For Students

Jared Smith serves as a point of contact on matters related to undocumented status for students.

New students are provided with a number of optional opportunities including:

  • Summer outreach and early academic advising
  • Orientation Programming
  • A weekly advising course
  • Community building with other students with undocumented status
  • Connection with United for Immigrant Justice
  • Support group sponsored by our Counseling and Mental Health department
  • Legal support
  • Meetings with Jared Smith, Associate Director of FIRST

What our current students shared:

"The people I've met at Tufts have made me feel more at home on campus than I ever thought I would. Being surrounded by compassionate students and staff allowed me share, listen, and learn in a safe and thought-provoking environment. I can honestly say that I've felt supported every step of the way."

"Being able to connect with a group of people that shared a background similar to mine and being able to appreciate each others' world views really opened me up to new ways of thinking that I really appreciated and that I feel will stay with me for a while. I also really loved the strong friendships I was able to form with my classmates :)"

"I appreciate how much Tufts has done to help me feel welcomed and safe. The resources have been helpful and allowed me to connect with the administration.  Our group is like family and we are eager to welcome more students who share our status."

Connect with a Current Student