Outside Scholarships and 3rd Party Billing

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships will be displayed within the anticipated aid section of your eBill prior to the beginning of a semester. If an outside scholarship is not reflected on your eBill as anticipated aid please contact us.

Third Party Billing

If you require a bill to be sent to a third party or outside agency (such as government agencies or 529 plans) for payment to your student account, please submit written documentation from the funding source to thirdpartybilling@tufts.edu or the Dowling Hall address below:

Student Financial Services
Attention: Third Party Billing
Dowling Hall
419 Boston Ave.
Medford, MA 02155

Include the following documentation:

  • Name and address of the sponsor
  • Amount of the award
  • Method of payment, and billing instructions, if required

A credit will appear on your student account once documentation has been received. You may need to follow up on any monies that have not arrived by mid-semester.

*Please note that if you are receiving federal financial aid, any undocumented outside scholarships or third party billing credits may change your financial aid package. In compliance with federal regulations and institutional policy, Tufts may reduce your aid award.