was founded to create a community of support and to develop a network of resources for Tufts University's first-gen population. 1G @ Tufts welcomes any student who self-identifies with the first-gen college student experience. By strengthening the bonds between our community members and bridging the gap between Tufts resources and first-gen students, 1G @ Tufts aims to ensure that first-gens are empowered in reaching their full social, professional, and academic potential. 1G @ Tufts celebrates the first-gen identity and passionately advocates for the trailblazers among us who are the first in their families to attend a private institution like Tufts.