Study Elsewhere

When considering a study elsewhere program, you should consult with your financial aid counselor to discuss the impact to your aid award. Tufts aid is available only for Tufts programs abroad.

If you borrowed a federal Perkins, Direct, or PLUS Loan in the past, but will not use a loan for your non-Tufts study elsewhere program, you must still submit a Consortium Agreement in order to continue to defer your loans. This will allow you to retain your full grace period so you do not go   into repayment while you are abroad.
Tufts Study Abroad

If you are an aid recipient and plan to attend a Tufts Study Abroad program and pay tuition directly to Tufts, you remain eligible to receive all aid as awarded. You must, however, arrange for the transfer of any excess funds on your account. This is done by submitting a Refund Request.

Non-Tufts Study Elsewhere
If you are an aid recipient and attend a study elsewhere program not through Tufts (including C.I.E.E.) whose courses will apply towards the Tufts degree, you retain eligibility from your aid award ONLY for Federal Pell Grants, state scholarships, and Federal Direct Loan funding. Tufts aid (including National Merit) will not be awarded for non-Tufts programs. In order for us to determine exact aid eligibility, and disburse your funds, you must submit (in addition to a completed aid application) the required Consortium Agreement, completed by you and the non-Tufts program, which will allow for the release of federal funds to your student account. All federal and state funds must be administered by Tufts. You may apply for private funding through your non-Tufts program, but must notify the Tufts aid office if you receive such funding.
You should not assume that all funds will be available when your bill from the other institution is due. You may contact your aid counselor for guidance with billing issues.
If you are a Pell recipient and will study abroad you may want to look into scholarships from the Gilman International Scholarship Program.
Consortium Agreement
You must submit a Consortium Agreement even if you only have a Federal PLUS loan or other alternative loan. We must receive your completed Consortium Agreement before any funds can be released.

NOTE: If you attend one program in the fall, and another program in the spring, a Consortium Agreement is required for each program. If you attend one program for the full year, the Consortium Agreement will be sufficient for the fall refund, but you must submit a Refund Request for the spring semester.

If you have any difficulties with your federal loans while abroad please contact us.