Tiered Housing

A new system of tiers for on-campus housing was implemented starting in the 2019-2020 academic year. The tiers are designed to reflect variations in room configuration, kitchen access, and amenities.

Tufts remains committed to meeting the full demonstrated need of each admitted and returning student and will include a student's individual tiered housing cost when calculating financial aid eligibility. 

If a student changes their on-campus room assignment after the initial financial aid award is complete, an adjustment to the financial aid award will occur if the new housing choice falls into a different tier. 

Approximately 80% of Tufts on-campus housing falls within the standard housing tier, while the remaining 20% of on-campus housing falls within a higher-priced tier. 

Please note: Receiving financial aid will never impact your housing lottery number. The Financial Aid Office has never and will never share with Residential Life who does or does not receive financial aid. 

Below is an example of how a student's financial aid could change based upon the housing tier selected. Note that the cost of the Premium Meal plan is always used to determine the cost of attendance, despite the fact that a student may choose a different dining option. The Cost of Attendance figures below are not actual costs for 2020-2021. They are simply used to illustrate the Financial Aid policy for Tiered Housing.

Tier: Traditional Double Cost of Attendance
Estimated Costs
Tier: CoHo Apt Single (kitchen) Cost of Attendance
Estimated Costs
Tuition and Fees $57,000 Tuition and Fees $57,000
Room Charge $8,200 Room Charge $10,200
Premium Meal Plan $6,800 Premium Meal Plan $6,800
Books and Personal $2,600 Books and Personal $2,600
Total COA $74,600 Total COA $76,600
- Family Contribution - $30,000 - Family Contribution - $30,000
= Financial Aid Eligibility $44,600 = Financial Aid Eligibility $46,600
Sample Aid Award   Sample Aid Award  
Federal Loan $5,500 Federal Loan $5,500
Work Study $2,000 Work Study $2,000
Tufts Grant $37,100 Tufts Grant $39,100