Childcare Webform Submissions

Tufts is not responsible for our students working off campus and has not screened them for their experience, integrity, working ability, or any other aspect of their performance as babysitters, tutors, or other care-taking positions. Tufts also does not screen any families, companies, or others who may engage Tufts students as babysitters, tutors, or other care-taking positions. Both parties should be conducting their own due diligence. Tufts is not responsible or liable for and will not provide any support (financial or otherwise) for any injuries, damages, or conflicts that may arise from such positions or arrangements. Tufts' insurance does not provide any coverage for such positions or arrangements.

Employer name: Susan
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Winchester, MA
Job description:

We are looking for afternoon (post-elementary school) help for my two children (ages 11 and 7). My husband and I primarily work remotely but need help in the afternoon hours (~3-6 PM; flexible on days/times) with entertainment and transportation to activities! It's essential that you have your own transportation. We also have an energetic loving puppy (9 months old), so you must be comfortable with pets.

The children are both vaccinated (and tested weekly at school) and the adults are both vaccinated + boosted.

Please let me know if you would be interested in learning more. Thanks! Susan

Employer name: Sara
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Winchester, MA
Job description:
Looking for a babysitter for kids, THURSDAYS, 2:30-6/7pm (can be flexible). We have three children, 10 yo, 6 yo and 4 yo. This will involve after school snacks, homework help and otherwise, general entertaining/game playing, having fun. Please reach out if interested, thank you!
Sara McGowan

Employer name: Emily
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Winchester (10 mins by car)
Job description:
Bonjour. We’re looking for a FRENCH speaker to play with our 3 yo son after school (3:30-6). Flexible on days. Pay is $20/hour. Must be vaccinated and ok with rapid tests. We value someone who will speak French the entire time and truly engage with our son (no phones out).

Employer name: Jessica
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Arlington: near Mystic St / Beverly Road
Job description:
Seeking early riser(s) to help our 3 children (b/g twins 10, and son, 6) start their days on a positive note. Wake them up; help the little guy get dressed; oversee breakfast and cleanup; ensure all teeth are brushed; hair is combed; lunches are packed into bags; and winter gear isn't left behind. Drive two of the children to school (the third child has a separate carpool).

You'll be finished before your first class even starts!

Start time: 6:45 AM at our home
Finish time: 8:45 AM
Includes: breakfast for you too!
Pay: $40/morning
Available days: M-F through June 10

Requirements: Clean driving record. COVID vaccinated / boosted.

Preferences: It's easier to work with one person, but we're very flexible about developing a MWF/TTh between two people or something else among 3 people.

If there's a need to work add'l hours, you can come back to the house after the school drop off and prep school lunches for the following day. Pay is $20/hr.

About us: We're a fully vaccinated (and adult-boosted) family of 5 who have lived in Arlington for over a decade. Both Mom's and Dad's work starts before the kids even leave for school which is why we're seeking morning help. The entire family has a great sense of humor, so be prepared to hear a joke or two from the kids when you meet us.

Employer name: Chris
Contact information: 310-487-3858
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Magoun Square, Somerville
Job description:
We are looking for after school/daycare help for our 1 year old and 4 year old. We live near Magoun Square in Somerville, and both kids are at the same daycare about an 8 min walk from our house. We would be looking for help about 2 days a week for 1.5-2 hours a day (somewhat flexible), involving picking up the kids from daycare and watching them until we return.

Employer name: Jordan
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Medford, hillside just behind Tufts
Job description:
Looking for afterschool childcare coverage for a 5 and 8 year old to assist with getting off the bus, homework and making snacks. Walkabout to tufts and would need care a minimum of 3 days a week. Would ask for a 4th day if possible. Hours are 2:45pm - 5:45pm and pay is $20 an hour. Please reach out if interested as we are flexible on days of the week as we are not back in offices and working from home now.

Employer name: Caitlin
Contact information: / cell 978-987-6139
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Medford - Lincoln Rd /Lawrence Rd
Job description:
I have a short term early AM childcare need coming up. I am teaching a class for 2 weeks at BU and need someone to come to my house in Medford (approx 1 mile from Tufts) at 7:15 and stay with my girls and get them off to school. The 7 year old leaves for the busstop at 7:55, and then we normally walk down the hill with my 4 year old to pre-K (10 min walk). The dates are 2/28 - 3/4 and 3/7 - 3/9. Even if someone could do some days it would help. I have family that can fill in. Its < 1 h per day, will pay $30/day. Thanks so much, Caitlin

Employer name: Rachael
Contact information:
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Cambridge near Garden/Linnaean St
Job description:
We are looking for an enthusiastic part-time babysitter for our two kids in Cambridge, ages 8 and 6. We need a regular Monday sitter this semester to pick kids up from their school at 2:15, play outside/monitor them at the playground nearby, and bring them home at 5:30 pm.

Our family is fully vaccinated (adults are boosted) and we require proof of vaccination from our household employees.

Looking forward to hearing from you if you're interested & available on *Monday* afternoons. (Additional days are possible; Mondays are essential.) Thanks!

Employer name: Jordan
Contact information: Please reach out to Jordan Mangan,
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: 105 college Ave, Medford, MA 02155
Job description:
Looking for a responsible adult to assist with childcare after school from 2:45pm - 5:45pm from 3 to 5 days a week. Children are 5 and 8 years old. Days of the week are not determined just yet as our return to the office schedules have not been set just yet and we are flexible. Responsibilities would include meeting one child at the bus at 2:45pm and walking or driving to pick up another child from school at 4pm. Driving is not required but an added perk. Assistance with homework, snacks, and free play are main focus on the role.

Employer name: Brad
Contact information: 617 480 2657
Childcare/babysitting location vicinity: Home
Job description:
We are looking for a Spanish tutor for our 12 yr old girl in preparation for a trip to Spain next year. 1- 2 hour a week. $30 an hour.