Childcare Webform Submissions

Use the list below to find families you’d like to babysit for. Please reach out to the parent using the contact information listed on the posting. Be professional at all times, and use your best judgment when reaching out to and meeting with families. Tufts is not responsible for the quality, integrity, working ability, or any other aspect of the off-campus employer. We do not screen parents who apply for babysitting postings, and we are unable to offer support for any conflicts that arise.

Employer name: Annika
Contact information:, 347-525-5635
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Somerville, Teele Square, Hamilton Road and Barton St
Job description:
We are looking for a summer nanny to take care of our 2 easy-going sons (10 months & 2.7 yrs old) during the time frame June - August 2020. We are looking for 4 days a week, Monday - Thursday from 8am-5pm (some flexibility might be possible). We would like you to engage the boys (read books, play with them, take them on walks & to the playground, etc), feed them lunch and snacks (we provide the food, no cooking required), change diapers and put them down for their naps. No driving required. Please let us know if you are interested and want to learn more. We are looking forward to hearing from you - thank you!

Employer name: Vanessa
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Medford
Job description:
Afterschool sitter (near Tufts)
We are looking for someone to pick up our 5 year old daughter from Eliot-Pearson Children’s School on Tufts campus by 3 p.m. on Mon, Tue, and Thur. Car preferred. You would pick her up and bring her to our home (about 1.4 miles away), and watch her until about 5 p.m. She loves to ride her bike home when it’s nice out, but can also be driven or take the bus.
She is an extrovert who loves people and has a great imagination. We’d like to find someone who will take her to playgrounds on nice days so she can play as much as possible.
Pay negotiable, around $18 per hour, depending on your transportation options.
We prefer someone who can support until June 2020. And would have other sitting hours for both our girls on nights and weekends if interested.
Thank you.

Employer name: Nora
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Arlington, Ma, by Bishop school
Job description:
Looking for afterschool and summer help for our two boys, ages 4 and 7. Would need to be picked up between 1-230 depending on the day of the week, and we would be home around 6. Do not need every day every week, and can work around different schedules. Also could have more than one person to split days. Would either need a car or be willing to take the bus for a 10 minute ride down to the boys and girls club to get the younger one from preschool. Older child is at Bishop and we live within walking distance. For the summer, we would need some full days and possibly some afternoons, again flexible. Thanks!

Employer name: Erik
Contact information: 617-852-4109
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Capen and Quincy Street
Job description:
Hi! We have two wonderful, loving, mischievous and rambunctious kids, Wendell 6 and Auden, 3. We are looking for childcare help on Fridays and after 2:30 Monday - Thursdays. Pay is $18 an hour. We value continuity in Auden and Wendell’s care so the ideal candidate would be part of their lives for more than just a semester. All of our nanny’s-past have become family to us and we hope to establish a similar report with you.

About Us.
We live on Capen St. in Medford Hillside. We are trying to our best to raise resourceful, creative, curious, kind and screen-free kids. That often means our time is largely spent as close to nature as possible. Museums, parks, the Fells and simply unstructured time in our backyard are generally our speed. Help with homework and coming up with creative hands-on projects are also part of the job.

Auden is a bright light. Joy is her default state. She is fiercely independent, clever, self-directed, chatty, snuggly and can focus on a task for hours at a time.

Wendell is more of a sensitive kid. Life for him doesn’t seem to come as easily. He is sweet and seeks loving, undistracted attention. He desperately wants to please, but needs a bit extra guidance in executing. He is a goof ball and will spend a lot of time trying to make you laugh.

They’re both physical kids. Running, jumping, climbing. Playing “Stay Down” (you’ll have to learn that one). They both enjoy arts and crafts and playing imaginary games.

We live on an urban farmlette with vegetable beds, chickens, bees, mushroom logs, grapes, peaches and black raspberries. We host a weekly CSA for the neighborhood during the summers. We have a barn cat named Dougie and a soon-to-have indoor cat (shhhh the kids don’t know yet).

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!
Erik + Dina Jacobs - 617-852-4109 - 617-590-3889

Employer name: Naida
Contact information: (336) 494-6827,
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Arlington, MA
Job description:
I need a diligent, hardworking babysitter for my 7 years old daughter.I need the babysitting done during the week or weekends, it depends on when you are free. No serious work just to look after her and i would discuss more when we get to agree.

Employer name: Elizabeth
Contact information:, 617-921-7188
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Cambridge
Job description:
Hi! We are looking for someone to care for our very low-key 9 month old son. The most important hours are Wednesday afternoons, 1:30pm-5:30pm, (end time is flexible and additional hours may be available if you are interested). The ideal candidate will have prior infant experience and is CPR certified. We are in Huron Village, about 1 mile from Harvard Square, and also on the 72/75 and 71/73 bus lines. Pay is approximately $20+/hr depending on experience. Start date is March 18th, and we can work around class/semester/summer schedule depending on what works best for you for end date.

Employer name: Anne
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Medford (Lawrence Estates)
Job description:
Looking for someone reliable and loving to come for just two hours/mornings per week. We have a gap in our coverage and need someone 7:45 am to 8:45 am to stay with our friendly 16 month-old son until our Nanny gets there. We need coverage for Tuesdays & Thursdays in March, April, and maybe the first week(s) of May. Rate is $20/hr. If this works out, we'd be happy to hire you in the future for occasional evenings/weekends but for now, is a morning gig. Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested. Looking to hire ASAP.


Employer name: Jessie
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Medford (Chester Ave/Winthrop)
Job description:
Looking for mature, experienced, kind, and responsible babysitter(s) for occasional evenings (date nights, etc). Convenient location close to Tufts and 96 bus line. Flexible schedule. Every other Weds from 7:30pm to 10:30pm perhaps? Possible earlier daytime hours available now and again. Two children ages 3.5 and 1.5. For date nights, kids will ideally be in bed already when you arrive, but the youngest one often wakes up at around 10pm. Babysitter would need to help him get back to sleep or failing that just try to keep him calm and happy until we get home. We'd like someone who can initially put in some day time (weekend?) hours while the kids are awake so they can get to know you before any possible night wakings with you. Day hours may involve preparing a snack/lunch, playing in the yard, helping them clean up toys, crafts, reading, etc. Must not be allergic to cats (3 cats here). Education majors preferred (not required).

Employer name: Mary
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Across the street from campus
Job description:
Looking for sitter to watch 12-year old girl at home across from Medford campus Tuesday/Thursday, 2:45-5:15. $17/hr.

Employer name: Marc
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Arlington
Job description:
Looking for an occasional babysitter mainly for our 10 year old daughter but also her 12 year old sister will be around. We are looking for some occasional weekend day/nights as well as the occasional weekday/vacation week coverage.