About Us

Our Mission

Since 1972, the mission of The Women’s Center has remained the same: to work towards equality of all people, to claim control over our bodies and lives, to challenge patriarchal power structures, to educate ourselves, and to support and celebrate our achievements. Additionally, The Women’s Center works intentionally to address and end the damaging impacts of an enforced gender binary. The space is open to people of all genders and identities interested in topics and issues broadly related to the experiences of women, the impacts of sexism and misogyny, and the role of gender in all of our lives; The Women’s Center particularly investigates gender at the intersections of other identities such as race, sexuality, class, and citizenship status. We are committed to intersectional feminism, fostering student leadership, and creating spaces to identify and understand societal structures that relate to issues of power, privilege, and oppression.


Students Michelle Delk & Mar Freeman worked with K. Martinez to design a new logo for the Women's Center, which is a graphical rendering of the Center's current building on 55 Talbot Ave. Throughout K.’s interview process and during their first few months at Tufts, students resoundingly stated that they felt like The Women’s Center was a “home” for them. Therefore, the logo reflects our intentions to create a home away from home for our community, and it further helps identify our space on the campus.